A Little Inspiration  

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5/16/2018 8:46 am
A Little Inspiration

This man had been driving me absolutely insane for weeks now. We met through the internet, on Fuckspace actually, exchanged Emails, salacious, erotic, heart-pounding, legs fainting Emails. I started out reading them at my desk, rolling my clit over my vibrator as I trapped it between my throbbing pussy and the chair, cumming wildly, uncontrollably, gasping. Almost falling out of my chair as I dreamed about him. Touching me.

I thought I'd die from the intensity of my orgasms.

But I needed more. I wanted to hear his voice. I already knew I'd be safe with him. I was absolutely sure of it. Secure in his arms, even if he was only holding me over the phone. So I took a deep breath and sent him my home number.

He called. I immediately felt comfortable with him. Comfortable and aroused. Very very aroused. We talked about sex, but not slobbering "fuck me now, baby" sex, it was more, well, I don't even know what word to use, in a strange way it was even more intense. We became casual friends almost instantly. Tossing sexy Emails back and forth like ping pong balls. Flirting with each other mercilessly. He'd call up out of the blue and ask me to help him with a story he was writing. He'd describe various sexual positions to me. Ask me how I thought each one would feel with him. I'd close my eyes, trying to help him, trying furiously to imagine what each one felt like. Exactly what it felt like.

That's the problem.

I could!

Way too easily. Way way too easily. For instance, just yesterday I had the day off and we were chatting. Laughing. Trying to figure out what would feel better for a woman, laying on top of a guy with my back against his stomach and just pressing my pussy down against the shaft of his erection or actually having him inside of me. Barely inside me while he was massaging my clit with his fingers from beneath me. We were discussing this because of a wildly erotic story he was writing about a woman who wanders into a forest and gets poison oak all over her hands and then can't use them and gets rescued by this guy. Well, anyway, a whole lot of really sensual stuff happens between them, for instance, he gives her a shower since she can't use her own hands and eventually tucks her into bed.

Alone. She can't get to sleep because she's aroused so she decides she wants to masturbate and, of course, without any hands she can't do it so he crawls under her, laying on his back while she's laying on him with her back against his chest. Then he reaches around her and starts to, ohmygod, this is getting me hot just thinking about it, and anyway he's going to use his hands as her hands. You get the picture. Wow. I've gotta go open a window. Suddenly it's warm in here. So, okay, he calls me up to discuss the position the man and the woman are in and what might develop and as I kept talking to him about this, trying to stay clinical (after all I'm a nurse) I could feel the heat building up on the back of my neck. And I was getting really really wet. He didn't know it but I'd been using my vibrator as a reality crutch while we were talking. Holding it against my pussy, outside my panties, trying to simulate the touch, the precise angle of his hard swollen cock against me in each different position that we were talking about. The vibrator wasn't even turned on but the conversation was getting me so aroused that, after about thirty minutes, when I suddenly realized it was going to end, I just blurted out something to him about how excited I was. I don't even remember what I said I was so breathless. I just knew I didn't want him to hang up.

Well, it worked.

I could feel him smiling at me through the phone. I think he already knew I was aroused. But he had an incredible way of making me feel comfortable sexually. It didn't even seem odd to me that he was suddenly telling me to take off my panties and lay down on the bed on my back with my legs spread. I knew what he was going to do and he knew what he was going to do. He was going to spend some more time talking to me and arouse and excite me so much that I'd have an overwhelmingly intense orgasm. It was just that simple.

And I knew it would happen, too, because the first time we had phone sex he got me so aroused that I actually had two orgasms. But I'll tell you about that some other time. Especially since multiple orgasms are rare for me, even with real flesh and blood lovers.

Anyway, for the next twenty minutes he talked. A low, deep, sensual voice. Telling me what he was doing to me and what he was going to do to me, reminding me that I was the heroine in his story and that he really was touching me when he was writing it. Telling me how aroused he was getting just thinking about me touching myself and listening to my soft, low moans. Which, of course, just got me thinking about getting him more aroused and thinking about that got me more aroused and, well, you can see where that's going. Anyway, he was talking to me in this soothing, quiet but intensely masculine voice. He was telling me what to do with my fingers, what to do with my vibrator as I touched myself. Slowly, erotically. Exactly how hard to touch myself, exactly where. I just closed my eyes and suddenly he was there with me in the room and I was laying on top of him, on my back, with his cock between my legs, thrusting my pelvis up and down gently. I could actually feel my clit rubbing against that hard little ridge on the top of his erection.

Suddenly I was doing everything to myself that we'd just been talking about a few minutes before. One minute passed, two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes. By then I was moaning almost continually. And, by the time my vibrator was inside me, by the time he was inside me, I'd lost control. I could feel it coming. Like a freight train thundering down the tracks toward me. The muscles in my legs and stomach were contracting and relaxing spasmodically and I couldn't breathe. All I could do was gasp and moan. And beg. Beg my body to cooperate.

It did.

My orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Surrounding me, washing over me, consuming me. It was so intense, so overwhelming that I couldn't talk. But he already knew that. He was in control of my body anyway, so why wouldn't he know that.

Five minutes later I finally managed to whisper, "oh, that felt so good, so good...goodnight, Jim".

Then I hung up the phone.

But not until he had convinced me that I was laying on top of him, his erection deep inside me, while he dragged the tips of his fingers over my back, my shoulders, my thighs, telling me how beautiful I was, how sensual, how arousing.

Literally touching me to sleep with his voice.

That was Thursday. And now it was Friday. Friday morning, in fact.. Only a day later. Less than a day later. My clit was still tingling from yesterday and I already wanted to feel him inside me so badly again that I broke down and sent him a quick Email from one of the computers at the hospital. Casually asking him if he thought it might be fun to tell me a bedtime story tonight. Not really expecting a reply. Hoping he didn't think I was needy. Or a pest. After all, I knew he was busy.

I almost collapsed when I got his short Email back telling me he would call me around 10:30pm at home. But there were a few caveats. He would only call after I had taken a long hot bath, jumped into bed completely naked and, get this, actually promised I wouldn't touch myself or masturbate until he was on the phone with me.

From right now until then.

He already knew how limited my self-control was or at least how much thinking about him turned me on. From a practical standpoint, that meant it was going to be a long, long day at the hospital. But, since I was so aroused that I wasn't paying any attention to anything I did anyway, it was over quickly. Much faster than I thought it would be. After the guys from the Coronor's Office had done their thing, the malpractice lawyers and insurance adjusters could deal with everything else I'd screwed up tomorrow.

I just wanted to get home as fast as I could.

"Hmmm, that feels wonderful," I gasped as I lowered myself down into the hot bath, spread my legs apart slowly and almost absent-mindedly started to move my hand down between my legs to caress my pussy.

"Oh, damn...I forgot. He doesn't want me touching myself," I grunted as the palm of my hand slid over my pubic hair. Perched and ready to dive into my warm, sensitive pussy. "C'mon, Lynn, you can do it...only another hour to wait and you've made it this far. But I can't believe how sensual this is. Waiting. Teasing myself. Refusing to give in. It's so arousing that I feel like I could just lay here in this warm water, squeeze my legs together and instantly have an orgasm."

That's when I noticed it. The shower massager with the long hose hanging above me.

"Hmmm, well, let's see, technically I wouldn't be touching myself, oh, God, it would feel so good," I whispered as I reached up and grabbed the head of it, turned on the water and directed the warm pulsating spray at my stomach. "Just close your eyes, lean back and overwhelm yourself, Lynn. Water, warm water slamming into your clit, burst after burst, imagine how good it would feel, thumping, crashing, caressing, vibrating against you. Hmmm, I feel like I'm gonna cum just thinking about it. Okay, here goes..."

I started to slide the pulsating stream of water down across my belly-button, scrunched down in the bathtub a little more to raise my hips a little further up and spread my legs as far apart as I could. Completely exposing my pussy and clit to the lover moving closer, so tantilizingly closer towards them.

Then I stopped and gasped, "ohhhhhhhhh, I can't!!! Damn him, damn him anyway, he's ruining my sex life and he's not even here. That's it, I'm getting out of the tub, what time is it now, shit, still almost a half hour. I'll go nuts. Absolutely stark raving nuts. And when he finally does call I'll start cumming the second I hear his voice. I can see it now. 'hi, Lynn' 'hi, Jim, oh God, I'm cummmminggg'. Click."

After I dragged myself out of the tub I spent five minutes drying off. Shoulders, arms, legs, breasts. Forget about my pussy. Save that job for Sisyphus. The way I was feeling right now I could have used up all the towels in my house trying to dry it off and I'd still be wet.

"I wonder why he gets me so aroused?" I thought to myself. "I've tried phone sex with other guys. Sure, it's exciting and I cum, but, somehow it's not the same. This guy's gotten inside of me. In more ways than one. Maybe I'll just fly out to Seattle and surprise him. Hah, wouldn't that be hilarious. Oh, hi, I'm Lynn, you must be Jim and apparently you're a fat, barely literate, sixty-seven year old migrant worker with a wife, six kids and a wart on your butt the size of Texas. On top of that, you're impotent. No, bad idea, Lynn. Play it safe. Just close your eyes and imagine him as the Bad Day Fairy, a few years younger than you, just a few years, not much, tall, handsome, athletic, built like a racehorse and incredibly sensual. With a tongue that could tie knots in a chain link fence. Now what time is it?

"Good, only ten or eleven more minutes until the phone rings. Okay, let's see, vibrator, check, blindfold, check, I don't know why he wanted me to put on a blindfold but, hell, I'll put on a straight jacket and rubber galoshes if he wants me to. Now what did he say, hop onto the bed, put on the blindfold, oops, turn off all the lights, wow, pitch black, and lay on my back. Take deep breaths, slow deep breaths, drag the tips of my fingers over my face, my breasts, don't touch my nipples, hmmm, this feels good, these are his fingers touching me, across my stomach, my hips, ohhhh, c'mon, resist, resist, Lynn, don't touch your pussy, but it's so close and I know it's so wet, waiting for me...ummm, this is torture, keep running my fingers across the inside of my thighs, ohmygod, if I spread my legs any further apart I'll break my hips...lightly, touching yourself lightly, ring, dammit, ring. Ring!!! Riiiiing!!!"


I picked up the phone before the first ring was even over.

"Oh, God, I'm so glad you called, Jim. I'm been going insane with desire all day. I'm laying here completely naked on my back, touching myself with the tips of my fingers, everywhere, well, not everywhere, not down there and not up here or here. Those are the only three places, just like you said. I've been good. Honestly. Really. I've spent the whole day thinking about masturbating and trying not to masturbate, fighting, fighting and now I just want you to talk to me and make me cum. Make me cum so hard that my head will split open and fire will shoot straight out of my pussy."

I heard a gulp. And a couple of long swallows. And then a weak male voice at the other end of the phone stutters out, "well, gee, lady, that, ummm, that sure sounds like fun but I'm Eddie, not Jim, and I'm just calling you to tell you about our rug cleaning service, we're in your area and..."


"ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod..."

The phone rings again.

"Hello, ah-hem, this is Lynn, how can I help you."

"Well, that was formal. Hmmm, somehow I thought you'd be more aroused than that."

"Hi, Jim. You won't believe what just happened. I'm laying here all hot and bothered waiting for you to call and so the phone rings and I pick it up and just start jabbering about how aroused I am and how I've been trying not to masturbate all day, not even touching myself down there and it's been pretty hard, really hard, once about two o'clock I went to the bathroom and, well, it took almost a whole roll of toilet paper, one sheet at a time, oh, forget it, look, you managed to get me so hot and bothered with this little exercise in self-control of yours that I'm almost insane. I know I shouldn't say this but I sure wish you were here right now. Somehow touching myself just doesn't seem like it's going to be enough tonight."

"Let's try a little experiment and see, Lynn. I assume the lights are out, you're blindfolded, soft music in the background..."

"I'm naked and blindfolded and, oooops, wait a minute, forgot the music..." I said as I flipped over on my side and quickly flicked on the radio. "There. Soft music. Yes, the room's completely dark, Jim. But I know where my clit is...now how will you find it?"

"I'll just rub my hands and fingers all over your body until I bump into something that makes you groan, Lynn."


God, this guy was hot. And incredibly quick on his feet. His Emails were like that, too. Dripping with sensuality, wit, a dry sexual humor that always made me wet. Very very wet. I felt a rush of adrenalin stream through me as I suddenly started to imagine him rubbing his fingers all over my body. And then suddenly finding the center of my sexual being and making me groan.

"Speaking of that, let's start with something simple. You've been a good girl all day so now I want to reward you. Take the tip of your finger and rub it directly over the top of your clit as hard and fast as you can until you cum. Really really fast and really really hard."

The explosion in my brain almost blew out my eardrums when what he said sunk in.

"You're kidding!" I gasped, as I watched my disembodied finger flying straight towards my clit in the dark.

"Yes. I am. Stop! Don't touch yourself, Lynn. Did I say that in time?"

Like a missile whose course had been altered in mid-flight, my finger slammed into the side of my right thigh instead of my pussy and I gulped and muttered, "barely, just barely, but I'm thinking about lieing to you now. I'm thinking about just touching myself anyway and telling you I'm not and then, when I have an orgasm, which will be in about seventeen or eighteen seconds, I'll just tell you it was spontaneous and I couldn't help it. You know, without any stimulation at all. Other than your voice."

"Has that ever happened to you before?"

"No, but I'm sure it will eventually if I keep talking to you and don't drop over dead from a heart attack first."

"Alright, time to get serious...lay the phone by your ear and take both your hands and brush your fingers softly over your body. Just your fingernails, slowly, calmly, touching yourself everywhere, very lightly. Those are my fingers, Lynn, my fingers caressing you. Teasing you. Stimulating you. Your skin is so soft. So sensitive. Brush the tips of your fingers lightly over yourself.

Here it comes. I knew it. But I couldn't believe how fast it was happening this time. I was like putty in his hands. Except his hands were two thousand miles away. When that warm, soft wrapped-in-a-blanket-of-his-caresses feeling started creeping over me the way it was now I knew I was toast. He owned me. And he'd own me all night. Instead of fighting it, trying to maintain my own identity I just instantly gave in. His voice became my brain, telling me what to do next.

"Hmmm, that feels good, Jim. Your touch is so gentle, so exciting, I can feel your fingers flying over my body, arousing me, making my clit tingle with anticipation, that...feels...so...good."

"Just keep touching yourself delicately, Lynn, barely making contact with your skin, close your eyes, take long deep breaths, try to sleep, your eyes feel heavy, keep touching yourself, Lynn, your legs, the inside of your thighs, the soft skin on your stomach, your breasts, your shoulders, now lay both your hands up above your head. Just rest the phone against your ear. Relax, listen to the music, try to imagine my fingers against your body..."

Even though I was wearing a blindfold I still had my eyes closed tight as I dropped both my arms above my head onto the pillows and whispered, "hmmm, that feels so real, Jim, I can actually feel the tips of your fingers against the inside of my thighs, sliding over them, brushing against the outer lips of my pussy, teasing me, across my stomach and then back down to my pussy, hmmmm, it feels so real, so real, how are you doing this, my imagination must be going crazy, oh, I don't care, just don't stop, keep touching me, Jim, keep touching me...tell me where you're going to touch me next..."

"I'm going to drag the tips of my fingers over your stomach again and then up to your breasts, Lynn, caressing your nipples softly, massaging them, making them tingle, stretch your arms out even further above your head, arch your back and push your nipples up into my fingers, they're so hard, so erect, they feel like they're on fire, Lynn..."

"Oh, they do, Jim, they really do," I gasped as I started to caress the palm of my right hand with the first finger of my left hand, teasing myself and stretching my body out under his touch. A touch that was so real I could actually feel it. "I've always loved having you massage my nipples...you're so good at this...so, so good..."

His touch was so relaxing that I was starting to fall asleep. My mouth was getting dry and then suddenly I felt his lips against mine, his tongue sliding into my mouth very softly.

"Uhhhh, I canf ffullee yuf kfissinggf me, fuck me Jimmmmmy..."

I had no idea why I was mumbling. It was almost as if I actually was being kissed. None of my words made sense, they were all blurry. Probably because I could feel his tongue intertwined with mine.

"Wow, this guy's a great kisser for somebody who's on the phone," I thought to myself as I wrapped my tongue around his tongue, sliding back and forth against it. "But I wonder why he's stopped talking to me. It's almost like he can't talk because he's kissing me. How real. How incredibly real. How clever of him. He thinks of everything. I can't imagine what it would be like to actually have him here, right now, to feel him making love to me, slamming his completely erect cock into my pussy. Over and over. Harder and harder. Okay, just slow down, Lynn, you'll get ahead of yourself. Relax, let him tell you what to do next, it's always worked in the past."

I could feel my clit throbbing between my legs. My pussy felt like it was going to explode there was so much blood rushing through it as he suddenly stopped kissing me and whispered, "spread your legs a little further apart, Lynn, and bring them up until your knees are near your shoulders..."

I loved this position. He'd convinced me to get into it during one of our first conversations. It was so erotic. Like we were actually going to make love. It was so easy to imagine his erection slipping into me while I was laying there like this, so completely exposed.

"Now take both your hands and hold your legs up, put your hands behind your thighs, can you feel the swollen, moist lips of your pussy opening up slowly, gently, waiting for me, wanting me, can you feel the air in the room from your open window brushing gently over your body..."

"I can, Jim, I can...this is incredible..." I gasped, as I rocked my legs slowly back and forth, stretching them, waiting for his touch. I didn't remember telling him that the window was open but then I don't remember half the things I tell him because I'm usually so aroused. I only knew that I wanted to feel him deep deep inside me. Or at least I wanted to feel my vibrator humming deep inside me. Pretending it was him.

"Now I'm going to turn your vibrator on and slide it inside you, Lynn, very slowly, squeeze down around it with the muscles in your pussy...are you ready?"

I knew what he meant. I knew he meant that I was going to slide my vibrator inside my pussy but I really didn't care who was going to slide it inside me anymore. Laying here like this, so exposed, so vulnerable was so immeasurably erotic that I was starting to actually hear a buzzing sound. A familiar buzzing sound. Down between my legs. I figured I was dreaming. And I couldn't believe how clear our phone connection still was. I could hear his voice perfectly. But I knew I had to keep thinking about how he would feel inside me. Telling him, encouraging him to keep touching me.

"Ohhhhh, yes, Jim, I can feel it, humming, buzzing, sliding inside me, unnn, it feels so good, how are you doing that, I'm holding my legs up with both hands, at least I think I am, I'm not sure anymore, maybe one of my hands is on the vibrator and...oh, I don't care, it feels wonderful, wonderful, make me cum, Jim, please make me cum...keep talking to me...don't hang up..."

I could feel the vibrator rocking back and forth, sliding almost out of my pussy and then back slowly in again. Completely inside me. I couldn't breathe, my head was spinning, thrashing back and forth, my toes were curling. And then suddenly I felt his tongue on my clit. Caressing me, manipulating me, owning me, devouring me, back and forth, back and forth, across the slick, wet, wildly sensitive and erect center of my sexual universe.

I started to grunt and pulled back on my thighs as hard as I could with my hands, lost in a blizzard of sexual excitement. Some stupid female voice near my right ear was telling me that if I wanted to make a phone call I should hang up and try again at the same time I heard his voice telling me, coaxing me, begging me to cum. I was determined to ignore the woman even when she started to make this loud high pitched noise, a truly obnoxious tone, beeping at me while my body was screaming at me. Screaming at me while he was begging me, pleading with me to cum.

"Oh, God, Jim, I'm cumming...I can feel it...I'm cumming, unnnn, it feels so good, talk to me, Jim, talk to me with your hands, your mouth, cover my body with your touch...unnnnnnnnnnnnn...nnnnnn...don't hang up...don't hang up..."

"Keep tightening the muscles in your stomach, Lynn, rock back and forth, let it overwhelm you, control you, devour you, I can feel your body trembling, I can hear your groans, the sweet exotic music you make when you orgasm, keep pushing, Lynn, make it last as long as you can, make it last as long as you can. There it is. There it is. Doesn't it feel wonderful, small shivers, loud crashes of lightening screaming up and down your legs. Cum for me, Lynn. Cum for me. Let it consume you, overwhelm you, tell me how good it feels..."

My orgasm owned me. I was making all these strange sexual sounds, a mixture of screams, groans and quiet helpless cries as I gasped and tightened up all the muscles in my body. Fire was shooting down the back of my legs while a cold, numbing wind was rushing over my nipples. All the muscles in my body were exploding, quivering, shuttering, wrapping me tight inside a blanket of unrelenting spasms and overwhelming pleasure.

Three minutes later it was over.

I was suddenly tired. Dead tired. I needed to sleep.

"I'm going to hang up now and just climb in bed with you, Lynn. I'm going to lay down on my back. When you're ready just roll over. I'm going to hold you, wrap my arms around you, caress your back gently, intertwine my fingers with yours. Telling you how beautiful you are with my touch. My hands. My fingers against your body. Straighten your legs out, Lynn, roll over and put your head on my shoulder and sleep."

I could feel him laying on the bed. It felt so real. I could feel my head on his shoulder as I struggled to slide one leg over his legs, I could even feel his infinitely hard cock, massive, huge, as I began to explore it gently with my fingers. Feeling it throbbing, mapping the route of each seperate blood vessel rushing up and down the pulsating shaft. Rubbing the palm of my hand over the smooth, slick head of it.

"Ummm, I wonder what it would feel like to be actually holding him, touching him, right here in my own bedroom..." I murmured sleepily. This guy was absolutely amazing. I had no idea how he did it.

But it was the best phone sex I'd ever had.

He'd even managed to say goodnight to me and kiss me on the forehead before I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I already knew I was going to call him again.

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sexyldy1000 57F  
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5/25/2018 6:25 pm

Great story Jimmy.
I know from experience that phone sex with the 'right' person can be amazing. After all, the brain is the biggest sex organ.
Unfortunately it's been too long since it's happened.

Stimulate my mind and the possibilities are endless.

Trapper69 61G  
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5/16/2018 9:56 am

Great post! I really enjoyed reading this, and it got me very aroused! I've enjoyed sharing this type of conversations with a lot of women over the years. It doesn't always lead to sharing sex in person, but when it does, the sex is amazing!

Sharing erotic mental stimulation over the fun like that can be a very rewarding experience. It's a wonderful form of foreplay! I've enjoyed this type of fun with quite a few sexy woman over the years, all have loved it, and when we meet for the first time in person, we're much more comfortable with each other.

I once heard from a man who had been trying to convince his very attractive and sexy wife to have another man join them to explore MFM threesome fun. He'd been trying to get her to do it for more than 10 years, but she always refused. He wanted me to act as if it was just a random call, but I decided to be totally upfront with her, and tell her everything so she wouldn't get upset later. I agreed to call her.....when she answered the phone, I told her that her husband had answered my ad in a swinger magazine (this was before the internet).

She thanked me for being honest then told me that he'd been hounding her for a long time, and often brought guys home with him in hopes she'd try it. She then asked what he'd told me about her....I told her he said how she was beautiful, sexy, open minded, and loved sex.....I then told her I agreed with him, you are beautiful, sexy and you have such beautiful, big breasts with huge nipples....she asked how I knew that. I told her that he'd sent several photos of her where she was totally naked. She told me she liked my voice then asked about me. I answered all her questions. She then told me that she agreed to try it a couple times, but every time, he'd back off, and it wouldn't happen.

I asked her if she was serious about trying it, she said she was. After hearing him tell her about how much she'd enjoy having 2 men giving her pleasure, and what he and the other guy would do, the idea started to arouse her. She asked me if I'd ever done anything like that. I told her I'd enjoyed many MFM threesomes with a lot of couples. She asked a lot of questions about the women, and what they enjoyed, I answered all her questions. We talked for almost 3 hours that first time. Before we hung up, she asked if I would call her again, I said I would if she wanted me to. She said she did, and also said she was very aroused by our conversation.

I called a few days later, and we picked up where we left off. We also enjoyed phone sex....she enjoyed several powerful orgasms as I stimulated her mind. Soon we'd talk every day for at least an hour, and every time, we enjoyed phone sex. I kept in contact with her husband, and got the OK from her to tell him what she wanted him to know about our phone conversations. He would have me call her several times while he was home with her....I'd provide the mental stimulation, he provided the physical stimulation. They both loved it, and she enjoyed many thunderous orgasms, orgasms much more powerful than she'd ever experienced before.

It was finally time for us to meet in person to explore their MFM fantasy in real life. As was his MO, he backed out....he made all kinds of excuses why we shouldn't do it for real. She was very upset with him. She called me the next day, and said she wanted to be with me.....she'd had it with his begging her to do it then saying she couldn't. She wanted to meet me alone. I told her it wasn't a good idea, but she insisted. After about a week, I agreed.....it was one of the best experiences of my life, and well worth the 4 hour one way drive! She was even more beautiful in person, and her body was much more sexy in real life than in a photo. We got together many times after that first time. About a year after he said they couldn't do it, he again tried to talk her into trying a MFM threesome. She was so upset with him, she told him she'd experienced 7 MFM threesomes with me and one of my friends. And, she was going to continue meeting me, and having my friend joining us every so often because she loved what her and I shared together, and with my friend. Needless to say, he was shocked, then upset

He said he wanted to be involved, she told him could, but only if he agreed to be restrained and forced to watch....he couldn't join in, but, if he behaved himself, she let him lick her used pussy after we were finished. He agreed. We enjoyed quite a few twosomes and several MFM threesomes as he sat there restrained watching us. Every time, he would clean her cum filled pussy with his mouth. Our fun lasted almost three years before she decided she'd had enough, and wanted to return to a regular marriage...... It never wouldn't happened had I not stimulated her mind via phone sex! So many people say phone sex is boring....it's boring for them because they just want to rush into the sex.....Sex is so much better if their minds are stimulated......phone sex is a wonderful way to stimulate a person's mind!

JimmyB7474 replies on 5/16/2018 12:01 pm:
Long and very good comment~! I have become a watcher for your blog. (Yeah it's THAT good) Plenty of stories on my blog AND yours as well. Thanks for the comments.

JimmyB7474 53M
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5/16/2018 8:48 am

Yes, a little inspiration goes a LOOOOONG way. Jimmy.

My blog JimmyB7474 is called Into The Woods (erotica) entertaining stories about a guy named Jimmy. Enjoy.

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