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My Very First Orgasm
Posted:Sep 9, 2016 11:55 am
Last Updated:May 25, 2018 4:33 am
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Jimmy B.

My very first orgasm.... A true (and very short) story.

This takes place during my puberty phase of life.

Most people are shocked when hearing about little boys being molested by older girls. Facts are facts. I enjoyed every minute of it. So in my case, I hardly call it being molested as much as being hooled. Lee Ann was our baby sitter. She lived in a house on the next block over and her mother and mine were best friends. I think Lee Ann was 15 when this story took place.

Lee Ann had several boyfriends over for sex at various times when she watched us for my parents. I had watched a few times and knew a few of the basics but had never had the chance to try them out.

We got into an argument at "bed time" night and I refused to go to bed so she wouldn't have a chance to call her boy friend to come over for a visit. Lee Ann was a head taller than me and tried to force me into the bed. I resisted and fought back. She proceeded to try and strip me down to my underwear during our battle and succeeded. That's when she diovered the hard on I was sprouting in my fruit of the looms. She started rubbing my shorts and things suddenly changed. I responded by touching her boobs.......... Her clothes came off faster than mine did.

We wound up fucking each other. First I was on top, then when she saw I didn't know what I was doing, Lee Ann switched over and got on top (Still my favorite position to this day.) and rewed me until she cum all over me. thing about this 12 year old boy, my penis might not have been as big as an adult but it stayed hard forever. I didn't know how to have an orgasm and wasn't even close to ejaculation by the time Lee Ann had finished. She didn't know what to think. Up till then all her guys popped off within a couple of minutes and she was left to finish herself off by hand. I was her new toy that could keep up.

This went on for a couple of months. Lee Ann even invited me to her house when her parents were g. Not once during all these fuck sessions did I even come close to popping my load. Hell, I didn't even know what a load was till she told me. (I learned NOTHING from my folks about sex). Of course it still felt like heaven while we were "doing it". By this time I was pounding her from behind doggy style and she even let me rew her in the ass while she fingered herself. Thank god for Vaseline. She had a tight ass hole. But again.... I never did cum.

evening after the girls were put to bed, Lee Ann showed up in my room with my dad's electric hair clippers (the big black s with multiple trimmer covers). Dad used the thing to keep my hair buzzed short.

"What are you going to do? Cut my pubes?" I was growing hair around my privates and I thought she was going to cut them off. "No freaking way! I need those hairs in place when I go to gym class!"

"I 'm not going to give you a trim silly. Got a treat for ya Jimmy. You are going to like this." she said as she plugged the cord into the wall. She began rubbing my cock through my jeans and up popped the little guy like magic. I was worried as she stripped my clothes off that she would cut off what few hairs I had down there. I was only of a couple of guys in my grade with hair down there and if I showed up bare naked in the showers.........I'd just die!

Lee Ann began with a sweet kiss on the tip of my swollen pecker. I shuttered as a thrill sent goose bumps all over. I grabbed her head as I pushed my penis deeper into her open mouth. She flipped on the switch on the clippers and held it against the base of my cock above my balls......................... ....OH MY GODDDD!

The vibrations from the clippers shot through me like an electric jolt. I gasped for breath as Lee Ann continued to lick and suck on the head of my cock. I became weak in the knees and slowly sat down on the edge of the bed. My breath was coming in ragged gasps for air....I couldn't get enough air..... I let go of her head and grabbed the edge of the bed for support. I began to loose control of my mules and shook as though I were freezing. I could feel nothing but the INCREDIBLE sensations coming from her blow job.....Nothing like this had EVER felt this way! I laid back on the bed and quivered while Lee Ann continued sucking me into heaven.

I could feel heat building in my balls after a few felt awesome all at the same time. I was gasping for air even harder now. The pressure/pain/pleasure growing inside me. then I....I....blacked out.

The first thing I noticed was that my body felt like it was tingling all over. I flet a rise of panic as I couldn't remember where I was or what had happened....then I saw Lee Ann wipe something off her face. (found out later it was cum) I remembered....."Holy CRAP! is THAT what I've been missing?" She smiled and laughed.

"You wouldn't stop shooting Jimmy, I swallowed till I choked then you shot another load right in my face! Euuuuh!" then she giggled.

"Uh.....can we do that again?"..... and we did.... over and over for months to come.

True story. I found out that I could get off with just the clippers al and wound up burning it out after a few months of masturbating with it. But that's another story.

Jimmy B.

Oh by the way, I do love to "Kiss and Tell" so there are over 100 more stories listed below for your enjoyment. I have 2 more stories about Lee Ann as well as my continuing WALNUT STREET journal...... ALL Comments are welcome! While not all of the stories are true histories, most of them do draw from personal experience. This is the real deal. 45 of the stories on this blog are true. about 20 have some "exaggerations" added and the rest are fictional with a personal touch or . See if you can pick out which is which.

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Three's Company
Posted:May 24, 2018 4:36 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2018 1:11 pm
Three’s Company

"I'll take a double," said Jim as he settled onto the couch.

"On it," Sharon called back as she took the bottle of rum from Janet and pulled it to her lips. She took a wet swig and then topped off three full glasses.

The girls' ground floor apartment was just down the path from the pool. After a good swim, the invitation for a drink sounded just right.

"So, any prospects lately?" Sharon asked as she handed Jim his rum.


"Girls. Dates. The ladies... what's been up?"

"Yeah," answered Jim, as the two of them joined him on the couch. "Not so much lately."

The three had become close friends ever since Jim's ex broke up with him. Sharon and Janet had been friends with Abby, but that all fell apart after what she did to Jim. He still had the apartment upstairs. He had thought about moving away from all the memories, but it was nice to have friends so close.

"Now, see, that's just not fair to our ladies. How much longer are you gonna keep this fine piece of tail off the market?" Sharon teased, slapping his shoulder. Jim smiled. He had become an honorary member of their relationship gossip circle, even though he lately didn't have much to share. The two of them were good at keeping up his spirits.

"I've been on some dates...." Jim began to retort.

Janet cut him off.


"Hey, coffee's a date!"

"Only if you're drinking it in her kitchen the morning after!" joked Janet.

Jim laughed.

"Come on," he insisted, "that's not..."

Janet cut him off again.

"I'm just kidding. All I'm saying you've got to give someone a chance to get a little closer."

"Got to get our Jimmy Boy some pussy!" cheered Sharon.

All of them laughed.

"Hey, if you've got some friends..." replied Jim with shrug.

"I'll put out my feelers," Sharon said.

"Your pussy feelers?" teased Janet.

Sharon just smirked and wiggled her fingers suggestively. They all kept laughing and sipping their drinks. Their gossip sessions were usually shameless like this.

Sharon shook out her hair. Her shoulder-length brunette locks were still stringy but pretty much dried from the sun. Still in her cute, red and white polka-dot bikini, she turned to sit criss-cross facing Jim.

"And you?" Jim asked.

"Me?" Sharon wondered, raising her eyebrows.

"Any prospects?"

"Ah, it's been okay. Met a cute guy at work last week, and I'm trying to figure out his situation. No ring, no photos on his desk, but I haven't really got him figured out yet. So yeah, no big moves of late."

"Guess I'm not the only one aching a little," said Jim empathetically. "Must be a sucky season for dating."

"Not sucky enough!" Sharon toyed. "I mean seriously, it's been like six months since I've given a blowjob."

Jim looked surprised.

"You mean you haven't had sex with anyone since breaking up with Jay?"

"No, I've hooked up a few times..."

"But," Jim interrupted, rather sarcastically, "you miss giving blowjobs?"

"Sure. Why is that so surprising?"

"Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of blowjobs. It just didn't occur to me that someone would get off on giving them."

"Totally. I mean, it's not like it's going to literally get me off. But it's really hot in its own way. Think about it..."

"Oh, trust me, you've got me thinking about it!"

Sharon and Janet laughed. They usually censored these thoughts from Jim, but it was fun to get a guy's reactions.

"No," Sharon continued, "I mean think about how hot it is when you're going down on a girl. You can take your time, get her all worked up. She's moaning for you. Her body is writhing, and you can feel her getting hot and wet..."

"Shit, Sharon," blurted Janet. "Quit it! I've gotta go to sleep all alone tonight with that idea running through my head! Not cool."

"But aren't I right? Jim?"

She knew all this talk probably got a few ideas running through his head, too. Even though it pushed some boundaries, she was curious to hear them.

"Heh, heh... yeah, okay, I get it. I love foreplay, too. So, why haven't you just asked these guys to mess around a little when you're hooking up?"

"I'm not talking about foreplay. Sure, we mess around. I'll go down on a guy for a little while before we get to business. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a blowjob. I'm talking about sitting a guy down... working him nice and slow... teasing him six different ways until his head is spinning... holding him, squeezing him... pushing him to the point that he has to stop watching just to make it last longer... and then taking him all the way. That's a blowjob."

"Alright, seriously, you've got to quit it!" said Janet. " All this talk about blowjobs is probably giving Jim a stiffy!"

"Stiffy? Hell, that almost made me come in my pants!"

They all laughed, feeling a little ridiculous.

"No kidding. Me, too," Janet admitted jokingly.

She really wasn't kidding. Everyone was getting a little tingly. They were used to being pretty open with each other, but this felt different. They all knew that the conversation was bordering on a tease, and they kind of liked it.

"I'm just getting a little tired of casual dating," Sharon continued. "It would be nice to have a boyfriend. Someone I can get comfortable with."

Janet nodded. She nudged Jim.

"Well Jim, do you have any cute friends who are looking for relationships?"

Jim put his hand to his chin pensively.

"I don't know. That's a tough one. I mean, how many guys are looking for a hot girlfriend who loves to give blowjobs?"

"Shut up!" laughed Sharon, slapping his arm. "Seriously, though. You know it's not that easy. I'm not looking for a relationship that's just about sex."

Jim nodded, admitting he was just teasing.

"And don't you dare go telling your friends about this conversation," Sharon quickly added. "The last thing I need is a bunch of guys trying to get with me because I'm the blowjob girl.'"

"I'm sorry. You know I'm just joking. All I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't be worried about finding somebody."

"Well, that's more like it. You did catch me off guard, though. That's funny."

"What's funny?"

"That you think I'm hot."

"Why is that so funny? You don't think you're hot?"

"Oh, I know I'm hot," she said, smiling smugly. "I just didn't know you looked at me that way. I just thought, after Abby..."

It still stung a little to hear the mention of his ex's name.

"Abby dated me, not blinded me. Both of you are crazy hot. Why wouldn't I notice?"

"I just meant that it seemed like Abby was your type..."

"My type?"

"Blonde... big tits... surely you've noticed a pattern in your past girlfriends?"

"That's not true at all! That's just a coincidence, and a recent one. I actually have a thing for brunettes. And anyway, there are lots of ways to be hot..."

"Very interesting," Janet mused. She took on a teasing tone. "So have you been hot for us this whole time, and we've been putting you in the friend zone?"

"Ugh, I hate that whole 'friend zone' idea. And just because someone says you're hot, doesn't mean they're hot FOR you," he smiled cagily. "I'm sure the whole 'friend zone' thing happens, but it is possible, you know, for straight guys and girls to be friends and still have thoughts about each other...."

"Oh really?" broke in Sharon. "Tell us about these 'thoughts.' And here I thought you were just making observations..."

She had leaned in closer. Jim could tell he was just digging himself a hole. He honestly had sort of ruled out the possibility of getting with Sharon and Janet a long time ago. They had met each other through Abby in the beginning, and after the breakup he needed friends more than hookups. He was pretty sure they had always felt the same way, too. But this felt different. They were flirting. No, it was flirting with more heat. It was starting to feel a little like seduction. They had all slipped into it so easily that he was starting wonder what hidden attractions might have been there all along.

"Well, talking about blowjobs has a way of stirring up the imagination, doesn't it?" Jim retorted.

"Hmm, I am learning a lot," pressed Janet, "So, friends can imagine what it would be like to give each other head? And it's all just... friendly?"

Jim chuckled. The two of them had really talked him into a corner.

Sharon felt her skin getting warm. She hadn't intended to put Jim in this compromising position, but the more they toyed with him, the more it wound her up.

"Sure," Jim answered. "There are all kinds of friends, right?"

Sharon grinned at him. Jim's tone was losing the pretense of innocence. Their awareness of each other now felt more physical -- their closeness, the near-bareness of their bodies. She had moved even closer now, and he was really starting to wonder about her intentions. So was she.

"Apparently," agreed Sharon. "So, tell me, what else can these friends do?"

Sharon rested her hand on his thigh. Her fingertips laid just inside the leg of his shorts. Their eyes locked.

It was obvious to Janet that this wasn't just teasing. Something had changed. They wanted each other. Really intrigued by the whole scene, she hung on for Jim's answer.

"Well, they can get each other really hot when they want to, that's for sure..."

"Ah," Sharon replied. "so now you are hot FOR me, huh?"

Sharon saw Janet smile at the taunt. She could tell that her friend knew her mind almost better than she did and was getting a kick out of it. Sharon's fingers crept another couple inches into Jim's shorts. Their faces drew closer together with each flirtation. Jim just smiled in reply.

"Well... since we're such good friends," Sharon continued, really cranking up the seduction, "maybe you could help me with this little craving I have."

Jim's heart stopped as her fingers tiptoed almost to his crotch. His mind was screaming from her lustful request.

"Well, what are friends for?" he replied, his face finally drawing close enough to hers to touch cheeks.

Sharon's fingers went for it, crawling around what was now a raging erection. She let out a soft whimper into his ear as she slid her fingers along its hardness.

"Looks like maybe I should leave you two alone," said Janet.

Jim sunk back into the couch and turned to catch her eyes. Janet was clearly as aroused as they were and even looked a little disappointed that Sharon had out-flirted her. Maybe she wanted to go, but she hadn't even budged. Jim followed his instincts and rested his hand on her thigh.

"Unless... you want to stay."

Janet stared back at him, her eyes twinkling. They were all being bold, and she didn't want to over-think it. Reaching out, she brushed her fingers through his hair and then pulled his lips to hers.

"Unhh," Jim groaned as he and Janet swapped tongues. Sharon had started massaging him through the thin lining inside his swim trunks.

He had no idea where this was going. He had never done this before, and it made him a little nervous to make moves with both of them. Maybe they would feel jealous or jilted that he did not have eyes for one of them alone. But somehow the three of them had all gotten into this mess of passion together. It was uncharted territory, but they were all just letting themselves go wherever desire took them.

Sharon was actually a little relieved to see that Jim wasn't overly attached to her. She wasn't looking to make a boyfriend out of him. Right now he was hot, and she was horny. He was hard for her, and she was craving a blowjob. It didn't have to be more complicated than that. Sharon pulled up his t-shirt and began planting kisses across his chest and abs.

Janet felt Jim's body swell, and it turned her on even more. She grabbed his hair tightly and forced her tongue deeper into his kiss. His hand squeezed the flesh of her thigh and slid up her skirt to find her hips.

"Mmmm," Janet sung in a high-pitched hum.

She peeked at Sharon from the corner of her eye, wary of how her friend was going to react. Sharon just smiled and kissed lower down Jim's belly.

Jim felt his throat close up when Sharon's fingers tucked into the waist of his trunks. Her kisses kept descending until he felt her pull out the waistband to find the throbbing tip of his cock. Her next kiss landed near enough that his eager erection grazed against her soft cheek.

She had his full attention now. Janet's, too. She tilted her face flirtily at them both, letting her warm, moist breath hang over his swollen head. It was a delicious tease. But they all wanted more.

Sharon slipped off the couch onto her knees. Taking Jim's hips from both sides, she swiftly tugged off his shorts. She eyed his hard-on, feeling almost giddy about how aroused she had managed to make her friend.

"You know I'm dying to do this, don't you?" she asked him, and seemingly Janet, too.

Jim gulped. This was really happening.

"Not nearly as much as I am right now," he said.


Sharon reached up and scraped her fingers down the front of Jim's body until reaching the base of his cock. Lightly pinching it into an upright pose, she made it ready for her mouth. Her wet lips closed around his head. Jim surged with instant pleasure. He could feel her hot, velvety tongue smushing against his hardened flesh.

"Ho wow," Jim yowled.

Sharon looked up at him with a wicked smile in her eyes. Janet clung to his arm. Her own excitement was palpable. Neither of them could have imagined in their wildest dreams that they'd be watching Sharon do this.

Sinking down further, Sharon felt her heart racing. Jim was so hard. She hugged him with her mouth and slowly pulled up his pole. When her mouth popped off, Jim's cock shimmered in the late afternoon sunlight. She took a moment to get to know it, pawing it it playfully with her fingertips.

Janet watched her with the same intense curiosity as she kissed Jim's neck. Sharon scraped her fingers down Jim's thighs and back again to his balls. Pulling his erection back to attention, she wrapped her mouth around it and let loose with urgent plunges.

Janet moaned with Jim.

Sharon peeked at her and realized that her friend wasn't just horny from watching. Jim's hand was inside her skirt, caressing beneath her rear. Looking to return the favor, Janet took a page out of her friend's playbook and softly raked her fingers across Jim's belly while Sharon sucked.

"Urrmmm," growled Jim pleasurably.

"Feels nice?" Janet cooed in his ear.

"Nice? Oh, you have no idea..."

Janet planted another wet kiss on his neck and slowly peeled up his shirt. After tugging it over his head, she found her hands falling right back to his chest and his hands returning straight to her backside. This time, Jim reached both hands up under her skirt and nestled his fingers into her tight bikini bottoms.

The two of them indulged themselves for a few moments, groping each other's bodies as Jim savored Sharon's fantastic head. The feel of Janet's soft, supple curves had Jim welling up with desire, and he could no longer hold back. He curled his fingers into the back of her waistband, bunched it tightly in his hands and pulled the suit down to her thighs.

"Nnhh, yeah," Janet whimpered needfully.

Jim guided her onto her back so that her shoulders rested on the arm of the couch. He pulled the bottoms all the way down her legs and tossed them aside. Janet's knees opened to him. Jim kissed her right knee softly and began to work his way up her inner thigh.

Sharon paused to let Jim focus on Janet. The sight of her friend's chest heaving with uneven breaths was turning her on beyond belief. She sweetly stroked Jim's shaft as she watched him kiss his way to Janet's pussy.

Janet's body bucked as his tongue pressed into her sweet, wet folds. He was working her up slowly, attentively, just as Sharon had done for him. It was driving Janet wild.

As Sharon watched Jim getting tongue-deep into her friend, she remained keen on stealing away some of his focus. She lightly scratched her fingertips along the length of his shaft and tickled around his balls.

"Mmh, hmph..."

She heard Jim chuckle a little in delight with his face buried between Janet's thighs. Janet laughed a little, too, between her fevered panting. It was amusing how they could toy with each other's pleasure.

"Just enjoy yourself, Jim," called Sharon to him. "I have a lot more in store for you."

"Damn, you really know how to play with a guy's head, don't you?!" he called back, briefly peeking out from Janet's embrace.

"Sure do," smiled Sharon as she tweaked her fingers around the head of his cock. "That's why this is so much fun."

Jim chuckled again and watched Sharon drop her lips to the bottom of his shaft, licking her way slowly to the top. She swirled her tongue around the head and took the journey back down. Jim's head swooned, falling back against Janet's skin in ecstasy. Sharon kept at him, so he took a long breath, steadied himself firmly on Janet's hips, and dove back in for more of her pussy.

Janet huffed sensuously, running her fingers through Jim's hair while he ate her out. He gave fantastic head. All that talk from earlier about how much he enjoyed pleasuring a woman had really turned her on, and the conversation now echoed in her ears.

None of them had ever done anything like this before. Janet was on fire. She wondered how hot it made Sharon to see Jim getting her off. Jim was clearly in heaven. He was delighting in Janet's body while his own skin was tingling with the sensations of Sharon's tongue. He pictured in his mind every little swirl and swipe that he felt, yet sometimes he couldn't help but peek. When Sharon tugged up his cock so that her tongue could Jimce around his balls, he just had to look.

"Oh ho, damn..." he chortled, craning his neck back to see her.

Sharon's eyes were smiling right back at him, as if she knew this would rope in his attention. The whole picture was just setting his senses ablaze: the light squeeze of her hand around his cock, the flickering of her tongue across his delicate skin... and how gorgeous his friend looked while she did it. The look on Jim's face kept no secret of how much he was loving this, and that just fueled Sharon's fire. She opened her mouth and softly pulled in one of his balls, giving it a tender and glorious suck.

"Erm hrrmm..." he grumbled pleasurably.

"Yeah, suck those balls, girl."

Janet's cheering got a chuckle out of both Sharon and Jim. And it got them both a little hotter. Jim grumbled again as Sharon switched to the other side and suck the nut with even more gusto.

"Oh, wow. That is just too good. Too good..." groaned Jim. He was so turned on that he couldn't bear to leave Janet waiting any longer. Full of excitement, he went wild on her pussy.

Flashes of heat raced through Janet's body as Jim sucked on her clit. She swore he was going to make her come. The strange thought of climaxing in front of her friend distracted her for a moment, but Jim pulled her right back into his spell. His hands clutched to her decadent buttocks, squeezing her and propping her hips to his lips. Janet had to steady herself on the couch as her body trembled with pleasure. When Jim pushed his tongue deeper, she could hardly control herself. Her back arched and her legs fell open, inviting him in.

"Huhh huhh!" Janet panted feverishly.

A smile spread across Jim's face as he kept at her pussy and clit. He reached further up her flexed body and squeezed one of her breasts. Even as friends, her lovely chest had never been beneath his notice, and his heart raced at the chance to fondle her. With both hands now, he adoringly clung to her breasts while he gave her head. Her soft panting quickened, and Jim tugged away the cups of her bikini to feel her bare bosom.

Jim could tell that he was getting Sharon hot, too. It was a delicious circle of pleasure. The amazing blowjob made Jim crave that pussy, and the more Janet sang out her pleasure, the more turned on Sharon got from sucking cock. Jim could feel her intensity. Sharon's tongue eagerly swept up and down, from his head to his balls, and then she continued to alternate between sucking and jerking him off while she watched her friend squirm.
"Huhhh!" Janet cried, now much more urgently.

Jim pushed in deeper and gave her a series of firm, sensual licks. Her hips pushed into him. So he gave it all to her, cranking up the heat and fervor.

"Yessss!" Janet called out, teeth gritted against the spikes of pleasure beginning to sear through her body.

Her hips bucked against Jim's face, and he kept it at, urging her into the climax. Janet grabbed his hair and held it tightly, Jim locked his fingers around her tits. They held each other's bodies as still as possible, only Jim's tongue pressing onward while her body was overwhelmed.

"Eeehhh! Eeehh!" sung Janet, fighting against the mindsplitting pleasure until it finally relented, letting her collapse breathlessly onto the cushions of the couch.

Jim brought her down gently, but she couldn't take any more. She tugged him up by the hair and stared into his eyes.

"Holy fuck!" she exclaimed, utterly beside herself.

Jim had to laugh, and the two girls joined along.

"I had no idea you were capable of that!" Janet added, still bewildered by what just happened. It wasn't that she had never imagined Jim as a sexual person. She had just gone so quickly from thinking of him as a friend to getting the best head she'd had in a really long time.

"Well," said Jim, almost as surprised as she was, "I was getting some really great... inspiration."

Sharon smiled at him. She had taken to softly stroking his cock while the two of them had their moment.

"Mmm," Sharon hummed agreeably. "I'm feeling pretty inspired myself."

Jim grinned as she flirted with him and tugged his toy. In his eyes, Sharon was as hot as ever, and it gave him a lump in his throat to hear her talk about how badly she wanted to make him come.

Sharon grinned back and wrapped her mouth around him again. Jim just sunk back into the couch, in awe of her gorgeous plunges.

Next to him, Janet collected herself and perched up onto her knees. Jim hugged an arm lightly around her waist. It was just so surreal. He must have put his arm around her a hundred times as a casual friend, but now there was so much heat between them, with Janet's tits falling gloriously out of her bikini top and Jim still tasting her pussy on his lips. Janet touched a grateful kiss to his forehead.

Together they watched Sharon give him one hell of a blowjob. Janet had always listened to Sharon wax poetic about she loved to give head, but seeing her do it was unbelievably erotic.

Feeling strangely impatient, Janet pushed up onto her knees and managed to grab Jim's attention as she reached back and unhooked her top. Slinging it off, she let Jim have a good look at her topless body. She smiled at him. There was something a little devious in that smile, Jim thought... as if she were up to something. Was she ever.

He watched Janet slip down to the floor.

"So, how can I help?" she asked, staring right at Jim's cock.

Sharon slowly pulled back and looked at her friend. Conspiring through smiles, they turned their eyes to Jim.

"Oh, oh," Jim whimpered, furrowing his brow in disbelief. "I have got to be dreaming."

"This is going to be way better than a dream," replied Sharon with an almost fanatical excitement in her eyes. She couldn't remember ever feeling this turned on. Showing off in front of her friend was a thrill she had never imagined, but sharing... She felt like she could practically come.

Sharon stroked Jim's throbbing erection. He was already crazy hard from all the head, but Janet's suggestion seemed to have made him impossibly harder. Janet was intrigued. In what seemed like slow motion, Jim watched her hand reach for the tip of his cock and slide straight down.

"Unhhh," Jim groaned. Even just the feel of her hand was new and wonderful. This surprised him. Having never been together with two women before, he found himself struck by the little nuances of a person's touch.

Then, still reeling, he watched as both Sharon and Janet began to massage his cock in unison. The two of them looked almost as entertained by the scene as he was.

"Wa.. wow..." Jim mumbled.

"That's hot," added Sharon as she looked at their hands enmeshed around his cock.

They played with the rhythm a bit until their hands were working happily together. Jim seethed with pleasure. But before he knew it, Janet's other fingers were wrapped around his balls, and Sharon gave her the reins entirely. The soft twisting of Janet's hands, taking him from above and below, was sheer bliss.

Janet's eyes flirted with him while her hands wrung out his pleasure. With each passionate twist and tug, her face drew a little bit closer. Jim wondered if she could feel him swelling up with anticipation. But he didn't have to wait long before seeing her wet lips press around his head.

"Oh, damn..."

The voice was Sharon's. Jim was speechless. His head wanted to fall back in ecstasy, but he fought to keep his eyes on the sight of Janet's beautiful mouth engulfing him. There was fervor and urgency in the way she sucked his cock, as if she'd been holding herself back while Sharon had her go. For Jim, it was just astounding.

What was really killing Jim, aside from the glorious head, was the twinkle in Sharon's eyes as she watched her friend take over. It seemed like she only now was understanding what an erotic show she had been giving to Jim and Janet -- and how much it had turned them both on.

Janet took eager plunges. When she was sure that she had gotten Jim's brain good and addled, she pulled off, leaving his cock propped upright in the midst of the three of them. She smiled excitedly at Jim and caught her breath while giving him a chance to recoup.

But Jim wouldn't get that chance. Before he could even exhale, Sharon pounced, wrapping her mouth around him and picking up right where Janet had left off.

"Ahhmm!" Jim huffed.

The sensations jolted through his body. It was an unbelievable thrill to see his cock go from one mouth to another. He wondered if his friends realized how many of his fantasies they were bringing to life.

Sharon gave him a glorious suck and then popped off, leaving his shiny, wet cock where she found it. Janet eagerly went in for her turn. But this time, Sharon joined her.

"Oh, holy..." Jim began to cry out as their two mouths pressed together around the head of his cock.

Sharon felt Janet's tongue swipe along her lower lip. The warm, slippery sensation gave her a special tickle because she realized that she was actually feeling her friend giving head. Loving the thrill, she tickled back, letting her tongue swish with Janet's all around Jim's shaft.

Jim, of course, was most tickled of all. He watched them swap tongues and felt the pleasure wash over him as Janet went down one side and Sharon up the other.

The two of them, Jim noticed, were all grins. They were getting a kick out of playing together. The fun of getting a guy's rocks off turned out to be even better with company!

"Uh!" Jim yelped gloriously. "You have no idea... so amazing..."

Their mouths were just slipping all around him.

"I hope you know... I've never done this before," said Janet, briefly pulling away.

"You've never sucked a cock?" Sharon teased.

Jim loved the way Sharon said those words.

"Ha!" Janet chuckled. "I've never... shared a cock."

"Me neither," added Sharon. "I had a guy asked me for a threesome once. I said no. Damn, I don't know. Maybe I was missing out because this is crazy hot."

Jim nodded emphatically.

"See, aren't you lucky, Jim, to be hanging out with us when we decide to try new things?"

"Ha, I can't even imagine being luckier than this," he replied, brimming with gratitude.

"Well, let's see about that..."

As she said it, Sharon poised her mouth just beneath of the tip of his hard-on, let her jaw lightly drop open and flickered her tongue up against it. Jim reeled. It was a beautiful sensation. He adored the pride the Sharon took in giving pleasure. This was a side of her he had never imagined.

And then Janet joined her. She addressed her mouth just alongside her friend's and let their two tongues flicker in heavenly synchrony. Seeing the size of Jim's grin, the two were clearly quite pleased with themselves.

Jim didn't even know what to do with himself. He gently stroked his fingers along Janet's hair and then along Sharon's. They could see how enamored he was with the both of them.

Sharon responded by slowly letting her flickering tongue move down the side of Jim's shaft and back up again. Janet, seeing Jim's reaction, followed with the same. Then Sharon went again, this time taking it all the way down to his balls.

"Mmhhfff," Jim hummed, loving the soft, sweet massage.

While Sharon kept it up, Janet seized his shaft and stuffed it back into her mouth. Jim was beyond himself. He let his head fall back and closed his eyes just to savor it all. Each had a hand cupping and stroking him while each of their mouths delivered warm, wonderful bliss.

After a short while, Jim felt a hand sliding up his navel and over his chest. He opened his eyes to find Sharon beginning to gently claw at his body while she admired her friend's luscious head.

Janet's long blonde hair draped over Jim's leg, waving wispily in the afternoon breeze. She was naked except for the tousled skirt. As Sharon looked on, her friend's body almost seemed to be still tingling with pleasure. Janet's topless figure rubbed against Jim's skin, her bosom swaying against his thigh as she bobbed and nuzzled into him. There was something so sensual in the touch of their flesh that was really getting Sharon hot.

Sharon crawled her way onto the couch with Jim. Kneeling next to him, she let her bikini top brush against his cheek. Jim smiled and nuzzled her back. Before he realized what Sharon had done, he felt the loose strings of the bikini fall against his face. She had plucked the knot from behind her neck, and now Jim was watching the cups fall away from her gorgeous breasts.

"Umh!" chuffed Jim. "You are both so gorgeous."

Sharon flicked away her top as Jim's hands moved up her body. Fondling her lovely tits while Janet worked his knob, he marveled at how he had ever managed to keep his mind in a platonic frame around the two of them.

Now that Sharon had stoked his fire a bit, she was eager to take back his poker. Janet could tell just from her look that she was antsy. She gave her an opening. It took no time for Sharon's hand to reach down and claim it.

"I could tell you wanted that cock," cooed Janet.

Gripping it firmly, Sharon's hand glided up and down the spit-polished shaft.

"Well, you were making it look so fun," she smiled.

She took it with both hands and squeezed Jim into a hot frenzy. It was so sensuous to feel her friend's spit working like a lubricant on his hard cock. She wondered if it was making Jim think about her mouth. And that gave her an idea.

"Help me keep it wet?" asked Sharon, tilting the throbbing member toward her friend.

Janet laughed a little but quickly obliged. She moved in and slowly opened her mouth. Her eyes teased Jim as she held it open, careful not to let his cock touch while it entered. Even better, she realized that this was making her salivate. She held it as long as she could and then softly closed her wet mouth around him.

"Hm! Hm hm!" Jim hummed, relishing the delicious feeling.

Slowly, Janet slipped away, letting her tongue paint on a thick, slippery coat along the way. Sharon was wearing a huge grin. Eagerly, she twisted her hands up Jim's shaft to rub in all that sweet warmth.

Jim groaned, realizing that at this point there were simply no words left to describe his enjoyment.

"Yeah, I'd say he seems to like that," Sharon teased.

She kept massaging until the friction got a little tight, and then she offered it back to Janet. Once again, Janet smothered him. This time Sharon worked up her pace. As she loosened her hand, she relished the feeling of Jim's plump head slipping in and out of her grip. Janet wetted it again, and Sharon really took off. Tug after tug, she sped up her rhythm. With a loose hand and a lot of lube, she could really get going. Watching Jim's reactions, she whipped him up at a lightning fast pace.

"Ooo, yeah!" Janet cheered, as if she was watching a horse at the races. The hand Sharon was using was practically a blur.

Jim was an addled mess as he watched Sharon go. Her giddy intensity gripped his attention. He was in awe of her muscles, all taut and flexed as her arm feverishly beat away at him. Her breasts jiggled, and he could feel the rhythm of her body bouncing on the cushions of the couch.

Sharon could tell he was loving it. As she kept it up, she noticed his teeth clench down, bracing against the pleasure. She could see where things were headed. She pictured his top popping like a shaken-up can of silly string. It was tempting, she felt, but it was too soon.

"Deep breath," Sharon urged with a calm smile. Her hand came down to a slow stroke.

Jim chuckled and obeyed, trying to let out some of the tension. He wanted this all to last as long as it possibly could. But knowing that Sharon wanted it, too, only turned him on more!

"I'm having too much fun," Sharon confessed with a wink.

She brought her face down to rest gently on Jim's thigh. Starting with soft kisses, she calmed him with some light, soothing head.

Jim sank back into the couch cushions and just watched her play. Janet crawled up onto the couch next to him and ran her fingers through his hair. It might have been the most relaxed he had ever felt.

And it worked. Jim felt himself pulling back from the brink. The attention from Sharon and Janet was still tantalizing, but he managed to get back to a place where he could simply enjoy it rather than having to fight off the pangs of exhilaration. Meanwhile he stroked Sharon's bare back as she handled him, and he clung to Janet's thigh.

"Alright," said Sharon, seeing he felt renewed, "let's get you to your feet."

Jim smiled, once again uncertain what she had in store. Sharon sat up and grabbed his arm. As Janet grabbed the other, they pulled him upright. He turned to face his two friends, their gleaming topless bodies kneeling in wait.

They took a moment to admire him, too. Jim was stark naked. They had always known he had well-sculpted physique, but seeing it head-to-toe was impressive. The flush hard-on he was sporting only made the rest of his flesh look hotter and sexier.

Sharon leaned in for it. Positioning herself on her hands and knees, she caught the tip in her mouth and sucked it sweetly. Her lips and tongue held onto it as they delivered the pleasure. For Jim, the movement felt so much like a natural extension of his erection that it was almost like a phantom sensation. Sharon continued to blow his mind.

"Thuckkkk..." came the sound from Sharon's lips as she pulled away with a hard suck. She swiped with her tongue, letting his cock bat around and toss against her cheeks. Out of the corner of her eye, she spied Janet.

Janet smirked at the invitation, and she, too, got onto her hands and knees. Sharon continued to nudge the rigid shaft with her tongue. As it swung toward Janet, she joined in with the same freewheeling swipes.

"Ah, hoh hoh..." chuckled Jim, feeling himself caught up in a beautiful game of volleys.

He drew in a slow breath, letting the oxygen rush to his brain as he savored every little sensation. Their two tongues slipped and flickered along his swollen heft. It was beautiful bliss and became more so each time one of them threw him a glance. Sharon held her eyes on him as she stiffened the tip of her tongue and wiggled it under his tip. Reflexively, Jim's cock leapt at the zing of pleasure. Sharon and Janet both snickered at him. He watched as Janet, smile gleaming, tried it for herself. Leap! And more snickers. They took turns playing and teasing him for reactions.

Jim swooned, feeling his knees go weak as the warmth of their tongues twisted with the afternoon breeze around his naked body. He had to step outside himself to keep the pleasure from overwhelming him. Taking in the scene, he smirked at what a hot grouping the three of them made. Had they really spent years ignoring their attraction to one another? But no more. He let their sexiness seize him, overtake him, swallow him up.

With his senses alight, Jim laid his fingertips along Sharon's shoulder and slowly smoothed them down her bare back. The feel of her taut muscles made him tingle.

"Mmm," Sharon hummed, getting a strong tingle of her own. She arched her rear upwards, and Jim could hardly resist.

He smoothed his fingers all the way down her back and into her bikini bottoms. Squeezing Sharon's rump, he could feel the heat of her nethers. He groped one cheek to the other, savoring the feel of her flesh. She had a terrific ass.

Getting encouraging hums from Sharon, Jim nudged further. Her cute, polka-dot bottoms were tied at the sides, so Jim simply plucked each of the strings. With a toss, Sharon felt herself exposed to the summer air.

Again, Jim's fingers savored the smoothness of her bare buttocks, this time slipping down to touch her pussy. Sharon's blood ran hot as his finger encircled her. He took it slow and watched the pleasure show in her face. Eyes closed, Sharon tilted her head to let Jim's cock rest in her cheek. She didn't want to let it go but was finding it difficult to keep her focus.

"Nnmm, yeah," Sharon purred as she felt Jim's finger begin to slip inside her. That the plea was muffled by his cock only made it sound hotter.

Sharon was so wet. Their adventurous little threesome had gotten her so hot, and she was glad Jim could feel it. He had a glorious touch, too. She had been a little envious ever since seeing him with Janet. Not wanting to become self-conscious of her pleasure, she keep her eyes closed, even though she knew Janet was watching the enjoyment evident in her face and body.

Jim was happy that the focus was now on Sharon. He desperately wanted to repay all of pleasure she had given him. He hoped she could feel the gratitude as his finger eagerly but lovingly fucked her. Her whole body was enraptured. He could feel the appreciation not only from the hug of Sharon's mouth but from the coaxing swirls of Janet's fingers around his balls.

Filled with passion, Jim leaned down to press his lips to her lower back. Grabbing her hips and pushing his finger deep inside, he kissed his way feverishly to her buttocks. He badly wanted to eat her pussy.

"I want to make you come," Jim whispered breathlessly.

He felt Sharon grab his cock tightly, not yet ready to give an answer.

"I want it, too," she said finally.

She slowly turned to face him instead.

"But today what I want is to give you a blowjob."

She could see Jim's excitement tinged with disappointment.

"I want to feel every bit of it," she explained, stroking his swollen shaft longingly . "You know you'll make me lose my senses."

Jim smiled, dying to do just that. Sharon kept tugging at him and slowly pulled herself closer, sitting just at the edge of the couch.

"You can owe me one," she winked. And she pulled his cock back into her mouth.

Jim's eyes rolled back in his head as she twisted him in her wet embrace. The frustration melted away. He imagined Sharon knocking on his door some lonely Saturday night to cash in the favor. It brought a smile to his face.

"Damn, Sharon," said Janet, pulling up next to her on the edge of the couch, "if you make this any hotter, I'm going to owe you one."

Sharon paused and smirked at her friend out of the side of her mouth. She knew there was truth in the comment, since it seriously turned her on to see her friend getting action, too. But she also knew Janet was using it to toy with Jim in his suggestible state. That, Sharon could really appreciate.

Janet smiled at Jim as she watched her friend smother him with voluptuous head. She stroked her fingers through Sharon's hair, tucking a stray lock or two behind her ears. Jim was tantalized by the sight.
Sitting knee to knee with Sharon, Janet could not help but appreciate her sexiness. As much as they had gossiped about sex, she had never thought of her so sensually. It wasn't really attraction, but it sure was hot. Following the feeling, Janet softly petted Sharon's shoulder.

Jim bit his lip. Janet noticed, and she continued to caress her friend's body as she pleased him. The touch, Sharon could tell, was more admiring than desiring. But for Jim it was supremely erotic to see Janet's hands run down Sharon's bare back, her hips, her thighs...

"Jeezss..." Jim whispered under a long, shaky breath.

The girls just smiled back at him, loving the way their mischief messed with him. Again, Janet swept back her friend's hair while marveling at the gorgeous head she was giving. Her mouth seemed to slide like a warm glove around Jim's pole.

Sharon sucked and sucked, steadying her hand at the base and then pulled back with a long, slow...


"Mmm, I love that," purred Janet adoringly, smoothing her hands over Sharon's hips.

Sharon charged aggressively at Jim's cock again. Suck, suck suck...


"Ohh, damn..." Jim chuckled. The vibrations of the hard suck sent a tingle right up through his body.

Sharon looked pleased with herself. Again: suck, suck, suck, suck...


"Ha ha, nice," Janet snickered, amused as she watched Jim's eyes roll back in his head.

"Give it a go?" Sharon asked, tilting Jim's tingling member towards her.

Janet smiled, pulled up closer and took hold of it. Jim swooned as he watched her eager mouth engulf him and energetically suck, suck, suck, suck... Janet took a little time to get him really worked up and then...


Jim was knocked back on his heels.

"Damn, that's fun," he grinned, recovering his balance.

Janet and Sharon snickered in agreement. Each took another turn wetting him up and popping his head. When it came back to Sharon another time, she just had to squeeze his hardness with her hand, feeling how outrageously swollen he had become.

"That's a fucking HARD cock," she said, with an almost smug smirk.

"Um, yeah!" Jim retorted. "That's some fucking AMAZING head."

Sharon massaged her hands appreciatively up and down his shaft. Pleased with herself, she squared up with him again and began to lovingly pet at him with her tongue.

"Now the real question..." she began to say between velvety licks, "... is just what ... we are going to do ... to get ... you to bust."

"Oh, damn," said Jim, feeling like those words alone could have done it.

Janet's heartbeat also quickened at the proposition. She was eager to be part of that game.

"Mmm, what indeed..." added Janet, leaning in right next to Sharon and adding her own licks to the mix.

With determination in her eyes, Sharon grabbed him at the hilt, wrapping the rest of her fingers around his balls. She put her mouth low on his shaft and lapped him hungrily with her tongue. Janet took him from the top. Her mouth bobbed loosely, letting his cock stir about her lips and the velvety flicks of her tongue.

"Oh fuck," Jim howled, his whole body feeling like a rope being pulled from both ends. "You are not kidding around!"

The girls hummed along unrelentingly. Sharon slowly slurped up his shaft until her mouth touched Janet's, who then melted her way down low. Above, Sharon engulfed him with corkscrew twists that were every bit as devastating to his cool.

Jim tried to steady himself by placing a hand at the back of Sharon's bare neck, but feeling the rhythm of her bobbing head only made him swoon harder. He was losing control of his senses. The blood drained from his face, sending a tingle down his whole body. He had little choice but to bask in the sight of their splendid bodies and allow himself to be swallowed up in their pleasures.

"Mrrm, yeah," Jim growled as Janet came back up to meet Sharon's twisting tongue. The two of them played together around the tip until Sharon finally slid down to let her friend smother him once again.

Janet stroked her hands along his taut belly as she sucked. It heaved with deep, foreboding breaths that made her mouth water with anticipation.

"Unnh," she moaned in encouragement, her mouth still feverishly bobbing. His belly heaved harder.

Sharon brought her mouth up to join her. Without hesitation, Janet let her friend take over. It was her moment to finish what she had started. And Sharon seized the moment joyously.

"Oh, yes!" Jim cried out, audibly losing control of his voice as Sharon started jacking him off while twisting her hot mouth around him.

Jim noticed Janet grinning at him as she witnessed what was on the verge of happening. She smoothed her hands over Sharon's bare back and reached beneath to fondle her breasts. That was it for Jim.

"Yes! Mmmm..." he hummed, trying desperately to fight it back for a few more seconds of bliss.

But Janet had other plans, her mouth joining Sharon's. The two of them sucked him off in synchrony. Jim reeled back and huffed out...

"Oh, yes... oh god..!!"

A sharp breath pulled in against his last cry as the climax rushed through his body. Erupting into their mouths, he felt Sharon eagerly jerking out the long-awaited surge of come. He watched her, his vision bending with the force of the pleasure. Her tongue rolled around the first burst, then let Janet's tongue edge in on the next, warm pulse.

"Nnnhh, yehh...!" Jim groaned, utterly in the throes of the most mind-shattering orgasm he could imagine.

The girls smothered and sucked off one hot pulse after another. Janet was woozy with excitement. She was still buzzed from Jim getting her off, and it gratified her to feel his come dripping from her lips. She licked his pole where it oozed down gloriously, letting her friend polish the remaining bursts from his tip.

"Gimme that cum," Sharon breathed between her hot embraces. She mouthed his spasming cock as if she were making out with it, sweetly but urgently. Each unyielding kick gave her greater satisfaction.

"Ah.. ah... ha..." Jim panted as the last pangs were wrenched from him, like a spirit yanked from the body of the possessed. He steadied himself on his heels and looked adoringly at his friends, drained of strength but filled with admiration.

His look said it all. Sharon grinned smugly as she, along with Janet, soothed him with soft strokes and licks. Jim ran his fingers lovingly through their hair.

"So, I'm curious, Jim..." Sharon began amid her soft petting.

Jim raised his eyebrows in wonder.

"How do you like being in the friend zone, now?"

Jim laughed deliriously. And so did Janet, grinning and squeezing his still-swollen cock along with her friend.

"Do I ever have to leave?" Jim teased back.

"Hmm," Sharon hummed with a mysterious smile. That was the question, of course, that hung in the air: how had this changed things between the three of them? For now they left the question alone, simply enjoying the connection they felt in each other's adoring caresses.

=== EPILOGUE ===

Jim, Sharon and Janet spent the next half-hour collapsed on the couch in each other's arms. Feeling so comfortable with each other's bodies was new to them, and they let their hands indulge their curiosity across their naked flesh.

"Are you getting hungry?" Sharon asked after a while. It was getting on in the evening by now.

"How about I order us some pizza?" asked Jim. The girls agreed. They all wanted to stay together.

"Alright, I'm going to throw on some dry clothes," said Sharon. She kissed Jim before she left to change. It didn't have to mean anything. It just felt right.

When Jim came back from changing upstairs in his apartment, the girls were just relaxing on the couch with some drinks. The pizza came, and it felt like so many other nights when they had hung out as friends -- except for the tingle they felt when they caught each other's eyes.

Jim went home later that night to his apartment feeling a little bit like he was walking around in a dream. He sank into a chair, closing his eyes and thinking back on all of the details of what had happened. He hoped they could hold onto their friendship. Even if nothing happened between them again, this one adventure had made him feel closer and more connected to both of them.

Still, he was left wondering if some night, not too far in the future, Sharon would come looking for him to return the favor. He was hungry for the chance.

It was late, but he didn't want to go to sleep. He didn't want to the day to end. The warm summer breeze drifted through his apartment window. And then, there was a knock at his door.
Best SEX Ever.......
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And Still #1 with a bullet.

It was a few back when I was still in college; I was taking a Psychology class. The woman teaching the class was named Anne. I found out she had a favorite comedy TV show that she watched religiously so I started leaving messages on her black board from the star of the show. Just for the fun of it. Who was doing this? She wanted to know. As a matter of fact she went as far as to offer 5 points on the final grade to any who would identify the mysterious writer of the messages. I thought it was all in fun at first but she was serious about it. She wanted to know who was putting these messages up!

Now the messages were very non-threatening and sort of pop cultural in nature like "The best things in life aren't really must "" attention." or "Life is a journey get moving!" I had no idea she would get mad about it. I had to come into the classroom 20 minutes before class to get the message on the board and get out before Anne showed up. For some reason she was unable to get to the room any earlier to "catch" me red handed. But alas the lure of 5 extra points was too much for of the other students in my class. Some knew it was me and turned me in for the extra credit. Never found out who.

At the end of class period I heard the words, "Mr. Bond....I need to see you after class." I knew my time was up.... I should not have pressed my luck but I couldn't myself. Guess the thrill of possibly getting caught was too much to let it go. I stayed and prayed.

Life throws you a curve sometimes, not only was Anne not upset, she was very pleased it was me for some reason. We talked at length about the show, I gave her my interpretation of the star's motives and best work. She argued with me about which show was best and why. We talked for a whole hour about it. The next thing I know Anne was talking about going out for a beer at a local pub. I began to suspect that she might be flirting with me. I was thirsty and hers was my last class for the day so why not? I told her I would meet her there at 5:30 if she wanted to continue our conversation. I knew she was married so I figured again "Why not". It was just for a beer or , no big deal. At least I did not have to worry about being sent to the Dean of Men for diiplinary actions over the messages.

I ate a fast supper at 4:30, dumped my books in my dorm room and headed out to the pub, arriving at 5:25. She was already there with a pitcher of beer and mugs waiting.

Anne was a "mature" woman of undetermined age. Her red hair was cut medium length, her face has a few "laugh lines" visible around the eyes. Her figure was above average, her waist narrow and her breasts were full and revealing in her low cut blouse. The green eyes were clear and inviting. Her hands more than anything else gave away her age. Her white skin allowed the veins to show through. I estimated she was somewhere between 30 and 35 old. She was sitting with a younger woman, also red headed. In fact. the younger woman, Alice, was a complete knock-out. Green eyes, great figure, smooth skin, ruby red lips without make-up. I couldn't take my eyes off her. When Anne saw me she motid me over to sit. (Don't have to tell me twice!)

"Jimmy, this is Alice....Alice this is Jimmy the young man I was telling you about." Anne said as a way of introduction. I was smitten from the moment our eyes met. Not having a drink myself, I got a mug of beer from the bar and returned to the booth with the women. We began the conversation with the messages I was leaving on Anne's board and had a few laughs at my expense. The conversation drifted to other subjects about social norms and hangups of the younger generation vs the older. I made a bold statement that I had no issues with nudity and that I thought it was a natural state that should not be afraid of. The third beer had made me more brave than normal and I looked at Alice and asked her opinion. She turned red, glanced at Anne and said that she had rather not answer that question. So, being slightly drunk on both her good looks and the beer, I ask her if she would have a problem taking a shower with a guy like me. No sex, just soap suds and water. Again she glanced at Anne and replied that she could not do that. Anne was giving me a strange smile during the entire conversation. Maybe I was too distracted by Alice to notice but there it was. Alice got up a few minutes later to visit the ladies room and I was left at the booth with Anne. I suddenly felt a foot rubbing up my leg and moving into a position stroking the zipper of my paints. My eyes opened wide as I looked at Anne.

"Jimmy, darling. If Alice doesn't want to take a shower with you.....well...I'm a little nasty and could use a rubbing." she said while winking at me.
I took a long hard look at the ring on her finger and said, "You're joking with me right?"

Her foot pressed against my crotch outlining my growing penis. "Does
this feel like I'm joking?"

I felt my crotch begin to swell under the pressure from Anne's foot. I looked into her eyes and swallowed a big gulp as I vainly tried to remain "cool".

"Well?" she whispered across the table. Before I could answer, Alice walked up and sat down. Anne's foot quickly slipped away under the table. I'm guessing that the red flareup in my face told off on me. "My turn." Anne said as she got up. "Be nice Alice, Jimmy is a great guy." And with that she disappeared into the crowd.

I watched her as she left. Her ass was looking sweet in her pant suit. No pantie lines at all and the cute wiggle of her butt caused by the high heels made my eyes widen. I could almost feel Alice's eyes on me as I turned back to her.

"Pick your tongue up." she said to me. "Mom's way out of your league."

Mom?....MOM? ...Oh my GOD! I thought to myself. "She's your......uh."

"Bright boy. I only had to tell you once. Well, I'd say you are trying to figure out my age, aren't you? I'm 21 and the youngest of 4. boys and little ole me.

Now my thoughts were ing into overdrive. The expression on my face must have said it all.

"Before you strip a gear in your head trying to figure it out, Mom is 51 going on 17." Alice injected.

I could feel the sarcasm dripping off each word. I could not tell if the venom in her t was directed at me or at her. I tried to hide my diomfort by taking a long sip of my beer. Holy crap! 51? Fifty fucking ?

"Listen up Jimmy. Mom doesn't like the man I'm with. She has this mission to try and hook me up with some else. You are the third this month. So, here is the deal. along and you might get out of this with your balls still attached. Got it?" She reached for a napkin and took a pen from her purse then wrote something down on it and stuffed it into her purse.

The beer did not go down smoothly. I nodded a quite "yes" as I saw Anne appear in the crowd. 51? She's older than MY mom! I tried to put on a smile as she sat down.

"So, have you too been getting to know each other?" I saw a sinister twinkle in her eye as she asked the question.

"You're right Mother. He's a nice guy," Alice replied. she took the napkin out of her purse and handed it to me. "Here's my number. I look forward to your call. Sorry Mom, but I have to get going. See you and DAD later." I almost choked on my beer when I read the note.

"DROP DEAD ASSHOLE" in black ink.

Anne watched Alice leave. The sound of me trying to breath made her turn back to me.

I began, "I'm sorry about that comment about the shower. If I had know she was your .... uh"

"Hahahahaha....Oh don't worry Jimmy, I prefer you to be yourself. If you had known then you would haven't been nearly as ...interesting. I think that went nicely." she said. "You going to give her a call?"

I should have just said yes but something made me show her the note. The frown lines that showed up in her face gave me the first real visual clue to her age. She mumbled something under her breath then took the napkin and began to write on the other side.

No way in hell I was going to call Alice. That redhead had already threatened my balls once. I wasn't going to tempt a second encounter. Anne was wasting her time.

Instead of a ph number, Anne wrote down an address. I looked at it and wondered what to say next. How could I show up when I wasn't even going to call her?

"Halloween party. 7 pm Friday night. Alice will not be there. My friends said I could bring any I want. I want you to come. You do have a costume don't you?" she asked.

"Uh...Yeah, I have ...Uh what about your husband?" I was determined to bring out THAT subject before anything else happened.

"Ron is in Atlanta and I need an ." she smiled at me. "Don't worry, I don't bite. and all you have to do is just meet me there. If you don't like it, I'm sure there is a frat party somewhere you can go to." I felt the foot return. My hard on had made it to full size again.

"Uh....Ok. I'll meet you there," dick was doing my thinking again. She pulled her foot away and placed it back into the high heels.

"Nice package" she said with a smile as she got up to leave. "You don't have to get up. I can walk myself out." The twinkle in her eyes said it all.

51 huh? Hummmmmm. A smile popped on my face as I watched her sexy ass wiggle as she left. I wound up siting there for a half hour waiting for my penis to calm down.

For the next couple of days I went to class, worked at my part time job and spent all my spare time working on my "Conan the Barbarian" costume. I had a gray "fake" fur vest with a matching gray loin cloth. The leather belt held a real sword with a abbard. I had a large wolf head medallion on a silver chain. The black cape I made by hand had a silver nylon 'silk' lining that matched the gray fur. The part I was working on was the fur "boots" (leg warmers that covered up my shoes). Very sexy but also very COLD! I wound up wearing black sweat pants ( size too small) under the loin cloth to keep warm. Still had a nice look to it, but it lacked something.....

I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a large black dog collar with spiked studs and a short chrome plated chain leash. YEAH! That did the trick! I ran the chain down the front of my chest and tucked the black leather end into the belt. Nice touch.

Friday rolled around and I took the time to ope out the address in the afternoon. (Didn't want to get lost in the dark) The home was in the "upale" neighborhood across town. story home, large white columns in the front. Huge front yard. Paved driveway with ornate gates. Wow! More than I've ever seen. Should be FUN!

Later that night I arrived to find the large driveway filled with cars. I wound up parking my truck on the side of the street with a few other cars. The night was very cold and I had to use my black cape to keep the cold away. I met another couple going into the party as I walked up the driveway. The clear glass reen door was closed but the big red door behind it was open. The couple ahead of me just walked right in - so I followed close behind.

The crowd appeared to be centered around a baby grand piano. Some guy dressed like a pirate was ing tunes and having a sing along. I recognized the words to "Piano Man" by Billy Joel being sung by a few of the group. Not bad....not bad at all. I was amazed by the size and decor of the rooms in the house. Antiques were everywhere. I felt like I had stepped back in time to the 1800's except for the modern lighting. The mix of people ranged from a couple of teenagers to a few gray haired professors from the university. The majority were between 30 and 40. I was of the youngest males there.

Of course I found the wet bar right away. A cute blond woman was serving mixed drinks. I asked for a rum and mountain dew. (The only mixed drink I can stand....I'm a beer drinker myself). She mixed it into a tall glass for me. I smiled and asked how much. She gave me an odd look.

"The booze is on the house. I don't believe we have met...." she said.

"Oh..I'm supposed to meet Anne. She asked me to be her "" for the party. I'm Jimmy from her Psychology Class." I replied.

"So, you are the Anne told me about...I like the costume. This is my party by the way. My name is Jean. I think I saw Anne out in the back. I'll show you the way."

She came around the bar and fully took hold of the leash around my neck, smiled and said out loud, "Heel Boy." then led me through the house by the neck. Funny thing about the whole dog collar and leash thing. I'll bet every single female there (and a few married s) wanted to hold that chain. Come to think of it, a lot of them did before it was over.

We wound up crossing the back yard (YES!!! A beer keg was set up out there! ) and going into the 4 car garage. I was wondering what was Anne doing back here then I saw her and some guy looking at a classic 15 Thunderbird inside the garage. The guy she was with wasn't in costume and had a drink in his hand. Anne was dressed up in an old fashid serving wench costume complete with a leather bodice that showed off her breasts very nicely. Her red hair was down across her shoulders. I'd never seen it loose like that before. Her long dress billowed out from the petticoats under it. Her figure was squeezed into an hourglass shape by the leather bodice laced up in the back. She was a knockout!

"Jimmy! You came!" she said loudly when she saw me. She was holding a can of Coke in her hand. "Ron...this is the young man I introduced Alice to...Jimmy, this is my husband Ron."

As I was shaking his hand I was thinking...(Ron's in Atlanta...yeah right....) I was recalling her foot between my legs and suddenly the party wasn't so much fun anymore. I said, "Ron, pleased to meet you." I saw he wasn't interested in anything but the car. Turns out he was thinking of buying it from Jean's husband. I could also tell he was well on his way to getting very drunk. We spent a little time talking cars like most guys do. Did you know the 5 T-Bird ran on a 6 volt battery system and the water pump had to be greased at each oil change? During our talk I saw the garage was also a story building with a set of stairs leading up to a loft overhead. I decided to get away from the "happy" couple and rejoin the party inside.

It was a good party (better now that I found the beer) as parties go. The owners had taken the den and made a small dance floor in it. The sound system was amazing. Again, something about the leash around my neck brought the women out of the wood work. I got several dances, a couple of photo ops and several ph numbers from the single women there. They just couldn't keep their hands off the leash. A couple of hours and a few beers later I was back at the piano singing "Some Saved My Life Tonight" with the crowd. God were we sooo off key! Then some grabbed hold of the leash again and gave it a ful tug from behind. It was begining to get a little old by now.

I turned and saw Anne grinning at me. "So....enjoying yourself?" she asked as she tugged the chain again.

"Yeah...Thanks for the invite. I was surprised to see Ron here. Thought he was going to be in Atlanta." I answered. "Where is he by the way?" I was a little disappointed. I had imagined Anne and myself.......well you know.

"Ron got drunk and went home." she replied. "Come with me." The t she used was the same she uses in the classroom. You know that commanding t that expects to be obeyed. I followed her back outside. We wound up back in the garage al.

"Do you believe in unicorns?" she asked me. Her voice changed, becoming huskier and deeper.

"No...not really." I said, wondering what was up.

"Let me show you." She started up the stairs to the overhead loft, pulling my leash as she went. I followed. The memory of her foot kept coming back.

The top of the stairs led to an open door. The loft beyond was a bedroom efficiency apartment. A full size bed was in the corner with a large white stuffed animal on it. You guessed it...a unicorn. Beside the bed was a dresser with a huge mirror hung on the wall. I didn't take the time to notice anything else. I heard the door shut behind me and then the clicking of the deadbolt sliding into place.


I turned to look into her eyes and knew what was coming. She walked up to me and tilted her head, eyes closed, lips slightly parted. I kissed her with a long, tender hug. Her tongue slid into my mouth and ed tag with mine. I stopped thinking and just reacted. My hands reached up to the front of her dress and flipped the bodice down, exposing both breasts. The nipples were pink and hard under my fingertips. I pinched between my finger and thumb. My other hand reaching around to cup her butt through the billowy dress. My heart was racing and my breath was coming faster with each second. As I leaned down to pop nipple into my mouth, Anne said,"My ride has left me here. Would you be so kind as to give me a ride home?" Her voice was husky and deep.

I fell into character and replied, "I'd love to ride you my lady." Yeah...yeah...remember I'm drinking a lot at this time so don't judge me too harshly. I'm completely incapable of thinking wisely right now. I throw off my cape and start to remove my vest.

"NO!...Leave it ON!" she said. Pulling my leash, she leads me over to the low dresser and looks at the both of us in the mirror. "I LIKE the costume!" She leans against the dresser and pulls up the back of her dress and looks at me over her shoulder. She's not wearing anything under the petticoat. Her marvelous ass is right in front of me. "What are you waiting for?"

Leaving the rest of my costume on, I yank down the sweat pants and my briefs. My cock is at full mast and hard enough to cut diamonds. I enter her hot pussy from the back. The lips pull slightly as I slide inside. Her moisture covers me, lubricating my cock as I place my hands on her hips. I grab hold and begin thrusting again and again. I look into the mirror and watch her face. She's watching me as well, a pained look crosses her eyes as I thrust deeper. She starts to pant faster, her breath coming in short rapid gasps. I continue to pound away.

I hear her grunt an animal like sound, then she looks into my eyes through the mirror and says, "SPANK...MY...ASS!" between gasps for air. At first I am way to far into the sensation between my legs to act. Anne yanks HARD on the leash and repeats the order. She got my attention so I give her a light swat with my hand on the right cheek of her butt.

"HARDER!" she yells out. Hummmmm.. OK...I cut loose with a swat that leaves a hand print in soft pink flesh. She lets out another grunt and says "AGAIN!" I switched hands and left another impression on the other cheek. The sound was very loud.

"OOOOOH GOD!" she cries as I feel a wet splash of hot fluid on my lap. She starts to shake. She loses her grip on the dresser and pulls off me then sinks to her knees on the carpet.

DAMN! I'm NOT D YET! I think to myself. I grab my penis, (It is sticky wet by now) and begin to jerk it madly. I step around Anne while masturbating (hard to do with sweat pants around your ankles) placing my dick in front of her face. She is watching me with a strange look in her eyes. Like she was half asleep. Within a moment I am SO turned on that I can feel the pressure in my balls beginning to erupt.

I grab a handful of red hair with my left hand and force my cock into her mouth just as the first explosion begins. Anne pushes her face forward and takes it all in. ....... times I cum, each shot going into her mouth. Anne looks up and starts to suck the tip of my penis, taking in all the semen. She finishes, opens her mouth to show me all the white cum she collected, then tilts her head back and swallows. I was very impressed.

Anne smiled as she got up off her knees and gave me a short peck on the cheek. "Now get presentable and go back to the party. I'll be down in a few minutes."

I pulled myself together and adjusted my costume while looking in the same big mirror. Anne disappeared into the little bathroom and closed the door. Would be better if we were not seen together too much so I hurried back out to the beer keg to replace some lost fluids. I didn't see Anne until much later in the night. or beers later.

I was enjoying the company of a woman named Terri who would not let go of the leash for any reason. She was fainated by leading me around and showing me off to her friends. Too many names and too many beers. The time passed very quickly. I had a glimpse of Anne several times during the night. She just smiled a slight smile and winked. Guess she figured I was keeping my distance for a good reason. She didn't smile at Terri though.

I found myself free from Terri's grasp when she had to visit the "powder room" with of her friends. (Ever notice how guys go to the can al but women seem to go in groups?) I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"So.....should I be worried?" Anne asked.

"Uh...About what?" I should know better than to answer a question with a question.

"You seem to have forgotten. You are my ride home. Remember? Terri will have to wait."

"Yeah, sure....I haven't forgotten......" I started to mumble."

She sniffed at me and then looked into my eyes. "Give me your keys." You are in NO condition to drive me anywhere." I knew that t. It was the same she used in the classroom. I obeyed instantly and handed my truck keys over.

"Time to go." she said and walked to the front door without looking back to see if I was following. Of course I was. Following that is.

I showed her my truck and she opened the passenger side door for me. I meekly got in. As it turns out, she lives in the same area. Only 4 blocks away from the party. I remember thinking to myself that she could have walked the distance in a few minutes. Why did she need a lift? Hummmmmm.

Her home was just as impressive as Jean's. Being a college professor must very well. When we stopped I asked for my keys. "No way Mr. Bond." That t was back again. "You are going to sleep it off here. I can't have of my students getting a DUI because of my invitation to a party. Besides, we have plenty of room."

I'll say. The house was unbelievable. Must have had at least 4 bedrooms upstairs and the layout on the ground! I was led to the den on the back side of the house. The decor was all male. Wet bar, big reen TV, pool table, huge leather sofa, dart board and a soft shag carpet that felt like velvet. Anne pushed me to the sofa and removed my sword belt. I thought she was going to remove more but I was disappointed when she didn't.

"Sleep here tonight." she said.

"Uh...What about Ron and your kids?" I asked. "Won't I be a little hard to explain in the morning?" I was sobering up quick. The thought of exploding firearms dancing in my head.

"Don't worry about that. I'll have you out of here before Ron wakes up. No else is here tonight. Can't have you wrapping your chevy around a tree now can we?" Anne explained.

Ok...husband is 'sleeping it off' and we are al.....I reach out to cup Anne's breast in my hand. I see her right eye brow arch up and her lips part into a smile. "No Mr. Bond" she whispered, "Not here...not now. Lay down and go to sleep."

My hand drops away and I shrug. "Can't blame a guy for trying..." I took off my cape and laid down in the sofa. The leather smelled good. A little cold at first but It felt good. I think I nodded off within seconds. I remember Anne putting my cape over me like a blanket. The room slowly faded as I closed my eyes. Then nothing.

The dream was VERY realistic. I was back at the bar with Anne and Alice. Only this time it was Alice's foot that was stroking my zipper. The taste of beer was sour in my mouth and no matter how much I drank I stayed thirsty. We were talking about something. I think it was homework(???) Odd but that's a dream for you. Anne went for more beer and Alice dropped under the table and began giving me head (Where did my pants go???) in the booth. I could feel her tugging my boxers down and her sweet tongue licking the tip of my penis. Heaven!

I started looking around to see if Anne was returning with the pitcher of beer. How could I explain what Alice was doing? What if we get caught? What if......

My eyes opened. I see her red hair bobbing up and down on my lap. Each movement sending thrills of pleasure up to my waking brain.... "Alice?" I whisper..

"Hello Mr. Bond." she said when her lips pulled off the tip of my hard shaft. "Alice doesn't live here anymore." Then Anne grinned a sly grin as she squeezed my cock in her right hand.

She was 'dressed' in a see through white teddy & bra with matching silk panties. Her face was hidden under the flowing red hair. Anne was kneeling beside the sofa. Her lips were driving me crazy with each motion. I closed my eyes for a moment to clear my head then looked around. Yeah, I remembered the sofa, the big TV.... I was in Anne & Ron's den.... Ron..RON??? Oh shit......

" Anne?" I whispered, "Uh....What....Uh...Where's Ron?"

"FWUCK RWON!" she mumbled with my penis still in her mouth.

It was then I noticed how she was shaking all over. Her hands were twitching, her head was shaking and her slim body was quivering. It wasn't cold in the room at all. I realized she was losing control of herself. Her lust had taken over. For the first time I knew that I was the calm . I sat up and reached for her. She did not let go of my hard on but rose up to plant a hard kiss on my lips. The shaking was getting worse. Her tongue darted deep into my mouth. I could taste mint and a hint of alcohol on her breath. She didn't drink anything at the party so I guess she must have had a nightcap or . Probably or .

I reach for the tender flesh through the shear fabric of the green teddy. The small breasts soft and supple, the nipples smaller and hard. She takes a deep breath as I touch her. Her hand on my cock squeezes tighter. I can still feel the trembling as I hold her. I am in charge now. I know beyond a doubt she will do anything I ask. For the first time EVER, I'm not the given in to absolute lust. It was a good feeling. With a quick tug I pulled the green teddy over her head. then taking a clue from that Anne stood up, turned around with her back to me and slowly lowered her green silk panties. Bending at the waist only she pushed them down inch by inch, her fabulous butt mere inches form my face. She looked over her shoulder and said, "See anything you like?"

The shaking was beginning to fade away as she relaxed a bit. After removing leg from her panties, she opened her legs sightly and rubbed her hand on her right leg, moving back up to stroke the magnificent cheek of her ass. Her trim build and muular t was now in full view. No wonder I had so much trouble trying to figure her age. I found out later Anne is a marathon runner and runs (not jogs - runs) 5 miles every morning before classes.

I grabbed her hand, spun her around and pulled her back down to her knees. A surprised look crossed her face as I grabbed a hand full of her red hair and forced her head back into my lap. "Don't start something you can't finish!" I growled as I forced my penis back into her mouth. It took only a half second for her to grab my cock and continue giving me head. I could hear and feel the moaning as she dove her mouth deep onto me. I slid around on the sofa into the same position I was in when she woke me. I reached out my hand to stroke her ass. I gave it a ful slap and the moaning got louder and her grip on my shaft tightened up and she began to stroke it while sucking.

Not to be outd, I moved my fingers over and began to insert the tips inside her. The soft flesh was wet with her excitement. I slid finger inside, then , then . She arched her back and began to gyrate her hips as I explored her clit. I pulled my fingers out and inserted my thumb. I held the cheek of her ass as my thumb jutted in as far as it would go. The moaning got louder. I pulled my thumb out and down raking the ball of it across her swollen clit. From this angle it felt hard to the touch. A shock seemed to go through Anne's body as I did this so I decided to repeat the motion. Again she jerked as I went across her "Hot Spot". I smiled to myself.

I followed the rhythm she was using while giving me head. Each time she went down, my thumb went in and each time she came up, my thumb pulled down across the swollen bulb of her clit. As she slowed down or sped up so would I. It was as if she were giving herself head (or so I thought). I smiled as she began to shake again.

Anne began to grind herself against my thumb. Her hips gyrated and pressed back. I pressed harder and moved faster. She stopped sucking and threw her head back while letting out a deeper moan then said something like "too soon...too....soon". She was fighting it, trying to hold back.

(Oh no you don't) I thought to myself. Then I pulled out my thumb and slapped her ass HARD before reaching back inside. "SHIT FUCK!" she cried out and I swatted her again. A sudden spray of fluid coated my hand. She gulped a deep breath, gasped again for air and I saw her eyes roll back in her head as she slowly collapsed beside the sofa.

Anne started to giggle a bit, and began to with my cock again. "That was VERY naughty of you Jimmy. I had other plans for that."

"For what?" I asked. The smug grin on my face telling her I knew exactly what she meant.

"Ass hole...I wanted you in me when I did that." She gave a rough jerk on my member as a point of showing just how careful I needed to be. Point taken.

By this time we had worked our way off the sofa and I was laying on the plush carpet beside her. I took her in my arms for a few minutes of necking, fondling and sucking. After a while I suggested she start sucking me off again and let me "thumb" her back into the mood. She grinned from ear to ear and moved into position immediately. The performance was even more amazing than the first. She started moaning and humping my hand while adding a strangle hold hand job with her oral work on me. GOD DAMN she's good at that! I was beginning to feel the pressure building in my balls. I had to tell her to ease up a little or I'd be blowing it down her throat. She immediately stopped and thumped the head of my penis by flicking her middle finger off her thumb. Shit! THAT HURT!

But, guess what, I lost all interest in cumming for a second and was back to square . Well...maybe square . Anyway it added more time to our fun. I need to remember that trick. By this time Anne was flowing again and panting harder from the attention I was giving her clit. Anne pulled away from my hand and straddled me. With a fluid motion she slipped my penis inside and began to grind slowly. Her hands pinned my shoulders to the floor as her hips switched left to right then forward and back. I was fainated watching her small breasts swaying in the air. I reached out to squeeze them. Her eyes looked upward then closed as a deep moan began in her throat. The taunt mules in her stomach were contracting and expanding as her hips continued to dance on my cock. I dropped my hands to grab the cheeks of her ass. The skin was soft to the touch but the mules underneath were hard and pulsating. I dug my fingers into her, remembering how a little pain would drive her nuts. I was right. She loved it. I started ing her move that marvelous ass around. As her breath began to come in faster and deeper, I pulled my hand back and slapped her ass as hard as I could. Anne cried out loud and began to shake all over. I could feel the juices wetting my balls as she choked off s ream into a whimper.

Anne slowly lowered herself down onto my chest and laid there until the shaking stopped. Her tongue nuzzled my ear as she sucked on my lobe. "That was nice....Your turn lover."

"Nice? Just "Nice?" I said. "Bet you can't do me better."

Anne let out another giggle then placed her hands under me, grabbing both cheeks of my ass. "Like I said, 'Your turn. ' " and then she began to hump me like a man. Her pussy was thrusting itself up and down my shaft as her mules contracted around it.

"OH......MY.....GOD!" passed my lips as the fury of motion rocked my little universe as never before. She was like a tireless machine literally fucking my brains out! I'm not sure how long this continued but my breath came faster and faster. I grabbed her ass again to . I took a deep breath and held it. Then I lost all control of myself....I shot load after load after load and even continued to spasm when nothing was left. The room turned dark as my body simply went to sleep.......

I woke up to find Anne crying on my shoulder, her arms still trapped under my butt. I leaned over both directions to allow her to pull them out. "What's uh...anything I ?...." I stammered. I had never had a woman cry on me like that after sex. Despite the incredible way I felt after my orgasm... ( my god... the word 'orgasm' doesn't begin to deribe hs of pleasure I reached.) Up until this point I had thought there was no such thing as bad sex. Even when it wasn't was still good. Now that I have had this... the bar has been set a LOT higher. I wiped her tears away and asked her what was wrong.

She then told me a long story about her husband and his whore in Atlanta, I learned a lot of very private pain that night. Pain that I will not share with any else. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. Lucky for me, Anne thought of everything. A small alarm clock woke us early and I managed to slip out before Ron woke up from his little "bender". We remained good friends (and part time lovers) for about a year until she moved to Atlanta to be with Ron. I miss her even to this day.
A Little Inspiration
Posted:May 16, 2018 8:46 am
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This man had been driving me absolutely insane for weeks now. We met through the internet, on Fuckspace actually, exchanged Emails, salacious, erotic, heart-pounding, legs fainting Emails. I started out reading them at my desk, rolling my clit over my vibrator as I trapped it between my throbbing pussy and the chair, cumming wildly, uncontrollably, gasping. Almost falling out of my chair as I dreamed about him. Touching me.

I thought I'd die from the intensity of my orgasms.

But I needed more. I wanted to hear his voice. I already knew I'd be safe with him. I was absolutely sure of it. Secure in his arms, even if he was only holding me over the phone. So I took a deep breath and sent him my home number.

He called. I immediately felt comfortable with him. Comfortable and aroused. Very very aroused. We talked about sex, but not slobbering "fuck me now, baby" sex, it was more, well, I don't even know what word to use, in a strange way it was even more intense. We became casual friends almost instantly. Tossing sexy Emails back and forth like ping pong balls. Flirting with each other mercilessly. He'd call up out of the blue and ask me to help him with a story he was writing. He'd describe various sexual positions to me. Ask me how I thought each one would feel with him. I'd close my eyes, trying to help him, trying furiously to imagine what each one felt like. Exactly what it felt like.

That's the problem.

I could!

Way too easily. Way way too easily. For instance, just yesterday I had the day off and we were chatting. Laughing. Trying to figure out what would feel better for a woman, laying on top of a guy with my back against his stomach and just pressing my pussy down against the shaft of his erection or actually having him inside of me. Barely inside me while he was massaging my clit with his fingers from beneath me. We were discussing this because of a wildly erotic story he was writing about a woman who wanders into a forest and gets poison oak all over her hands and then can't use them and gets rescued by this guy. Well, anyway, a whole lot of really sensual stuff happens between them, for instance, he gives her a shower since she can't use her own hands and eventually tucks her into bed.

Alone. She can't get to sleep because she's aroused so she decides she wants to masturbate and, of course, without any hands she can't do it so he crawls under her, laying on his back while she's laying on him with her back against his chest. Then he reaches around her and starts to, ohmygod, this is getting me hot just thinking about it, and anyway he's going to use his hands as her hands. You get the picture. Wow. I've gotta go open a window. Suddenly it's warm in here. So, okay, he calls me up to discuss the position the man and the woman are in and what might develop and as I kept talking to him about this, trying to stay clinical (after all I'm a nurse) I could feel the heat building up on the back of my neck. And I was getting really really wet. He didn't know it but I'd been using my vibrator as a reality crutch while we were talking. Holding it against my pussy, outside my panties, trying to simulate the touch, the precise angle of his hard swollen cock against me in each different position that we were talking about. The vibrator wasn't even turned on but the conversation was getting me so aroused that, after about thirty minutes, when I suddenly realized it was going to end, I just blurted out something to him about how excited I was. I don't even remember what I said I was so breathless. I just knew I didn't want him to hang up.

Well, it worked.

I could feel him smiling at me through the phone. I think he already knew I was aroused. But he had an incredible way of making me feel comfortable sexually. It didn't even seem odd to me that he was suddenly telling me to take off my panties and lay down on the bed on my back with my legs spread. I knew what he was going to do and he knew what he was going to do. He was going to spend some more time talking to me and arouse and excite me so much that I'd have an overwhelmingly intense orgasm. It was just that simple.

And I knew it would happen, too, because the first time we had phone sex he got me so aroused that I actually had two orgasms. But I'll tell you about that some other time. Especially since multiple orgasms are rare for me, even with real flesh and blood lovers.

Anyway, for the next twenty minutes he talked. A low, deep, sensual voice. Telling me what he was doing to me and what he was going to do to me, reminding me that I was the heroine in his story and that he really was touching me when he was writing it. Telling me how aroused he was getting just thinking about me touching myself and listening to my soft, low moans. Which, of course, just got me thinking about getting him more aroused and thinking about that got me more aroused and, well, you can see where that's going. Anyway, he was talking to me in this soothing, quiet but intensely masculine voice. He was telling me what to do with my fingers, what to do with my vibrator as I touched myself. Slowly, erotically. Exactly how hard to touch myself, exactly where. I just closed my eyes and suddenly he was there with me in the room and I was laying on top of him, on my back, with his cock between my legs, thrusting my pelvis up and down gently. I could actually feel my clit rubbing against that hard little ridge on the top of his erection.

Suddenly I was doing everything to myself that we'd just been talking about a few minutes before. One minute passed, two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes. By then I was moaning almost continually. And, by the time my vibrator was inside me, by the time he was inside me, I'd lost control. I could feel it coming. Like a freight train thundering down the tracks toward me. The muscles in my legs and stomach were contracting and relaxing spasmodically and I couldn't breathe. All I could do was gasp and moan. And beg. Beg my body to cooperate.

It did.

My orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Surrounding me, washing over me, consuming me. It was so intense, so overwhelming that I couldn't talk. But he already knew that. He was in control of my body anyway, so why wouldn't he know that.

Five minutes later I finally managed to whisper, "oh, that felt so good, so good...goodnight, Jim".

Then I hung up the phone.

But not until he had convinced me that I was laying on top of him, his erection deep inside me, while he dragged the tips of his fingers over my back, my shoulders, my thighs, telling me how beautiful I was, how sensual, how arousing.

Literally touching me to sleep with his voice.

That was Thursday. And now it was Friday. Friday morning, in fact.. Only a day later. Less than a day later. My clit was still tingling from yesterday and I already wanted to feel him inside me so badly again that I broke down and sent him a quick Email from one of the computers at the hospital. Casually asking him if he thought it might be fun to tell me a bedtime story tonight. Not really expecting a reply. Hoping he didn't think I was needy. Or a pest. After all, I knew he was busy.

I almost collapsed when I got his short Email back telling me he would call me around 10:30pm at home. But there were a few caveats. He would only call after I had taken a long hot bath, jumped into bed completely naked and, get this, actually promised I wouldn't touch myself or masturbate until he was on the phone with me.

From right now until then.

He already knew how limited my self-control was or at least how much thinking about him turned me on. From a practical standpoint, that meant it was going to be a long, long day at the hospital. But, since I was so aroused that I wasn't paying any attention to anything I did anyway, it was over quickly. Much faster than I thought it would be. After the guys from the Coronor's Office had done their thing, the malpractice lawyers and insurance adjusters could deal with everything else I'd screwed up tomorrow.

I just wanted to get home as fast as I could.

"Hmmm, that feels wonderful," I gasped as I lowered myself down into the hot bath, spread my legs apart slowly and almost absent-mindedly started to move my hand down between my legs to caress my pussy.

"Oh, damn...I forgot. He doesn't want me touching myself," I grunted as the palm of my hand slid over my pubic hair. Perched and ready to dive into my warm, sensitive pussy. "C'mon, Lynn, you can do it...only another hour to wait and you've made it this far. But I can't believe how sensual this is. Waiting. Teasing myself. Refusing to give in. It's so arousing that I feel like I could just lay here in this warm water, squeeze my legs together and instantly have an orgasm."

That's when I noticed it. The shower massager with the long hose hanging above me.

"Hmmm, well, let's see, technically I wouldn't be touching myself, oh, God, it would feel so good," I whispered as I reached up and grabbed the head of it, turned on the water and directed the warm pulsating spray at my stomach. "Just close your eyes, lean back and overwhelm yourself, Lynn. Water, warm water slamming into your clit, burst after burst, imagine how good it would feel, thumping, crashing, caressing, vibrating against you. Hmmm, I feel like I'm gonna cum just thinking about it. Okay, here goes..."

I started to slide the pulsating stream of water down across my belly-button, scrunched down in the bathtub a little more to raise my hips a little further up and spread my legs as far apart as I could. Completely exposing my pussy and clit to the lover moving closer, so tantilizingly closer towards them.

Then I stopped and gasped, "ohhhhhhhhh, I can't!!! Damn him, damn him anyway, he's ruining my sex life and he's not even here. That's it, I'm getting out of the tub, what time is it now, shit, still almost a half hour. I'll go nuts. Absolutely stark raving nuts. And when he finally does call I'll start cumming the second I hear his voice. I can see it now. 'hi, Lynn' 'hi, Jim, oh God, I'm cummmminggg'. Click."

After I dragged myself out of the tub I spent five minutes drying off. Shoulders, arms, legs, breasts. Forget about my pussy. Save that job for Sisyphus. The way I was feeling right now I could have used up all the towels in my house trying to dry it off and I'd still be wet.

"I wonder why he gets me so aroused?" I thought to myself. "I've tried phone sex with other guys. Sure, it's exciting and I cum, but, somehow it's not the same. This guy's gotten inside of me. In more ways than one. Maybe I'll just fly out to Seattle and surprise him. Hah, wouldn't that be hilarious. Oh, hi, I'm Lynn, you must be Jim and apparently you're a fat, barely literate, sixty-seven year old migrant worker with a wife, six kids and a wart on your butt the size of Texas. On top of that, you're impotent. No, bad idea, Lynn. Play it safe. Just close your eyes and imagine him as the Bad Day Fairy, a few years younger than you, just a few years, not much, tall, handsome, athletic, built like a racehorse and incredibly sensual. With a tongue that could tie knots in a chain link fence. Now what time is it?

"Good, only ten or eleven more minutes until the phone rings. Okay, let's see, vibrator, check, blindfold, check, I don't know why he wanted me to put on a blindfold but, hell, I'll put on a straight jacket and rubber galoshes if he wants me to. Now what did he say, hop onto the bed, put on the blindfold, oops, turn off all the lights, wow, pitch black, and lay on my back. Take deep breaths, slow deep breaths, drag the tips of my fingers over my face, my breasts, don't touch my nipples, hmmm, this feels good, these are his fingers touching me, across my stomach, my hips, ohhhh, c'mon, resist, resist, Lynn, don't touch your pussy, but it's so close and I know it's so wet, waiting for me...ummm, this is torture, keep running my fingers across the inside of my thighs, ohmygod, if I spread my legs any further apart I'll break my hips...lightly, touching yourself lightly, ring, dammit, ring. Ring!!! Riiiiing!!!"


I picked up the phone before the first ring was even over.

"Oh, God, I'm so glad you called, Jim. I'm been going insane with desire all day. I'm laying here completely naked on my back, touching myself with the tips of my fingers, everywhere, well, not everywhere, not down there and not up here or here. Those are the only three places, just like you said. I've been good. Honestly. Really. I've spent the whole day thinking about masturbating and trying not to masturbate, fighting, fighting and now I just want you to talk to me and make me cum. Make me cum so hard that my head will split open and fire will shoot straight out of my pussy."

I heard a gulp. And a couple of long swallows. And then a weak male voice at the other end of the phone stutters out, "well, gee, lady, that, ummm, that sure sounds like fun but I'm Eddie, not Jim, and I'm just calling you to tell you about our rug cleaning service, we're in your area and..."


"ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod..."

The phone rings again.

"Hello, ah-hem, this is Lynn, how can I help you."

"Well, that was formal. Hmmm, somehow I thought you'd be more aroused than that."

"Hi, Jim. You won't believe what just happened. I'm laying here all hot and bothered waiting for you to call and so the phone rings and I pick it up and just start jabbering about how aroused I am and how I've been trying not to masturbate all day, not even touching myself down there and it's been pretty hard, really hard, once about two o'clock I went to the bathroom and, well, it took almost a whole roll of toilet paper, one sheet at a time, oh, forget it, look, you managed to get me so hot and bothered with this little exercise in self-control of yours that I'm almost insane. I know I shouldn't say this but I sure wish you were here right now. Somehow touching myself just doesn't seem like it's going to be enough tonight."

"Let's try a little experiment and see, Lynn. I assume the lights are out, you're blindfolded, soft music in the background..."

"I'm naked and blindfolded and, oooops, wait a minute, forgot the music..." I said as I flipped over on my side and quickly flicked on the radio. "There. Soft music. Yes, the room's completely dark, Jim. But I know where my clit how will you find it?"

"I'll just rub my hands and fingers all over your body until I bump into something that makes you groan, Lynn."


God, this guy was hot. And incredibly quick on his feet. His Emails were like that, too. Dripping with sensuality, wit, a dry sexual humor that always made me wet. Very very wet. I felt a rush of adrenalin stream through me as I suddenly started to imagine him rubbing his fingers all over my body. And then suddenly finding the center of my sexual being and making me groan.

"Speaking of that, let's start with something simple. You've been a good girl all day so now I want to reward you. Take the tip of your finger and rub it directly over the top of your clit as hard and fast as you can until you cum. Really really fast and really really hard."

The explosion in my brain almost blew out my eardrums when what he said sunk in.

"You're kidding!" I gasped, as I watched my disembodied finger flying straight towards my clit in the dark.

"Yes. I am. Stop! Don't touch yourself, Lynn. Did I say that in time?"

Like a missile whose course had been altered in mid-flight, my finger slammed into the side of my right thigh instead of my pussy and I gulped and muttered, "barely, just barely, but I'm thinking about lieing to you now. I'm thinking about just touching myself anyway and telling you I'm not and then, when I have an orgasm, which will be in about seventeen or eighteen seconds, I'll just tell you it was spontaneous and I couldn't help it. You know, without any stimulation at all. Other than your voice."

"Has that ever happened to you before?"

"No, but I'm sure it will eventually if I keep talking to you and don't drop over dead from a heart attack first."

"Alright, time to get serious...lay the phone by your ear and take both your hands and brush your fingers softly over your body. Just your fingernails, slowly, calmly, touching yourself everywhere, very lightly. Those are my fingers, Lynn, my fingers caressing you. Teasing you. Stimulating you. Your skin is so soft. So sensitive. Brush the tips of your fingers lightly over yourself.

Here it comes. I knew it. But I couldn't believe how fast it was happening this time. I was like putty in his hands. Except his hands were two thousand miles away. When that warm, soft wrapped-in-a-blanket-of-his-caresses feeling started creeping over me the way it was now I knew I was toast. He owned me. And he'd own me all night. Instead of fighting it, trying to maintain my own identity I just instantly gave in. His voice became my brain, telling me what to do next.

"Hmmm, that feels good, Jim. Your touch is so gentle, so exciting, I can feel your fingers flying over my body, arousing me, making my clit tingle with anticipation,"

"Just keep touching yourself delicately, Lynn, barely making contact with your skin, close your eyes, take long deep breaths, try to sleep, your eyes feel heavy, keep touching yourself, Lynn, your legs, the inside of your thighs, the soft skin on your stomach, your breasts, your shoulders, now lay both your hands up above your head. Just rest the phone against your ear. Relax, listen to the music, try to imagine my fingers against your body..."

Even though I was wearing a blindfold I still had my eyes closed tight as I dropped both my arms above my head onto the pillows and whispered, "hmmm, that feels so real, Jim, I can actually feel the tips of your fingers against the inside of my thighs, sliding over them, brushing against the outer lips of my pussy, teasing me, across my stomach and then back down to my pussy, hmmmm, it feels so real, so real, how are you doing this, my imagination must be going crazy, oh, I don't care, just don't stop, keep touching me, Jim, keep touching me...tell me where you're going to touch me next..."

"I'm going to drag the tips of my fingers over your stomach again and then up to your breasts, Lynn, caressing your nipples softly, massaging them, making them tingle, stretch your arms out even further above your head, arch your back and push your nipples up into my fingers, they're so hard, so erect, they feel like they're on fire, Lynn..."

"Oh, they do, Jim, they really do," I gasped as I started to caress the palm of my right hand with the first finger of my left hand, teasing myself and stretching my body out under his touch. A touch that was so real I could actually feel it. "I've always loved having you massage my're so good at, so good..."

His touch was so relaxing that I was starting to fall asleep. My mouth was getting dry and then suddenly I felt his lips against mine, his tongue sliding into my mouth very softly.

"Uhhhh, I canf ffullee yuf kfissinggf me, fuck me Jimmmmmy..."

I had no idea why I was mumbling. It was almost as if I actually was being kissed. None of my words made sense, they were all blurry. Probably because I could feel his tongue intertwined with mine.

"Wow, this guy's a great kisser for somebody who's on the phone," I thought to myself as I wrapped my tongue around his tongue, sliding back and forth against it. "But I wonder why he's stopped talking to me. It's almost like he can't talk because he's kissing me. How real. How incredibly real. How clever of him. He thinks of everything. I can't imagine what it would be like to actually have him here, right now, to feel him making love to me, slamming his completely erect cock into my pussy. Over and over. Harder and harder. Okay, just slow down, Lynn, you'll get ahead of yourself. Relax, let him tell you what to do next, it's always worked in the past."

I could feel my clit throbbing between my legs. My pussy felt like it was going to explode there was so much blood rushing through it as he suddenly stopped kissing me and whispered, "spread your legs a little further apart, Lynn, and bring them up until your knees are near your shoulders..."

I loved this position. He'd convinced me to get into it during one of our first conversations. It was so erotic. Like we were actually going to make love. It was so easy to imagine his erection slipping into me while I was laying there like this, so completely exposed.

"Now take both your hands and hold your legs up, put your hands behind your thighs, can you feel the swollen, moist lips of your pussy opening up slowly, gently, waiting for me, wanting me, can you feel the air in the room from your open window brushing gently over your body..."

"I can, Jim, I can...this is incredible..." I gasped, as I rocked my legs slowly back and forth, stretching them, waiting for his touch. I didn't remember telling him that the window was open but then I don't remember half the things I tell him because I'm usually so aroused. I only knew that I wanted to feel him deep deep inside me. Or at least I wanted to feel my vibrator humming deep inside me. Pretending it was him.

"Now I'm going to turn your vibrator on and slide it inside you, Lynn, very slowly, squeeze down around it with the muscles in your pussy...are you ready?"

I knew what he meant. I knew he meant that I was going to slide my vibrator inside my pussy but I really didn't care who was going to slide it inside me anymore. Laying here like this, so exposed, so vulnerable was so immeasurably erotic that I was starting to actually hear a buzzing sound. A familiar buzzing sound. Down between my legs. I figured I was dreaming. And I couldn't believe how clear our phone connection still was. I could hear his voice perfectly. But I knew I had to keep thinking about how he would feel inside me. Telling him, encouraging him to keep touching me.

"Ohhhhh, yes, Jim, I can feel it, humming, buzzing, sliding inside me, unnn, it feels so good, how are you doing that, I'm holding my legs up with both hands, at least I think I am, I'm not sure anymore, maybe one of my hands is on the vibrator and...oh, I don't care, it feels wonderful, wonderful, make me cum, Jim, please make me cum...keep talking to me...don't hang up..."

I could feel the vibrator rocking back and forth, sliding almost out of my pussy and then back slowly in again. Completely inside me. I couldn't breathe, my head was spinning, thrashing back and forth, my toes were curling. And then suddenly I felt his tongue on my clit. Caressing me, manipulating me, owning me, devouring me, back and forth, back and forth, across the slick, wet, wildly sensitive and erect center of my sexual universe.

I started to grunt and pulled back on my thighs as hard as I could with my hands, lost in a blizzard of sexual excitement. Some stupid female voice near my right ear was telling me that if I wanted to make a phone call I should hang up and try again at the same time I heard his voice telling me, coaxing me, begging me to cum. I was determined to ignore the woman even when she started to make this loud high pitched noise, a truly obnoxious tone, beeping at me while my body was screaming at me. Screaming at me while he was begging me, pleading with me to cum.

"Oh, God, Jim, I'm cumming...I can feel it...I'm cumming, unnnn, it feels so good, talk to me, Jim, talk to me with your hands, your mouth, cover my body with your touch...unnnnnnnnnnnnn...nnnnnn...don't hang up...don't hang up..."

"Keep tightening the muscles in your stomach, Lynn, rock back and forth, let it overwhelm you, control you, devour you, I can feel your body trembling, I can hear your groans, the sweet exotic music you make when you orgasm, keep pushing, Lynn, make it last as long as you can, make it last as long as you can. There it is. There it is. Doesn't it feel wonderful, small shivers, loud crashes of lightening screaming up and down your legs. Cum for me, Lynn. Cum for me. Let it consume you, overwhelm you, tell me how good it feels..."

My orgasm owned me. I was making all these strange sexual sounds, a mixture of screams, groans and quiet helpless cries as I gasped and tightened up all the muscles in my body. Fire was shooting down the back of my legs while a cold, numbing wind was rushing over my nipples. All the muscles in my body were exploding, quivering, shuttering, wrapping me tight inside a blanket of unrelenting spasms and overwhelming pleasure.

Three minutes later it was over.

I was suddenly tired. Dead tired. I needed to sleep.

"I'm going to hang up now and just climb in bed with you, Lynn. I'm going to lay down on my back. When you're ready just roll over. I'm going to hold you, wrap my arms around you, caress your back gently, intertwine my fingers with yours. Telling you how beautiful you are with my touch. My hands. My fingers against your body. Straighten your legs out, Lynn, roll over and put your head on my shoulder and sleep."

I could feel him laying on the bed. It felt so real. I could feel my head on his shoulder as I struggled to slide one leg over his legs, I could even feel his infinitely hard cock, massive, huge, as I began to explore it gently with my fingers. Feeling it throbbing, mapping the route of each seperate blood vessel rushing up and down the pulsating shaft. Rubbing the palm of my hand over the smooth, slick head of it.

"Ummm, I wonder what it would feel like to be actually holding him, touching him, right here in my own bedroom..." I murmured sleepily. This guy was absolutely amazing. I had no idea how he did it.

But it was the best phone sex I'd ever had.

He'd even managed to say goodnight to me and kiss me on the forehead before I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I already knew I was going to call him again.
Titty Fucking & Pizza
Posted:May 11, 2018 10:19 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2018 4:34 am
There must be something inherently lucky about February 2--leap day.

That's the day I went to get my hair cut by the gal Kayla who's been cutting my hair for over a year. She does an excellent job and has an interesting personality, so I always wait for her. To tell you the truth, I originally selected her because she's good looking.

Anyway, the place was extremely busy, and I had to wait a long time for Kayla. With all the magazines taken, I had nothing to do but gaze at the receptionist, a to-die-for gal who looked to be only 18 or so--a long-legged slender girl with a picture-perfect ass stuffed in skin-tight jeans, luxuriant shiny brown hair to her waist, big, pendulous breasts beneath her thin turtleneck sweater, and a beaming smile on a beautiful young face. Definitely a 10. Her name tag said "LaDonna."

When I first checked in, she paid me no mind--didn't even give me a second look. In fact, why would any give me a second look that day? I looked like crap: Not having showered or shaved, with spatters of oil on my dingy tee-shirt from changing the oil in my car earlier, I was far from my usual well-dressed, well coifed self. And I was old enough to be her dad.

I was the very last customer of the day, and as the crowd thinned, I struck up a conversation with LaDonna. She was reading a magazine, glued to an article in it. I was standing across the counter from her and asked her what it was she seemed so interested in. She said she was reading an article.

"What's it about?"


"What kind of sex?"

"Sex with an older man."

Hmmmm. If there was ever a long shot, LaDonna was it, but this magazine article may have opened up an opportunity, be it a remote . Probably an article written by a horny older dude, like me, I surmised. I asked her to tell me more about the article. "It says a young girl should experience an older man at least once in her life because they are more patient and creative and interested in the woman's pleasure."

"That very well may be true. I don't know about other middle-aged men, but that certainly deribes me."

"Really, now?" she rejoined, with an apparent interest. We went on to another subject, but LaDonna was looking back at me a lot more now, maybe even flirting, as she seemed to be veritably posing--sticking her fine butt out way more than necessary and squeezing her big boobs together with her upper arms. Was it just my imagination that her nipples were more visible now than before?

I pictured myself banging her doggie over that counter, she sucking me while I sat on it, and titty-fucking her while she gazed at me with those big brown eyes. I chuckled to myself when I recalled the advice of a sports psychologist who said you must repeatedly visualize the activity to make it more likely to come to pass.

Finally, Kayla was ready to cut my hair, so I sat in her chair while talking with her and keeping my eyes on LaDonna in the mirror. This did not go unnoticed by Kayla, and she commented that my attention seemed to be riveted on LaDonna.

I asked Kayla about her and what she thought my chances were. Kayla said LaDonna had recently broken up with her boyfriend and that I should "go for it." In a little while, Kayla walked over to LaDonna and said something to her I could not hear. Was she putting in a good word for me or telling her to beware of the dirty old man?

When Kayla finished my hair, the only people left in there were she, LaDonna, and I, and it was closing time. I was trying to craft the right words to make a for LaDonna when the Papa John's Pizza delivery guy knocked at the now-locked front door.

Apparently, some had been pulling the old practical joke of sending a pizza to a place that didn't order it, and the guy was pissed. It was 6 o'clock and I was hungry, so I asked the girls if they wanted to buy it anyway and split it. Kayla said she had dinner plans with her boyfriend, so I asked LaDonna if she'd like to share it with me.

"That's a great idea," she said, I hardly believing my ears. "I'm famished, but we're closed, and we gotta get out of here. I'm driving that white Integra out there, so follow behind me and we'll eat it at my place. OK?"

Well, I didn't have to think about that invitation, so I bird-dogged her in my car, running a couple of "pink" traffic lights to keep up. Was she in a hurry to get naked or was she trying to lose me?

We drive for several miles and she turns into a very upper crust neighborhood and wheels into the driveway of a large, expensive home. Parked under the carport were a big Benz and an Ealade. Obviously, her "place" was also her parent's place, and I was momentarily dejected at the notion of meeting a mom and dad who were quite possibly younger than me. And the Ducks Unlimited sticker on the luxury SUV suggested he owned a Benelli 12 gauge with which her dad might enjoy splattering my brains.

She unlocked the back door as I followed her into the kitchen with the pizza. "My folks are on a cruise, and my sister won't be back until around , so we've got the place all to ourselves," LaDonna said, smiling wide and striking her sexiest pose. I could not have received a go-ahead more clearly if the letters FUCK ME NOW had been inribed on her teeth. I felt like a ton of bricks had been lifted from my shoulders, and, giddy with relief, I just blurted, "Let's eat naked, shall we?"

"Kinda kinky, huh?" she smiled. "And another great idea!" And without a moment's hesitation, she ed off her shoes, pulled the turtleneck off over her head, wriggled out of her jeans, and stood there in sock feet smiling in sheer panties and bra. I literally pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

I followed suit, stripping down to my boxer briefs and socks. "I'd like YOU to take off my undies, and I'D like to take yours off myself," she said. That seemed like a fair deal to me, so I walked over to her to do just that.

She gently rolled my shorts off, and blew her warm breath on my cock and balls as she bent down to remove my socks. Then she stood upright, smiled, and presented herself for underwear removal. I picked her up by her slim waist and sat her on the kitchen counter.

I unfastened her 3-hook bra and slowly pulled it off her shoulders. Soft, pliable, heavy D-cup breasts spilled out. Her dark red nipples, pointing slightly upwards from the half-dollar size areolas, pointed up even harder in the cool kitchen air. Oh my god, these boobs were nice! I squeezed them, circled each nipple once with my tongue, and kissed them hello and, temporarily, good-bye.

"I have very, very sensitive nipples, so thanks for being so gentle. That article was right," LaDonna said. I must find out who that author is and send him a generous donation, I noted to myself.

With great restraint, I left the nipples and moved downward, but I detoured the pubic racing stripe visible through the sheer panties, deciding to leave the best for last, and rolled off her socks, revealing the slimmest, softest arched feet, with extra long toes, I've ever seen and felt. I ran my thumbs firmly up her arch from heel to ball, and softly kissed each toe. Exquisite!

Then I smoothed my palms slowly up her silky soft slender legs up to her panties and blew my hot breath through the material right into her warm crotch in a long exhale. She inhaled suddenly and deeply, and I smelled the wonderful aroma of her pussy, the moisture of which began to print through the thin fabric.

As I hooked my fingers into the panties, she stiff-armed herself up off the counter so that I could easily slip them off her buns and down her legs. Then, she leaned back against the cabinet, pulled her feet up to the edge of the countertop, spread her legs wide, and reached beneath her buns to pull her pussy wide open. Nobody could say LaDonna was shy.

The thin stripe of hair on her mons pointed like an arrow at the glistening exposed clit centered over dark red, engorged pussy lips. Drops of juice dripped down the middle onto the counter. She smoothed her delicate long fingers upward along the inner surface of those pussy lips until they brushed across her love button.

"I just shaved this morning," she said through open lips, her eyelids at a sultry half-mast.

I circled her tiny anus once with my tongue and slowly licked up between her pussy lips before pausing to suck her clit with an intentionally loud slurp. She quivered and pushed her crotch firmly back against my mouth, signaling to do that some more. I continued my oral ministrations, enjoying her beautiful bare twat in its own right, and the extra-juicy libations were a double bonus in that they quenched my considerable thirst. I licked and sucked her pretty young pussy and clit until I counted quivering orgasms, a little , a medium , and a much bigger . That should do it for now.

I disengaged her pussy, picked her up, and planted her standing on the floor facing me. As I closed my eyes to kiss her so-soft facial lips, she plunged a lengthy and agile tongue into my mouth to swirl sensuously in a dance with my own tongue. What a wonderful kisser LaDonna was!

My hard cock ped up right between her legs against her hot and wet pussy lips. In a flash, she wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my hips and impaled herself to the hilt on my raging erection as she gasped for air, breasts heaving against my chest.

"Let's not rush this now, LaDonna. Let's eat that pizza before it's st cold. We've got plenty of time." "Exactly like the article," she said, opening the box and feeding me a big slice.

In truth, the pie was already cold, but it was undoubtedly the best pizza I ever had. I mean, there I was nude sporting a br in the kitchen with a naked young horny 10 with rigid nipples pointed toward Mars and juice dripping down her thighs from a freshly shaved pussy. Pizza does not get any better than that, folks.

In fact, we really did NOT have much time--about an hour as it was almost and her sister would be returning around --so I arfed a th piece of pizza and washed it down with a Diet Coke we shared.

LaDonna got back on the counter in the same position she was before, only this time she pushed her glorious breasts together between her thighs pressed firmly against her chest, creating deep cleavage, as I ate her pussy and asshole with delight while she moaned and ran her slender fingers through my freshly cut hair.

I would occasionally turn north to suckle her very sensitive nipples while keeping my fingers busy on her twat. So many excellent parts, so little time. She kept using her legs to pull me into her, and so, though I could have eaten her 'til kingdom come, I knew she needed ye old meat in the hole.

So we fucked--first missionary with her ass on the edge of the counter and me standing on my tip toes on the floor, hands on the ankles of her legs bent up and back against the cabinets. LaDonna's pussy was just the right size for me—not too tight and not too loose—but sopping wet and just gorgeous to behold as I watched myself go in and out of her. She did not have a lot to say, but once in a while she'd puncture our heavy breathing with a "good dick," "that's it," or "oh, yes." It's always nice to get favorable feedback.

Then she hopped onto me, like before, in a flying fuck position. I must say, she could do it in this awkward-for-most position better than any other girl I've ever d. She knew just how to center her I'd guess 120-pound w on me and keep our collective balance while coordinating her thrusts with my rocking pelvis, she in control with a perfect mid-speed rew. All the while, she alternately kissed my lips, neck, shoulders, and tongued my ears. When she'd cum—and she did several times—her eyes would nearly close as her lips pursed out and her whole body would shiver like a person reacting to extreme cold. But LaDonna was anything but cold, and this was obviously her favorite position.

Even so, with my hands on her firm butt most of the time, I got ever eager to look at that fine ass, so I steered her over to the other side of the kitchen, turned her round, and bent her forward. She pooched that ass out just as she had at the salon, and I did her doggie. What a marvelous derrière!!! Smooth, supple, and all mule, rippling in little waves with each bang. No passive lover was she, as she rocked backwards in time to my forward thrusts, making a rhythmic and raspy "ugh, ugh, ugh," amplified by the stainless steel sink her head hung over.

Now I'm not into intense pain, either giving or receiving, but if ever there was a spankable ass, it was LaDonna's, and I felt I would be remiss if I did not at least give it a couple smacks to see if she liked it. So as I continued the rhythmic banging, I slapped her right bun with an open hand. "Oh, yeah," was her immediate response, so I smacked her left bun with my other hand. "Just a little harder," she requested as she sped up the fuck pace a little. Smack, smack, smack, smack I ed her buns like bongo drums, turning her buns pink.

I pulled her long, soft brown hair into my hands and combed my fingers through it, smelled its fresh ent, and buried my face in its luxuriant thickness. She should do TV ads for shampoo, I thought, only her boobs might distract from the hair. I twisted it into a loose rope, making a brush with the end, which I used to tickle her anus. "Oh, I like, I like, I like. Keep doing that," she instructed. And so I did, noting the goose bumps that pricked up across her buns and the changing patterns of tiny wrinkles on her brown hole.

Perhaps I would revisit this area a little later, but I felt her neglected breasts needed attention at the moment.

Those beautiful, pendulous breasts were hanging down like big bell clappers, swaying to and fro with our fucking. They looked absolutely great hanging so far down like that, and they seemed to move in almost slow motion. I cupped them lightly from below, and let the hard nipples skid across my palms. "Good," she said, reaching back to tickle my balls as she looked over her shoulder to check my reaction, which was of pure sexual pleasure, so she continued the rotal .

She had exuded so much pussy juice by this point that her whole bottom was wet, or, to be more precise, her bottom hole was wet. Still thrusting methodically in and out of her pussy, I eased the tip of my thumb into that super-tight bottom hole. "Yeah," she said, as it relaxed a little. I carefully rotated it back and forth and slipped it in past the first knuckle. "It's OK. I like that, but go slow." I wiggled my thumb some more and gradually worked it in up over the 2nd knuckle, then quivered it rapidly inside her as I fucked her pussy a bit faster.

LaDonna's fair skin began to flush, then with a long, rising "ooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO" creendo and her whole body vibrating, she thrust back hard, sending my cock and thumb deeper than ever into her respective orifi, and she just clamped down both like a vice. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I cumming. I'm cumming," she must have said forty times. Had she not been able to clamp her pussy so tight around the base of my shaft, I would surely have cum, too, and I was glad I didn't, for I had other "plans de orgasma."

I do dearly love to make a woman cum, and LaDonna had cum quite a few times, this last time being the Mother Of All Orgasms, so I was as happy as could be. I laughed out loud, remembering all the positions I'd fantasized about with her back at the salon, and that sports psychologist's advice—correct as it had turned out—about the efficacy of the visualization technique!

"What's so funny?" LaDonna asked, still breathing hard from the Big O, and looking over her shoulder as she arched her back even more dramatically to look at my dick and thumb still buried in her holes. I answered, "Oh, I was just thinking about..." Fucking me in the ass?" she interrupted. "Listen, I liked my old boyfriend doing that, and that vibe thing you did with your thumb is great, but you've got a monster penis compared to him, so I dunno."

He must have had a pencil dick, for my 7and a half inch-long, 2 & 1/2-inch-thick dick is nowhere near monstrous proportions. "'Monster penis,' eh? Flattery will get you everywhere, LaDonna, but let's not get hung up on buttfucking—today, anyway." "I'm not saying I WON'T do it," she backpedaled. "Relax, girl, we're here to have maximum pleasure."

"Then, will you please let me suck your dick?" she asked. Like I was going to say "no" when she asked so nicely! She pulled up the 3-step ladder stool and sat on the edge while I stood there and fed her my meat. Damn! LaDonna was a black belt when it came to giving head, ing careful attention to my balls by sucking and licking them while stroking my shaft up and down with both hands.

Gradually, she took me ever deeper into her mouth, putting her agile tongue to good use while tickling my balls with the tips of her immaculately manicured fingernails. She would alternate between worshipping my rod with her eyes as it popped out of her mouth while she licked it up and down, and looking straight into mine while she sucked it all the way up and all the way down. I almost came a half dozen times but managed to somehow choke back.

LaDonna's boobs were just made for titty-fucking, and I could not let the opportunity pass. So, while she was still sucking me so expertly, I spotted a bottle of extra virgin olive oil on the counter behind me and retrieved it with my long arms.

Withdrawing my penis from her mouth, I kissed her lips and face and ears and breasts for several minutes before pouring the oil all over those magnificent mammaries and massaging it in good.

"Are you going to make love to my boobs?" "Indeed," I replied, "And, with your kind permission, I would like to cum between them and de-virginize this oil." "Oh, I just love that," she said, laughing and squeezing them tightly around my aching shaft, working them expertly up and down as I gently twiddled her hard, oily nipples between thumb and forefinger.

LaDonna was of those rare girls who can cum from breast stimulation al, and apparently I was doing the trick, as she orgasmed more times. As she came the second time, she squeezed her boobs very tightly together around me, and I let him rip, blasting a rope of cum up onto her lips, chin, and neck. She never even blinked.

On cue, she used her hands to milk the subsequent spurts right onto her breasts, rubbing the underside of my cock against her slippery, rubbery nipples until every drop of my man-goo was expended. To say that was a terrific climax would be the understatement of the century.

She licked the cum off her lips. "Mmm. Tastes great." "Less filling," I joked, borrowing from the Miller Light commercials.

I looked at my watch. Oh, shit, just a couple minutes before . I wiped the olive oil off my still 3/4-hard cock with a paper towel and jumped back into my ruffy change-the-oil-in-my-car clothes and gave her a good-bye kiss, cum still dripping from her chin and all over her neck and boobs and running down her tummy into her crotch.

"I'd really like to do this some more," she said, "but my parents would totally freak if they knew I was seeing an, um, 'man' like you. You know you can find me at the shop, though."
I told her I understood, and gave her another kiss and a friendly, "Glad you read that article." "Me, too!" she said, not exactly rushing me out the door, despite the time. Now, to be hst, most women do not look their best when they are as LaDonna was—just having had the shit fucked out of her, hair matted with olive oil and cum, and naked body drenched in them, especially under floreent kitchen lights—but I drank in long parting look at her, and she was still a solid 10. I gave her a parting kiss, which she turned into a French kiss, before I broke it off with an open-handed smack on her butt and ran to my car. She stood there naked in the threshold of the door and watched me back down the driveway. "I owe you !" she hollered, bending over and pointing a finger at her butthole.

I got headed out by going around the circle drive in front. As I pulled out into the street, there was a Civic just making a right into her drive, and I got a good look at the driver. She was the spitting image of LaDonna, and had to be her sister, apparently her twin sister!

I wondered if she, too, had read that same article. Or maybe another about twins doing a menage a trois. Perhaps I should have stayed a little longer to find out. After all, February 2th had already proven to be an awfully lucky leap day
Walnut Street: Phone Sex Threesome.
Posted:May 8, 2018 12:43 pm
Last Updated:May 9, 2018 9:42 am
It was about 6 months after graduation and I was living in Georgia trying to get ahead in my new job. It was kinda hard as I was now living over 200 miles from my nearest friends and, of course, my boss was a moron who enjoyed making me work 12 hours a day on salary. No time to make new friends and the company has a very strict rule about fraternization between salary and hourly employees. Of course ALL the salaried people were men, go figure.

One night I managed to get off work by 6 pm, grabbed a bite on the way back to my apartment and decided to settle in for the evening. TV was boring, Summer reruns were in full swing and I couldn’t afford cable just yet. Loneliness set in and I’ll admit I missed my good friends back on Walnut Street. The next thing I know I’m on the phone dialing up Mike’s number.

After four rings, I began to fear there was no one home. Then he answered.

“Hey Mike!”

“Jimmy~! Damn good to hear your voice man.” Mike replied loudly. I thought I heard someone in the background but I wasn’t certain.

“I wasn’t doing anything so I ‘d thought I give you a ring and see what’s up.”

I could hear laughter from a female voice as well as the deep throated chuckles from Mike. OK now I wonder just what the hell is going on now…..

Suddenly a low moan escapes Mike’s lips. Then another. What the hell? OH SHIT~! I think I might be interrupting something…..

“Ah.. Mike? Is that Robin I hear in the background?” I asked as I hear some whispers about the situation coming from a female voice.

“Go on.. tell him Mike… He’ll get a kick out of it….” I made out some of what was said and recognized Robin’s southern drawl on the phone.

Another moan from Mike, “OOOOOOoooooooo shit…. Robin’s sucking my cock right now Jimbo.” He said with some tension in his voice, “An I’m about to blow a load man. I hoped the phone…. phone call would…. Uuuuuuuuuhhh … take my uuuuh mind off cummmming……”

I wish I could have seen the expression on my face. I didn’t know what else to do so I just listened to more heavy breathing and the obligatory slurping and popping sound as Robin’s lips puled on Mik’s cock. It wasn’t long before I felt a movement in my pants as my cock came to life with the sounds coming from the phone. I dropped my hand down and released the monster in my pants.

Then, just like that, I heard Mike’s familiar grunt of orgasm followed by a loud “AAAAAAH FUCK ME HARD~!” His trademark shout as he spews his semen (Usually in Robin’s pussy). Damn I miss living there.

“Wow~!” was all I could say into the phone. “Mike? Mike? Are you there buddy?”

"This is Robin. How can I turn you on?"

So began my wildest experience with phone sex. I had been without real sexual contact for some time, and masturbating to porn was getting old. I thought I'd give something different a try.

"Hi, I'm Jim. I've never done this before. Can you help me out."

"Jim, I like your voice. I'm getting wet just listening to you, especially as you are a phone sex virgin. I love to deflower men on the phone. May I deflower you?" (Ok for the record, Robin is WAY into role play so I thought I’d play along).

"You are the voice of experience. Do and say whatever you usually do and say to make me hard and get me off." I said into the phone.

"Well, aren't we blunt. OK, let's start. First, I am sitting in an upholstered chair, naked , my legs draped over the sides, my pussy spread and eager, my nipples erect. As we talk, Mike will be eating my pussy. He owes me one orgasm. I don't play games with this. If our conversation turns me on, I will have a real orgasm, and you will know it. No faking at my end, ever."

"So," she continued, "please tell me exactly what you are wearing, from head to toe."

"I've got on a green button down long sleeve shirt, cargo shorts with belt, boxer briefs underneath, sweat socks, and sneakers."

"OK, first lose the socks and sneakers. I have a foot fetish, and I want to hear about yours."

I removed my socks and shoes. "My feet are smooth and clean, my second toe is longer than my big toe, I am quite ticklish on the soles of my feet, and I love a foot massage more than any other part of my body."

"Except your dick, of course. I'm picturing your feet. They sound yummy. I wish I was there to tickle your soles. And I would lick and nibble your toes, one at a time, as in "this little piggy went to market..." As it is I can only tickle your soul, from a distance. But a girl can dream can't she?"

"Now, stand up and slowly unbuckle your belt, whip it off your shorts, and throw it across the room."

I did as I was told. "Done", I said.

"Good. Are your shorts loose, or do they still fit snugly?"

"Pretty loose. I've lost some weight in the last month from lack of sex"

"HAHA. That's funny. We'll see what we can do about that."

"Now, unbutton your shorts, pull the zipper down slowly and let them drop to the floor. Put the phone by your zipper so I can hear it. Then kick the shorts away. Damn it Mike! Why didn’t you shave? I’m TENDER DOWN THERE!”

Again, I did as I was told smiling at the situation. The zipper was a quiet one, but with the phone held close, I'm sure Robin could hear it. My shorts dropped to the floor, and I kicked them.

"Now, describe your boxer briefs"

"Black. Very flattering pouch in the front, with a slot for easy access. Makes me look sexy. I confess to looking at myself in the mirror with only my Calvin Kleins on, and it creates the illusion that I am one hunky guy."

"That's no illusion, Jim. You are one hunky guy. And to prove it, I want you to reach in and pull your cock out from the slotted front. Do not remove your shorts"

This was getting hot. I was already hard. I removed my cock, and it pointed up at about 45 degrees, very stiff.

"Are you hard?"

"I am rock hard and throbbing."

"Wow. That's what I'd hoped for. Mikes tongue is slipping inside me and his fingers are playing with my ass."

She got quiet for a half minute, and I heard moaning. I couldn't help myself, and I started stroking.

"Hey, I can't hear you, but I know what you are doing. Stop it. Stroking comes later.

I laughed and brought my hands down to my sides. I was throbbing all right, but I understood the excitement of delayed gratification. So I obeyed.

"Now, unbutton your shirt slowly, and drop it to the floor behind you. From this point forward, I will be fingering my clit while Mike licks me inside ever so slowly so that I don't cum too soon"

I unbuttoned and dropped my shirt. I turned to look in the mirror. Just me and my underwear, with my dick sticking out hard and proud.

I can't touch her for real, so I ask her what she's wearing. Snug fitting silk top, bra, cotton pajamas.

"I want you to touch yourself as I would touch you. I want your flesh to feel my hands and fingers and mouth on it, and I want your own hands and fingers and mouth to feel and taste your flesh as I would. Can you do that for me?" I ask her, nervously.

"Yes," - in a whisper. Oh so now Robin is taking the shy girl role huh? OK!

I tell her that I run "my" fingertips lightly over her skin, pulled taut over her quickening pulse. She's incredibly responsive. I hear her breath in shallow tatters at the sensation. Fingertips begin ever widening arcs along Robin's wrists, hands, and lower arms, alternately pulling the silk of her top tighter and looser along her arm's flesh.

"Do you like what I'm doing to you?"

In a whisper, "Yes."

While she pants in my ear, I observe that the silk of her top is an excellent heat conductor - that she must be able to feel both the coolness of the fabric itself, as well as the heat of her body radiating through it with my roving hands. She must also feel the heat of my hands through the silk on her flesh, sense the trails of heat and pressure along her skin.

"Robin," I ask, "you must be able to feel warm air escape out from underneath the hem of your top, out into the cooler air of the room? Can't you feel the sensation of hot air rushing out and cool air rushing in, across your heated flesh, as my hands play with the hem of your shirt, as they start to make their way underneath along the skin of your lower back and stomach?"

"Oh God, yes."

"You must also be able to feel the silk run hot and cold against your body as my hands begin to roam around underneath, making the fabric pull taut against your breasts as I run my fingernails lightly over your shoulder blades..."


"...and travel further down, tracing light, lazy circles down over your vertebrae, and along your sides, and in wide arcs over your quivering stomach and the fall and rise of your rib cage."

"Oh God Jimmy. I'm so very wet right now."

"Good. That's the way I want you - the way I want to see you. I like making you writhe against your clothing for me, making you acutely aware that mere fabric can insistently, clench and caress you. I like that I'm making a hot, sopping mess of your panties."

"I'm not wearing panties, Jimmy."

Those words, her voice, leap off the receiver and suckle at my twitching brain stem. So far she hasn't said much, but her breathing and mewling have had me in an absolute rapture. Of course, the few words she does grant me, like these, thrill me to the core.

"God Robin. It's so hot to hear you say that, to hear your voice, soaked with need, your breath ragged. I want you to take off your bra, but leave the silk shirt on."

A pause. "I can do that."

I hear the rustling of clothes over the line.

"Good. Now, see how much sensation you've been missing? As before, I'm working my hands underneath the stretched silk, but this time, all those arcs of warm and cool air, all that exquisite silkiness, flow uninterrupted over your stiffening, itchy nipples."

"My nipples have been so hard for so long that they ache. The silk feels sooo good."

"Really? Do my fingers feel good, as they roll both your nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, Robin?"

She whimpers and gasps at me. The loop is feeding back on itself, dangerously. The primal, brain stem want of hers is calling to me, and I can feel my own higher faculties being pushed aside by an urgent desire, and urgent need to possess and penetrate - to be male and invading to her female invitation and yielding. My vision and thoughts narrow down into a tight focus around her, around her need.

"Have you been touching yourself, Robin?"


"No Robin, I mean have you been touching your pussy, twiddling your clit."

"No," she states, almost begging, trembling. Her voice is so full of want that I can taste the salt of her tears. "I've been doing only what you've been doing to me. I need you to fuck me. Please. Please, Jimmy."

"Your cunt is feeling empty isn't it, Robin? Achy."

"Ravenous. It's sooo achy and empty and I'm so wet - soaking."

"But there's so many other sensations, Robin. Isn't it nice to feel the large muscle groups in your thighs, hips, and flanks flex and release? Isn't it nice to feel all those muscles move and flex as your legs scissor up and down, opened - wide and presenting to me - and closed. Isn't it nice to feel your pelvis dance for me, to have your stomach churn your pussy up and down searching for contact, to feel the delicious, clenching emptiness of your pussy?"

Her breath is a staccato rhythm of desperation in my ear. Her voice whimpers and pleads in need, in the primal, empty ache that I thirst for - that I can taste on my tongue and smell in my nostrils. She, no, her pussy, begs me - frenzied - for contact. I can taste, smell the phantoms of her musky tang.

"I'll do anything. Anything. Please."

"Oh no Robin - so impatient. We haven't even talked about the puffs of steam that escape from your pajamas as I run my fingers along the waist band, or how your flanks and ass relish the heavy grasp of my big hands, the flesh seeping through my wide-splayed fingers. I wonder what would happen if I brought a hand to the front of your pajamas, grasped the fabric, and yanked it, tightly upward, tensioning it against your poor, needy cunt..."

A groan, from deep, deep inside her, washes over me. It's music to my ears. Audible ambrosia.

"You like that Robin? I love hearing what I can do to you. I love hearing your pussy take over your voice and tell me what a good job I'm doing to it. Take your pajamas off Robin, and feel how cool the room's air must feel to your overheated flesh."

"Oh God, yes. Please Jimmy, I need you to..."

"To what? Say it."

"I need you...I need you to fuck me. Please."

"I'm taking off my shorts, Robin, for real. My cock's a decent length, but its nice and thick, particularly now, thinking of you, listening to you. Its all slick and sopping with precome for you."

I listen to her voice whine, her breath quick and erratic.

"I'd take my cock in one hand, and your hip in the other, and I'd pull you - roughly - across the bed, closer toward me." I listen to the dead anticipatory silence on the line, to her breath withheld. "Then, the thick, heavy, velvety weight of my cockhead would slowly and inexorably begin a heavy flick over your swollen clit, back and forth..."

I soak in her screamed moans, her repeated calls to God. Savor them. Relish them and roll the taste of them in my mouth. I'm not a talented enough writer to convey how delicious her noises are to me. I'm not convinced that there are words capable. How does one convey the high a man gets listening, almost seeing a woman's body jerk and convulse and dance for him? How can mere words capture the thrill of knowing that at that moment, that woman's whole being lives for one thing, hungers for one thing, needs one thing: the stretching, filling, thickness of his cock.

"You know what comes next, don't you Robin? You're so very female now, so empty and achy and in need of filling and using and ravishing. And I feel so, so male, so drunk on the need to penetrate and use and ravish and fill. I'd take my cock in hand, and I'd stir the head, slick with our juices, in the scalding, steamy heat of your cunt lips..."

Her voice and breath spasm for me, like I imagine her body does - like I know that her body does.

"And I'm sinking the thick, rigid length of myself into you. Feeling the welcoming embrace of your pussy on my cock. Feeling your muscles deep within stretch at the intrusion. This is why it's so dangerous, Robin, why I've never done phone before, and never will again. You have no idea the lengths I'd go, the things I'd give up, the worlds I'd destroy to feel the grateful spasms of your cunt on my cock for real - to see the look in your eyes as your body bonds and addicts itself to mine, as my cock thirsts in the rush and addiction of your cunt - of my cunt. Whose cunt is it, Robin? Tell me."

In the quietest whisper in the world - "Yours."

"Tell me again. Tell me whose cunt it is."


"Say my name, Robin. Let your cunt speak. Let it proclaim who owns it, who it belongs to."

Barely audible - "Jimmy."



"That's my girl, my pussy. If I could have you for real, Robin, every part of you would be mine - your mouth, your ass - all of it. You'd want to go to class, or some other appointment, but you'd be late, often, because seeing you all put together to head out in the world would make me want to mess it all up. Dishevel you by flipping your skirt up around your waist and bending you over a table or desk..."

Constant gasping moans now from her as I work my free hand up and down my slick cock.

"...and taking you. Claiming what's mine. Reminding your cunt what it needs, what it wants. I want your cunt to never, ever forget this need, intimately and desperately, the ache across time, before I filled you, used you, during, and the interminable anticipatory after, when your pussy will whisper, whisper, that it will want me to use it again. Use you again. Its frightening the lengths I'd go to, now, to see my cock pumping your pussy, covered in our juices. I'd watch the waves of impact flow across your fleshy ass and crash into my fingers digging deep, deep into your flanks - holding you steady, not wanting one bit of the energy of my thrusts to stray from the jack hammering I'd give to your cunt, to you."

Robin's a glorious mess. Just the most beautifully touching and life-changing guttural noises pour off the line. I remember thinking I could do this, listen to her forever. I remember not caring who I would have to hurt, the things I'd have to give up, just so long as I could actually touch her. Actually fuck her. Actually own her. Actually feel the involuntary spasms of her pussy on my cock, on my tongue, on my fingers.

As I start to cum again and again into the air, the edges of my sight turn purple as tunnel vision narrows down to a pin point of light and I…. I …. I.

Aw fuck… I think I passed out. There is some noise coming from the phone… What?

“Jimmy~!” You still there man?” It was Mike’s voice. Turns out that he still there as Robin and I conversed on the phone. (I suspect they were actually fucking as I was talking)

“What the FUCK did you say to Robin? I’ve never seen her CUM so fucking hard, ever! (laughing out loud) She fuckin passed out while I was doing her doggy style!” (I knew it).

“So Jimbo, When are you coming up for a visit?” said Mike.

I tried to figure out when my next free weekend was. “Gotta go to a wedding this weekend but I think I will be able to come up next weekend Mike. Give Robin a kiss for me.”

“Fuck Jimmy, you come up here and kiss her yourself like old times.”

I smiled as I said goodbye and hung up the phone.
Something for Everyone
Posted:May 4, 2018 10:35 am
Last Updated:May 7, 2018 7:09 am
Just in case some of my readers are a little short on time, I'll keep this one brief:

How's that? Jimmy B.
Double Your Pleasure
Posted:Apr 26, 2018 12:01 pm
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2018 4:40 am
Back in high school I remember hanging with friends after school at the local park. We’d talk, smoke and make out like your typical teenagers usually do. One of my best friends was Carla. Carla had been saying for a while that she'd like to suck two cocks at once. Being her good friend of course, I was not about to deprive her of the opportunity. All I had to do, she told me, was find another guy interested in participating. Steve said he'd be up for it. Steve's up for anything if it involves his cock being stroked, sucked, admired or discussed. Being “Bi-Sexual” meant Steve always had better chances of getting laid than most people. And Carla, as it turns out is up for anything if it involves two stiff cocks near her face.

Carla has a dirty sense of humor and will smile at you sideways provocatively enough to give you a hardon on the bus. She's a sexy girl, with big soft bouncy breasts and a delicious spankable ass. Her hair is blonde and she wears sassy lipstick on her sassy lips. You've got the picture.

One night, after a little pot smoking in the park, Carla confided that she'd been fantasizing about blowing two guys at the same time. She wanted to alternate sucking them, comparing their size and hardness. She wanted to put the heads of both in her mouth at the same time and listen to the guys grunt as their cocks rubbed together against her tongue. I volunteered mine on the spot.

Steve and I rode the bus home from school to her house and, since Steve and Carla had never met, I described her briefly to him. He seemed excited. "Do you think you'll be able to get hard with me there?" He asked. We'd seen each other hard a few times before under circumstances I won't expound on here, and I was fairly comfortable talking to him frankly about sex.

"I don't think it'll be a problem for either of us once Carla gets naked," I said.

"Dude I can't wait," he said.

Carla answered her door wearing a cleavage-revealing tank top and blue jean cutoff shorts. "Come in boys," she said with that sideways smile, her lashes dark with mascara. I could see Steve's eyes locked on her breasts. “My folks are out for the evening, it’s “date night” for them.” She said with a wink.

She sat us down next to each other on her couch and went right to it, straddling me and kissing me slow and sexy on the mouth. My hands led themselves to her ass and I was instantly hard. Carla climbed over onto Steve and in between kisses they introduced themselves. "I knew you guys would get along," I said.

After a few minutes of kissing Carla stood and told us to strip. Steve and I exchanged an excited glance, stood up and took off our clothes. We stood there in front of her, cocks mostly hard, and awaited instructions. "Mmm, you guys have nice cocks," Carla crooned. "I mean, I know you've got a nice cock, B, but I mean they look nice together." We watched side by side as she pulled the tank top over tits to expose them to us... Our dicks each stiffened one more notch as her bra was pulled down.

Steve and I looked her up and down while she soaked up the attention. We admired her thighs, her curvy hips, and her amazing breasts. They're big and sassy her rosy nipples pointing at each of us. "Now let's see you guys stroke those cocks a little," Carla said, taking a step toward us. We took our hardons in our hands and started rubbing slowly.

"We're both right handed," said Steve, looking down at what I was working on.

I laughed and told him I'd be both handed if I was as big as him. It's true — Steve's dick is quite a bit bigger than mine. It hangs long and heavy when it's soft, and when it's hard, well it's a sight to see. I glanced down at his erection, long, hard and fat in his hand.

"Your's is pretty fucking huge too, dude," he said. We were both admiring the other's hardon, somehow feeling perfectly straight about it.

At this point, Carla had sat on the arm of a chair and was softly caressing her clit. Her tits swayed pleasantly and her thighs jiggled as her hand moved against them.

Steve and I struck up a conversation regarding the finer points of Carla's naked body as we ran our hands up and down our dicks, and didn't even notice as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled toward us, licking her lips and narrowing her eyes like a savannah predator. I did, however, notice her hips, her arched back and her hanging breasts as she crawled. Carla rose to her knees and wrapped her fingers first around Steve's penis and then mine. She closed her eyes, seeming to revel in the feeling of us in her hands. Steve and I looked at each other and silently agreed to let her revel.

When Carla's tongue first flicked the head of Steve's penis, he and I were looking at each other. His eyes got wide and he took in a sharp breath. "She's good at this part," I said. "Just wait." I watched as she took the end of his dick into her mouth, her eyes closed, one hand around his balls, the other on mine. She sucked him up and down a few times to get his cock nice and wet before she directed her attention to what I was offering. She did the same to me. From there she began alternating between us, giving Steve four or five good sucks then me. At times she would get extra interested in one of our cocks, and the other guy would hold his at the base and slap it gently against her cheek and neck and tits. She told us she liked this. Once she had satisfied her momentary curiosity, she would grab the cock slapping her wetly and discover something interesting about it.

As this went on, Steve and I gradually stood closer together to give Carla more to explore, until the tips of our dicks were only inches apart. With a mischievous look up at me, Carla took both our cocks by the base, stuck out her wet pink tongue and took both our heads into her mouth. I was surprised by the feeling of Steve's hot hard dick up against mine, but was enjoying Carla's equally hot mouth too much to care. Steve didn't seem to mind either, even when she began to rub our swollen heads together. Soon, as Carla was sucking me, Steve rubbed the tip of his cock against her lips and tongue, and consequently, all over my dick. "It makes me horny to see your cocks rubbing against each other while I'm sucking them," Carla said, looking to us for agreement. "Did you notice?"

"Oh I wasn't really paying attention to this guy's dick," Steve said with a laugh. "Mostly just your gorgeous lips."

"Doesn't bother me," I said.

With this, Carla squeezed our hardons together and took as much of them as she could into her mouth. Spit ran down her chin and landed in a tantalizingly cum-like puddle on her breasts. She rubbed our erections together with newfound curiosity and licked them as if they were one giant cock. Steve asked me if I was close to cumming and I said I was getting there. He told me to hold out for him so we could both get off at the same time.

Carla was rubbing her clit hard now, enjoying herself immensely, if the moans were any indication. We each took our cocks in our hands and jerked them off against her tongue and face as she masturbated and played with her soft tits. We weren't trying to keep them from touching as they slapped against her hungry mouth. They glided against each other easily. As our moans and grunts intensified, Carla gave us each two or three last sucks, squeezing our balls while she did it. "Now cum all over me," she said, hungry. This was apparently enough to drive us over the edge, and as the orgasms mounted in our bodies, Steve and I decided where we'd cum.

"Dude, cum all over her tits," he grunted, clearly excited by the prospect.

"Cool, and you cum on her face, " I replied. I was confident that Carla was comfortable with these plans based on her wide smile. We both went into pre-orgasm expletive mode and jerked our cocks wildly against Carla's mouth, tits, hair, whatever, as well as each other. I watched Steve take aim at her beautiful open mouth and I pointed my own cock at her sweet chubby tits. As we both shot our bursts of hot sticky cum on Carla's soft face and tits we first watched our own cock and then the other's, exchanging a quick mid-orgasm glance. My last shot missed its target and landed on Steve's shaft. We all laughed and Carla licked it off.

After licking our cum off herself, Carla led us to her bedroom. The three of us laid on her big bed, Steve and I each playing with a breast. Carla looked as satisfied as I'd seen her.
“So I guess we draw straws to see who fucks her first?” Steve asked out loud.
“No,” I said, “First one to get hard again goes first!” Yeah, I was cheating because I never actually went soft
Into the Woods One More Time
Posted:Apr 25, 2018 12:41 pm
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2018 10:37 am
I'd been chatting with this extraordinarily sensual woman from Nevada for a few weeks. I felt instantly at ease with her and told her things I'd never told any else I'd met over the internet. She'd sent me her picture and she was absolutely gorgeous. foot tall, large breasts, incredible legs and an absolutely perfect body. At foot inches tall, I've always been drawn to beautifull women, women, with large breasts and long legs and I couldn't get her out of my mind. There was something mysteriously erotic about her. Everytime I closed my eyes she was there.

Staring at me.

Winking at me. Wildly sexual, dripping arousal and oozing raw feminine power, rocking her hips back and forth slowly, tapping her high heels impatiently on the floor.

minutes after I closed my eyes my cock was totally erect and my balls actually hurt because they were so tight. So I dropped down on my back and closed my eyes. Imagining she was straddling my hips, squatting above me, teasing me with her pussy, rubbing the mouth of her pussy all over the wildly swollen head of my cock but never lowering herself down. Just teasing me, teasing herself, making both of us wet.

Very wet.

Too wet.

Suddenly I desperately needed to know what it would feel like to have her slide her pussy down over my cock, very slowly. Very very slowly.

And I wasn't going to find out sitting on the edge of my dock.

So I jumped in my kayak and beat feet to a secluded spot I diovered a couple ago. It's on an uninhabited island about miles from my place and you have to paddle into a small hidden cove to get there and then hike for a few hundred feet or so back into the woods until you find it. There's a small pond and a waterfall coming out of the side of the rocks. The water is perfect bath temperature this time of year.

Anyway, I slipped off my running shorts and T-shirt and plopped into the water, completely naked. After a few minutes of floating around I swam over to a large flat rock on edge of the pond and dropped down on my back.

And started thinking about her again.

Thinking about her rocking her hips back and forth above me, so aroused that her vaginal lubrication was literally dripping out of her. Covering me. Thinking about what I'd do to her if we ever met.

Ten seconds later my cock was hard as a rock again.

I closed my eyes and started stroking it softly. Thinking about her picture. Wishing I had more of them. Pretending it was her touch I was feeling, not mine. Pretending that my fingers were her fingers. Imagining all the wonderfully sensual things I could do to her if she were here right now with me in this magic environment. ing with her nipples, sucking on them softly, ticking her clit with my tongue, sliding slowly up inside her pussy as she groaned seductively. Sticking my tongue in her butt, teasing her. I tried to imagine her tongue, her mouth on my cock. Sucking on it, ing with it, driving me insane with arousal. I started to imagine different enario's, different positions we'd make love in, on her back, legs held up, knees almost by the sides of her breasts, on her stomach, my body smothering hers, driving my cock deep inside her as she rocked her butt back against me furiously and reamed while my arms wrapped around her and my fingers massaged her clit slowly, standing and holding her body in my arms as her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms wrapped around my neck and she bounced slowly, passionately up and down, impaling herself on my huge cock, suspended on it, stretching the lips of her pussy around it, feeling the head of it pushing up against her cervix, feeling her nipples pushing in against my chest and her tongue licking me wildly ...and, eventually, I fell into a sort of sexual trance, stroking myself lightly.

I'm not sure how much time passed.

Then I heard it.

A female voice right in front of me.

"Hmmmm, that's incredibly erotic. I've never watched a man masturbate before, especially not a man built like you..."

I opened my eyes and saw a tall woman, about 40 old, with long dark hair standing directly in front of me in ankle deep water, sliding her running shorts down over her legs.

And staring directly at my completely erect cock.

'Hmmm...don't stop just because I'm's incredibly arousing to watch you touch boyfriend won't do that in front of me...well, c'mon, who is she anyway?" she said, as she completed her striptease by slipping her panties off and then pulling her T-shirt up over her head.

Her breasts were large and she smiled at me sensually, and sat down on a rock facing me, with her legs spread intentionally apart. The lips of her bare pussy were already turning a deep crimson red.

"Who is who?", I asked, so stunned by her actions that I forgot my hand was still sliding up and down along the shaft of my cock.

"The woman you're thinking about. She must be really really sexy to get you this worked up," she said, glancing directly at my cock again and then winking at me as she reached into a small backpack laying beside her.

"Oh, yeah. It''s a woman I've met on the internet. Her name is Kelly. Well, actually I don't know what her real name is, I just call her Kelly. She's an incredibly sensual woman. A writer. About 40 old. I really don't know that much about her but I find myself smiling and thinking about her at the strangest times. Wondering what her face would look like, what she would sound like, what her body would feel like trembling against mine when she climaxed. Hmmm, thinking about her gets me so hot...hey, what's that stuff?"

"Yeah, I can see that thinking about her gets you hot. From the size of that erection, apparently very very hot. Oh, this is just some lubrication," she grinned, as she held up a small bottle of something in her right hand and immediately put her left hand down on her pussy and began to massage herself gently, "I was surprised to find you here. I didn't think anybody knew about this secret spot but I guess I was wrong. Anyway, I'm about a half hour ahead of my boyfriend and his brother and his brother's wife because they're all slow paddlers and I figured I'd come up here and masturbate for awhile, just enjoy myself, I do it all the time. And, well, I'm a little short of natural lubrication so this stuff s get me in the mood...makes everything slick and soft and very sensitive...that's usually enough to get me off...but having you here, laying there in front of me with that huge hard cock of yours, watching you touch yourself, well, that's just a great big bonus...okay, time for some fun..."

She took her left hand off her pussy and turned it palm up. Then she poured a small pile of the contents of the bottle on her hand and immediately began massaging her pussy with it again. Spreading the clear fluid all over herself. Staring directly at my cock for a few minutes and then closing her eyes and spreading her legs further apart as she began taking long deep breaths.

Momentarily ignoring me.

"hmmmm, I can feel my clit getting hard...rubbing it feels so good sometimes and doing it right in front of you is even more erotic," she said as she opened her eyes sleepily, looked down at my cock and continued to slowly massage her clit with the middle finger of her right hand. "Well, are you still thinking about the woman in Nevada or are you thinking about me by now? Do you think her pussy is this wet, this swollen right now? Does her clit look like this? Or do I just look like her? Maybe I am her. Maybe I'm not real and you're dreaming all this. While you figure that out, I've got an idea...I want to watch you cum and then you can watch me cum...but we've only got about ten minutes and then those other guys will be here. My name's Kar...umm, Connie..."

"I'm Jim," I said, absolutely stunned but incredibly aroused because this obviously wasn't a dream. "Have you ever d this before, Connie? I mean in front of a man you don't even know?"

She just shook her head back and forth slowly as she dropped the bottle of lubrication and brought that hand up to her breasts and began massaging them softly, sliding the tips of her fingers over her nipples until they were completely erect, as she gasped, "no...but I was thinking about masturbating the whole time I was walking up here and then suddenly bumping into you and watching you touching yourself got me so hot and I figured what the hell I was already coming up here to masturbate and it's not like you can fuck me in ten minutes or that I even think you would seem like a perfect gentleman, an aroused perfect gentlemen, but...ohgawd this is so exciting, Jim, all of this...knowing you're watching me...ummm...touch myself...knowing you can see my pussy like swollen and red...watching you look at me as I massage my clit and my nipples right in front of you...ohgawd...I already feel like I wanna cum...touching myself in front of you...I've never d anything like this before...down deep I've always known I was an exhibitionist, looking at you, knowing you're looking at me...hmmm, ohgawd, I need to be closer to you when you cum..."

Looking slightly out of control, she took her hands off herself, reached down and picked up the bottle of lubrication and stepped towards me. When she was straddling my hips with her feet she simply bent her knees and squatted down and poured a massive amount of the lubrication directly over my cock. Her swollen and glistening pussy was now only inches from the head of my cock.

"Hmmm, tell me about Kelly, Jim," she said as she dropped the bottle again and began to slide both her forefingers up and down very lightly along the sides of her completely exposed clit. "Tell me about everything you were thinking when I showed up, tell me about everything you want to do to her..."

"I was dreaming about her...ummm...well, she was squatting over me, like you are right now, Connie, ohgawd...but instead of touching herself she had dropped her hips down a little lower and was sliding the mouth of her pussy all over the head of my cock," I groaned, as I began to stroke my hand up and down the shaft of my suddenly very slick cock, mouth open, staring at this crazy woman masturbating above me. "I could feel the lips of her pussy, soft, wet lips caressing me, squeezing down around me just for a second and slipping up off me, teasing me. Daring me to rock my hips up into her. But knowing that I wouldn't because she was in control. Daring me to reach up and grab her hips and force her hot wet pussy down over my huge throbbing cock. But knowing I wouldn't because she was in control. Wanting to roll her over on her back, bite the side of her neck very softly, like a lion, and then slam my cock completely up inside her pussy as she wrapped her legs around me and we fucked each other very slowly but very deep and then..."

"Ohgawddddd, Jim..." she moaned as she took finger off her clit and almost furiously shoved it up her pussy. "That's so fucking hot...all I can think about is feeling that huge cock of yours slamming inside me, consuming me, ripping me's too can't wait for you to cum, Jim...".

Suddenly she began pinching her clit wildly, rubbing it between her fingers as she fucked herself furiously with her other hand. She was trying to look down at me while she was doing this but her eyes kept rolling up in her head. Ten seconds later her whole body jerked spastically or times, she gasped, reamed this very soft ream, pulled her hands away from her pussy and toppled forward on top of me. Smashing her nipples into my chest.

I didn't know what to do. My hand was still on my cock and her hot wet pussy was pressing down against my wrist. I could feel it twitching as all the mules inside it contracted and relaxed spasmodically in response to the small aftershocks consuming her body.

Suddenly I had too many options and n of them seemed like the right choice. I couldn't just push her off me and finish jerking off. And I couldn't just maneuver her hips around and slide my cock up inside her pussy and pretend I was fucking Kelly.

So I just laid there, frozen for a minute and then pulled my hand out from under her. As I did this I could feel the head of my cock suddenly resting against the mouth of her vagina. She felt so soft, so inviting, but I tried to ignore it and just wrapped my arms around her loosely and said, "ummm, are you okay, Connie?"

She didn't say a thing.

She just groaned this very deep groan and pushed her body backwards down over mine very slowly.

Until my cock was completely inside her pussy.

"Ohmygawd, that's exactly how I thought it would feel..." she groaned as she started to lick my right nipple very slowly.

"Connie, Connie, are you up there?" a male voice suddenly shouted in the distance, down near the water.

"Oh, shit, too late now," she whispered as I felt all the mules in her pussy lock down around the shaft of my cock and then suddenly release it. "Gotta go...sorry."

I couldn't even keep track of what I felt immediately after she said she was sorry. Too many things happened at once. I felt her nipples suddenly sliding up over my chest. I felt her pussy suddenly sliding up off my wildly twitching cock. I felt her tongue suddenly lick the side of my face.

And then suddenly I felt nothing.

She was standing over me. Staring down at my still totally erect cock as she quickly threw her clothes on. Less than 45 seconds later she was dressed and walking away, swinging her butt and shouting in the direction of the water, "I'm coming, guys, I'm coming..."

Then she stopped and looked back over her shoulder and whispered, "actually I've already cum. And it was absolutely wonderful. Thanks, Jim, if you're ever in Georgia...hmmm..."

I couldn't even manage to say goodbye to her I was so stunned. I just kept blinking my eyes and staring at her butt as she disappeared into the trees
Walnut Street: Caught In The Act!
Posted:Apr 24, 2018 4:43 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2018 9:42 am
By the time my junior year at Tech rolled around I've had sex numerous times in the Big House on Walnut Street before, which was pretty often with Robin and Mike and a few others. But the hottest experience I had was when I was attending school during the Summer Quarter of 1980 something.. You'll be pleased to learn that this story involves one of my female roommates, a girl named Beth with brown hair, about 5'6" and maybe 130 lbs. There were about 6 people living in the house at this time.

I had just got back from the gym and taken a shower in the upstairs bathroom then I had gone into my room in just a towel.

In my room I hung the towel up and went to my VCR, put in a tape and then put on my headphones, and started watching some porn. Apparently the headphones were louder than I thought or my roommate didn't knock very loudly because I felt a breeze coming from the direction of my door, turn, and realize that it's from Beth opening the door to my room, already walking in - apparently to ask me a question about something.

So there I am, I am completely naked. My right hand is covered in lotion. My lubed up cock is on full display. Beth has stopped 2 steps into the room with the door behind her and her eyes wide open, either staring at my cock or at the porn on my TV screen. Why the fuck didn’t I lock that damn door?

Either way, I'm beyond embarrassed.

Then, before either of us can say anything, another roommate, whose room opens up into the hallway directly across from mine, starts to open his door. Since I really didn't want to be seen by everyone in the house, I half whispered, half yelled for Beth to close the door while I attempted to cover up as best I could with my hands.

So Beth ran the two steps to the door and slammed it shut right before our other roommate came out of his room but she closed it from inside my room, walked over to me and sat on my bed like 3 feet from me.

Still fairly shocked and taking stock of the situation, I asked her what she was doing.

She replied, "You told me to close the door!"

So I said, "No, I mean what are you doing just walking into my room like that?"

She responded, "I knocked because I wanted to ask you about the cable bill this month but you apparently didn't hear me so I came in."

This whole time I'm covering myself with my hands and she's alternately looking me in the eyes and then down at my crotch. I was having a hard time keeping everything covered, so she could certainly see my balls and parts of my shaft

I was still pretty embarrassed but also a little turned on so I asked why she hadn't left when she saw that I was "busy."

She laughed, looked right at my crotch and said, "You have a huge cock!"

I was glad to hear her say that because hey, what guy isn't, but still, I was shocked because she'd been dating some guy for like 7 or 8 months. I guess my thick 7 and a half inches was impressive.

(Side note, she and her then boyfriend subsequently got engaged)

Anyways, so I asked her about Jake, her boyfriend and she said that I had a nicer body than him and that it wasn't like she was going to do anything with me.

Needless to say at this point my embarrassment was almost entirely overcome by my excitement. So, having gained a little more confidence I replied, "So. You're not going to do anything other than walk in on me, you mean." I remembered a month or two earlier when Beth had walked into my room while Robin and I were fucking on my bed. I also recalled she didn’t leave then either but stayed long enough to have an orgasm watching us.

She laughed again and I actually laughed a little bit with her.

And she said, "Like I said, walking in here was an accident. Then you told me to close the door, so I did."

And we laughed again.

And then she said, "What you were doing when I walked in here was your own choice. And what you do now. But like I said, I'm not going to do anything."

So I decided fuck it, may as well go for it. And I said, "Including leave?" And I dropped my hands to my sides.

And then she just stared openly at my cock… and she repeated, "You TOLD me to close the door. Why should Robin and Mike have all the fun anyway?"

And I laughed and told her I thought she might be on the other side of it when she did close the door but that I preferred that no one else see me jerking off.

So then she said, "Oh, so that means I do get to watch? Again?" and smiled as she winked at me.

And I think she may have been joking, because it is kind of funny in retrospect, but neither of us actually laughed. I’d guess from her comments she knew all about Robin’s wanton ways in the house. Hell, I’d bet that she and Robin and Mike had some fun times in this big house too. I think everyone in this house wound up in bed with Robin or Mike sooner or later.

So I look her in the eyes, reach down and resume stroking myself again. And her eyes are basically glued to my cock. I started to grin at the expression on her face.

So she was sitting on the edge of my bed leaned forward with her face less than two feet from my cock as I slowly jerked off.

After about five minutes I got a little bolder and I reached down and start playing with my balls a little bit.

And she said, "Wait a second, do that again."

And I asked her "Do what?"

And she says, "Rock back like that in your chair again."

So I lift my balls with one hand while I keep stroking with the other and bring my thighs up and out.

I had no idea why she told me to do that and then she was like, "Woah, you got some really big balls too don’t you Jimmy?"

I replied, "Uhhh, yeah"

And she said she really liked it and wished her boyfriend’s sack was as large as mine.

I didn't really know what to say so I just said "uh huh" and kept stroking.

And then she said, "Can I take a closer look?"

And I remember thinking "She's 2 feet away from me, what the heck is a closer look?"

As if she could read my mind, she told me. "Scoot forward in the chair so your ass is over the edge, then lean back and spread a little bit."

So I scooted and paused for a second, then repeated the last part of her instructions, "Spread?"

And she said "Your cheeks. You just showered, right?"

I just nodded and leaned back and grabbed my buttcheeks and pulled them apart, showing her my freshly showered anus.

I hold that pose for a few seconds, staring up at her face as she's looking directly into my little pink starfish and she finally breaks the silence. "Wow, I can’t believe I’m doing this."

And there I am, spreading my buttcheeks apart with my hands while my cute female roommate is less than a foot away, staring at my butthole.

Finally, she said "That is soooo hot!"

And since her investigation had brought her face so close to my ass, I could feel her hot breath across my hairless balls and anus, which was enough to make my balls jump slightly and my butthole quiver.

She seemed surprised and exclaimed, "Woah, did I do that?" Then, smiling, she blew lightly across my nutsack and butthole again -- intentionally this time.

The sensation was incredible, almost overwhelming, so I sat back up in my chair so quickly that I almost hit her with my legs when I put them back down on the floor.

So she grinned at me and said, "So that feels pretty good, huh?"

And I resumed stroking myself and said, "Yeah, especially when you made it very clear that you weren't going to do anything."

She looked back down at my cock and said, "I meant I wasn't going to touch you!"

So we laughed and I made some stupid joke about how that was a great blowjob.

And then she laughed and, deciding to take the joke one step further, got down on her knees in front of my chair and started blowing on my package.

I figured what the heck so I leaned back again and spread my cheeks so that she'd have unrestricted access to my butthole. Only this time, her face was even closer than before, probably like 3 or 4 inches away. And she was still laughing like it was a joke.

But the combination of my cute female audience, having been jacking off for more than half an hour, and her blowing on my anus from nearly close enough to lick it was enough to put me over the edge.

I think I had time to say "Oh my god!"

Or maybe she saw my nutsack tighten up because she jumped up onto her feet and was looking down at me with my back flat on the seat of my chair and my head against the backrest.

I didn't even have the sense to move my left hand from my buttcheek, but I grabbed my cock with my right hand and started jerking off. Frantically and I had what was easily the most powerful orgasm of my life.

Or at least certainly the messiest.‎ My breath came in racked gasps as I came again and again, spraying jet after jet of hot cum out of my throbbing cock. I hit myself in the face with the first 3 or 4 sprays and then covered my chest with the remaining 5 or 6.

And Beth was just staring down at me from less than 3 feet away while a thick layer of my own cum was rapidly cooling on my face and stomach. A final glob of cum was dripping off the end of my cock to mix with the massive puddle on my abs. The expression on her face was something like amazement.

As the room stopped spinning and I catch my breath, she's just smiling down at me. I took a deep breath and smiled back, feeling the cum drip down my face as I did.

Slowly the realization begins to creep across me that I'm drenched in what feels like a gallon of my own semen and that I just masturbated for and showed off my most intimate body parts to my roommate Beth who already had a boyfriend.

“Damn Jimmy,” she said, “here’s where I have to break my word not to do anything… Get up and lay down on that bed.” For some reason I did what I was told as I watch her start to remove her clothing.

She proceeded to lick up all the cum that covered me, starting with my face and slowly worked her way down my neck and chest. My now deflated cock was slowly coming back to life and by the time she got to the cum in my navel, I was at full erection and throbbing.

Her clothes quickly came off as she reached up to turn my TV back on. The porn I was watching was still going full speed but I only had eyes for Beth as her tits were freed from the bra she was wearing. By this time I was on my back, on the bed when Beth literally jumped over me and grabbed my cock. Sitting on my stomach with her back to me, she proceeded to suck my cock with her own ass practically in my face. I grimed as I tried to pull her closer for a taste but she had other things in mind. Straddling me and holding my cock in a death grip..(kinda painful too) Beth rubbed the head of my cock across her pussy lips sending wave after wave of pleasure across the head of my cock.

Then, slowly she started pushing me inside her….. my GOD but as wet as she was it was incredibly tight. All I could think was “Fuck me baby Fuck me please!!!” as each inch slowly disappeared into her. I had a perfect view of every sweet moment I entered her. After what seemed like minutes, I was all the way in!!! GOD DAMN it was TIGHT!

I reached up to grab her ass but stopped when she said, “NOT YET!”

Her right hand reached down to fondle my ball sack as she began to move. And my god could this girl MOVE~! Slick and tight. Just like when I jerk off with hand lotion in my palm. Her hips were moving in a grinding motion I had never felt before. Then she started humping me and I fucking LOVED IT! “My god my god my fucking god.” Was all I could say as she continued to grind away on my cock. Of course having JUST had a big orgasm, I wasn’t in any hurry to cum again soon so I let her have her fun until I started to feel my balls begin to fill up again.

She began to chant a so sexy version of “Oh..Oh…Oh…Oh…OH!...OH!...OH!!” louder and louder, just like on the porno I had been watching earlier and with each “OH!” I got closer and closer to my second orgasm till She began to shudder and lost her rhythm to her grinding. When she screamed out “OH FUCK!” and started shaking it was all I could stand and I began to buck and thrust as spurts of hot cum were rammed into her pussy from below. Again and again I came then all I had left was empty spasms as my orgasm rocked my body.

A few minutes later we both recovered enough to speak. “Wow!”, was all I could say.

Sweat poring off her body, Beth looked me in the eye and said, “So tell me Jimmy. Whose pussy is better? Mine or Robin’s?”

Knowing full well better than to answer that I looked Beth back in the eye and said, “I think I need to do more research before I can honestly answer that question. I still haven’t tasted your pussy yet.”

Fearing for my life, I flinched when she raised her hand. Then, with a shy smile and a little chuckle, she said, “You know, you may be right
She's a Brick....HOUSE
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Last Updated:Apr 26, 2018 9:48 am
Oh! She’s A Brick…House
“She’s mighty mighty .. letting it ALL hang out. The clothes she wears, her sexy ways, makes an old man wish for younger days…Yeah, yeah yeah..How can she loose with what she use? Thirty six..Twenty four…Thirty six … What a winning hand…. ”

Isn’t it funny how a song can open up a memory thought buried decades ago? It was sometime in the nineteen eighties when I was a freshman at TTU. It was the dead of winter and some fraternity sponsored a dance at the top floor of the University Center to raise funds for some charity. Word spread to my pals Tommy and Billy and we made plans to attend. Yeah, I am a dancing fool. In high school we had a dancing club that was sponsored by Mrs. Haney. We learned just about every dance step from the Jitterbug to the free style of Disco and just about everything in between. This would be the first time I got to strut my stuff at TTU.

God it was awful. A freak snowstorm on Thursday and by Friday the roads were clear but the temperatures were in the teens. And my winter coat was still at home. My blue jean jacket was all I had to fight the cold.

About 40 students showed up for the dance. The Multi-Purpose Room could have handled 300 or more with room to spare. No one wanted to get on the floor and dance. The DJ was good. The music selections were great but no one wanted to “break the ice” (yeah it was cold, did I mention that?).

Then I saw her. Black Dress. Big Tits. Spike Heels. Sparkly Necklace. And (On My God) RED HAIR! About 5 foot 4 in heels. I think I lost about 40 IQ points because I was incapable of speaking more than two words at a time for about 5 minutes. I stared with my mouth open until Tommy and Billy (who was there with his girlfriend Cindy) told me to go over and introduce myself. Was I THAT obvious?

As I walked up to say hello the DJ started that song. The horn section blared out and the Commodores started singing “She’s A BRICK…House…” My eyes locked with hers and she reached out and grabbed my hand and practically dragged me onto the dance floor before I could even get the word “Hello” out of my mouth.

Mother of GOD she was beautiful. Every word of the song described her perfectly. We danced. WE moved. She mesmerized me with her movements. Her tits were moving like they were alive and dancing across her chest.

I remember thinking to myself, “God, don’t stare….. Stay calm…. DON”T get a BONER!... Oh my god.” over and over again as the music played. I looked up and almost everyone was on the dance floor now. Wow…just wow….

We were moving like poetry. She would adapt to whatever style I switched to. At one point I remember the DJ put on “Rock Around The Clock” and to my pleasant surprise she dropped into a full blown Jitterbug dance step and seemed surprised when I started leading her into the loops and swirls in time to the music. We danced until we could not dance any more. Again she took my hand and dragged me off the dance floor this time. While getting a drink at the water fountain, I introduced myself and asked for her name.

“Jennifer” was all she said. When I pressed for a last name she looked up from the fountain and said “Waters” Suddenly I thought it odd that her last name was just what she was drinking at the time. The odd feeling got worse as we went back inside and she thanked me for the dance and walked away to her circle of friends without looking back. I was “dismissed” plain and simple. Two words were all she said to me and one of them was a lie. I was sure of it.

Long story short, Jennifer started dancing with some other guy so I decided the dance was a bust as I would be going home by myself tonight. Tommy (not a dancer AT AL was already to leave and suggested we drive down to Gainesboro to get some booze. Billy and Cindy were also ready to leave. Tommy’s car was parked at the front entrance to the UC and as we went down the stairs, we ran into “Miss Waters” leaving the dance and Tommy (bless his heart) invited her to come along with us and to my surprise, she wanted to go. I got the cold shoulder routine as we walked out to Tommy’s car. Jennifer called shotgun and I wound up sitting in the back with Cindy and Billy. Billy tried to make a move on Cindy shortly after the motor started and she shut him down hard. I almost felt sorry for him.

Tommy and Jennifer were chatting and even flirting in the front seat. All I could do was sit and watch and fume. Every once and a while I would catch “Miss Waters” eyeballing me as she put her hand on Tommy’s leg. This was the first time I ever wanted to throw someone out of a moving car.

The trip to Gainesboro was absolutely uneventful. No other care were on the icy road and the temperature was now in the single digits. Two bottles of wine were purchased and consumed in the car. The trip back to Cookeville was a lot more interesting. Jennifer, in her heavy winter coat, thought it would be fun to roll down the windows and yell “FREEZE OUT!”. Subjecting the three of us in the back seat to wind chills of god-only-knows-what… had all of us screaming at her and Tommy.

The third time the windows came down, I had had enough. I reached across the seats and pulled “Miss Waters” coat right off her back. Shit. She could freeze with the rest of us. I thought. I guess I thought wrong. The next thing I know she climbed over the car seat into the back with us fighting to get the coat back from me. Hands in my hair and pulling, I decided it was ON bitch. So, I grabbed a handful of tit and squeezed each time she pulled my hair.

Next thing I know both tits have popped out of that dress and she’s got both Billy and me in a double headlock, my face pressed deep into her soft tits. Not sure what Billy was doing but I decided to slip my free right hand up her skirt and grab a little hair of my own. To my surprise there was very little to grab. Her pussy was mostly bare under her panties. It was also soaking wet too. My first red head, my first shaved pussy in hand, and my first threesome (foursome?) in the back seat of a car. Jennifer started humping my hand.

I spoke too soon. Cindy, after shutting Billy down numerous times, decided to vacate the back by climbing into the front seat. Wow…was she PISSED. By now Billy was sucking tit and trying to cop a feel himself. Too bad, my hand got there first.

What the fuck? The bitch BIT me on the shoulder! I reached around with my left hand and spanked her ass HARD! The moan that came out of her throat was loud and kind of exciting. As if I needed more excitement. My cock was hard as a rock and I couldn’t get to my zipper. “Miss Waters” continued to scratch and claw at both Billy and I while Cindy was screaming at Tommy to “Take me to the fucking dorms Asshole!” After that exchange, I lost interest in them.

A few minutes later, the car rolls to a stop, Cindy gets out (damn it’s fucking COLD) and opens the back door. “Billy!” she screams. “Get your ass out of that car!” To my surprise, Billy stops what he’s doing, looks around and gets out of the car. Cindy about breaks the door slamming it so hard. All this time, Tommy is laughing his head off.

Me, I look up just in time to see Cindy smack the living shit right out of Billy on the side of the road. “Miss Waters” moans again and is now rubbing the outline of my boner through my jeans. We drive on through the snow as I slip my fingers deeper into wet, hot pussy. Jennifer grabbed my shirt and ripped it open in the front. Buttons flew in all directions.

Tommy parked the car near the men’s dorms. He then got out laughing and told me to lock up the car when I was done. At least I think that’s what he said. I was busy wrestling with a wild woman in the back seat. With more room, now that Cindy and Billy had vacated the back, we were removing clothing and that’s when I noticed she was wearing hose, but not panty hose. While I struggled with my belt and pants, Jennifer slipped out of the (now soaked) black lace panties and pulled her stretched out dress over her head. The black bra was pulled down but not off.

Again the claws went into my hair. With incredible strength Jennifer pulled my head down between her legs and threw one leg over my shoulder (the one with the teeth marks on it) and started face fucking me. Not to be out done, I slipped a digit in both holes while I sucked her clit. Her moaning turned into loud cursing.

Something along the lines of ,”Suck my pussy you fucking prick! Suck me HARDDD! God damn it!” You fucking bastard you like it don’t ya? You little cock sucking dick wad.” And a few comments about my immediate family including eating my dog’s ass and ass fucking my sister. The list continued the whole time I was being face fucked.

Suddenly the she devil let go of my head, leaned back a bit and told me to put my cock inside her. Ok, don’t have to tell me twice. Slowly at first then she slid to the side with me on top and we fucked our brains out. The cursing was gone. In it’s place was moaning and whimpering and gasping for breath. Her nails racked down my back and I know she drew blood. I literally lost my mind and all I could think of was one simple thing …FUCK FUCK FUCK….. but I couldn’t cum in this missionary position. After a few minutes of thrust after thrust I finally pulled out, rolled her over ass up and jammed myself inside her doggy style. Her gasp was loud enough to wake up the dorm. I proceeded to pound the shit out of her adding the occasional slap on the cheek of her ass.

Face down on the back seat she said something I couldn’t quite understand. So in keeping with the mood I yelled out, “What you say bitch?” while continuing my path to orgasm.

“Smack my ass HARD when you cum, you bastard!”

OK so she’s into that more than I thought. Within minutes my balls were so full they were beginning to hurt and I felt the moment was about to explode. I pulled back my right hand and slapped the shit out of her ass and grabbed hold. I exploded one..two..three…four…Fucking FIVE…SIX! ….OH GOD SEVEN~! times when she started to shudder and suddenly a gush of cum sprayed all over my balls, my legs and back seat.

Now keep this in mind. Up until this moment I had never met a woman who squirted when she cum. Here I was thinking I had just been pissed on and I didn’t take it very well.

“What the FUCK?” I said aloud. “Why the hell did ya do THAT for?” The “piss” had soaked everything in the back seat. My jeans, her dress, my button less shirt and Tommy’s upholstery.

All she could do at that moment was shake and mumble something I couldn’t understand. So, like an asshole, I repeated the question.

“What? What’s wrong? OH.. shit. I made a mess didn’t I?” she smiled at me for the first time tonight.

“Uh… is that er.. ah.. normal for you?” Shit. My ignorance was REALY showing when my two watt light bulb finally came on.

She grinned a little and said. “Don’t know. First time for that happening. Christ it’s COLD!”

I handed her clothes to her as I dug out my shoes from the bottom of the pile. Then I stuck my foot in my mouth and said the wrong thing.

“So Jennifer, what’s your real name?”


“Waters? Come on. I wasn’t born yesterday.”

The back of the car suddenly got a LOT colder. “Fuck YOU! Asshole! Take me back to the Dorms NOW!”

OK… I guess the night was over. I got dressed, trudged through the snow to my car parked on the other side of the Quad and drove back to Tommy’s ride. The ride back to the women’s Dorm was cold and silent. As she got out I tried to say I was sorry but she stopped me with a death stare and a middle finger. For months and even years later the response I got from her was the same no matter where we accidentally met.

Why you may ask? Well, it turns out that Tommy went to high school with Jennifer. She was a year ahead of him. I found out all of this later. Seems “Jenny” was very interested in me the whole night. While flirting with Tommy (and rubbing his penis at the time) they concocted this whole plan to get me alone with her. That’s why the fool kept laughing so much. Tommy was one of her conquests in high school and she used him to get to me. I also found out her last name was really Martin, not Waters. But the fact that I caught her in her little white lie set her off and made me persona non grata …like forever.

“Face it Jimmy,” Tommy told me, “You dodged a bullet man. That bitch was CRAZY!”

“OK. So tell me Tommy,” I asked, “Why the hell did you set me up with that man eater anyway?”

“You know my car still smells like a whore house on Sunday morning. Shit Jim, you know the crazier the woman the better the pussy. I did you a favor man. ”
Yeah, he really did.

“She knows she’s built, and knows how to please….. Enough to knock a grown man to his knees~! Cause she’s a BRICK ….HOUSE~!”

Damn… I still love that song.
Another Hot Night On Instant Messenger
Posted:Apr 11, 2018 11:30 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2018 12:57 pm
A wonderful memory preserved on my computer. August 15 2006.

Hey Luv, you hungry?

I'm sitting naked on my towel, wishing you were here. Wishing you had Skype.. Needing some stimulation. Wanna ? How about we go right to your cock on my lips Jimmy?

In my mind, I've had you leaning over my shoulders with your arms reaching down my chest and your nimble fingers sliding up the insides of my thighs until they find and grasp and lift my stiffening cock.....

Yummmm I love feeling you harden up in my hand.

You reach back and pull my shaft over your eyes and down by your right cheek and turn slightly so you can reach me with your lips.

Ever ful, I move to the side and lean over you again so that my hardness is directly over your lips and slide my legs apart... allowing you to move closer.
You feel me growing and getting harder as you grab my balls and pull me deeper into your throat and I can feel your tongue surrounding me as you suck harder and harder, yet slowly, tantalizingly, making me want you more and more.

Thats just how I do it too .
Fuck my mouth baby hungry for your powerful eruption
Can I ask u a question ?

You begin to bob up and down on my cock. I can't begin to tell you how GREAT the sucking feel of your lips as they slide across the rim around the head of my dick feels.. omg.
Sure ask away

Why are we not doing this for real?

I am all about the fantasy Luv.

Ok. I guess that’s an answer.

And we live too far apart.

Not really. I’m in South Carolina.
But hey I hear ya.

You raise your ass up for me as you continue to deep throat my cock so damn well....

Ohhhhhhhhh shit I’m getting so hot.
I begin to probe your wet pussy with my fingers..

Fucking yessssssssss (I’m fingers in now)

You push your hips against my hand grinding your wetness on my fingers. I suck on your nipple harder at this point, making your moans become louder. My hand working on your clit, pushes your panties aside and I let of my fingers gently glide into you, you let out a yelp as my finger stretches your wet hole.

《》<=×£₩% <₩《~ Oh, sorry hard to type with hand….

WE move to the floor and flow into each other in a 6 position.


B====D )!(
I kiss down from your breast and lick around your belly button, kissing a trail from there to your pussy I lower my face onto your lips and start licking around them, I take both your lips into my mouth, and insert my tongue down your pussy.

; 3:, !#;'- ^5,,,/
Cummmmingggggg NOWWWWWWWW!

My finger still sliding in and out of your hole, your hands are cupping your breasts and kneading your nipples as my tongue circles your clit gently, I push my head into your pussy harder now sucking on your clit, tasting your steady flow of juices, Hummmm delicious! Now what are you doing with my cock?

Balls deep into my mouth....I lick your balls at the same time...yummmmm
Your cock ...balls deep in im meaming Need to drink from your hard cock...
suck it baby

of your hands finds its way to the back of my head, and you caress my hair pulling me into your pussy, I start sucking the juices out of your hole, my finger pumping in and out of you faster and faster, I slip another finger into you, you moan, my fingers pushing in and out of you, making your juices flow down your pussy coating your ass.

Rub your head with my fingers, and gently pull your hair while my cock slides out of your mouth. I pull your head in again sliding my cock all the way into your mouth, your lips reach its base, my pre-cum releases into your throat, coating your mouth as well as my shaft.

You engulf my cock in your mouth once again, sucking me.. you put your hands on my ass and knead it. Your head bobbing up and down on my cock ... oh god I'm about to cum Luv....

Not yet! Hold it for me Jimmy.

I reach down and cradle your face in my hands with my cock in your mouth, you take it out and get up, we kiss passionately I can taste the precum in your mouth, I push you back against the wall and kiss your neck making you moan, moving up to your ear nibbling on your lobe, you rub your thigh up and down my side, I take it in my hand and you reach in between us and you put the head of my cock at your pussy entrance....

I slowly push myself inside of you, inching my way into you, your eyes closing in ecstasy, your hands gripping my shoulders as you try and accommodate my large member, I start pumping myself in and out of your hot hot pussy...

You wrap your legs around my hips and start moaning harder as my cock buries itself deeper into you, my hands on your butt kneading it and holding you in place for my hips to crash into you. You feel an orgasm ripping through your body, you nuzzle your mouth in my shoulder and bite me hard as you start releasing your orgasm, your legs shaking as your pussy is cumming on my big cock. Spraying yourself all over my balls.

"FUCK me HARD! "you whisper. into my ear.....Your words trigger a reaction in my loins your pussy clenching to my cock, milking it for all its worth, you feel your orgasm coming, your moan deepens as I pound you harder and harder. Full of determination.

you feel my orgasm coming, your moan deepens as I pound you harder and harder. Full of determination. your tight little pussy, I'm going to be pumping my cum deep inside of your hot wet pussy,

you feel my cock head thicken as it gets ready to shoot ... I grunt as the pressure builds to the point I can't stand it any more. I send squirt after squirt of hot white cum right up your pussy, I hold your hips and lean in to feel your skin against mine,until I'm spent....

you look up at me and we kiss passionately, your hand on my limp shaft you kiss my chest and I caress your body, we kiss again.

you feel some of my cum dripping down your legs. Your fingertips brush through the sticky moisture. You raise your fingertips to your lips and lick the juice form each fingertip as you look deeply into my eyes.....

Now that's a kiss!

Gotta go.... I just cum all over myself about a minute ago.

Fuck Jimmy, I came 3 times while you were typing. Wish we had a better way to communicate. Facebook doesn’t give me all of my messages. Really fucked up !! Same time tomorrow?

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So ... How Many Lovers In One Week?
Posted:Apr 9, 2018 12:54 pm
Last Updated:May 15, 2018 8:35 am

Here I was remembering the "Good Old Days" shortly after my first divorce when I realized what a man whore I had turned into. So tell us, What was the largest number of different lovers you had in one week's period? Mine was 6 Lovers and man, was my cock ever so sore.
Seven (yes you can count orgies also people.)
Eight (Damn...leave a Comment, I gotta hear about it!)
TEN... Really?
More than TEN ( Ok, ALL Professionals can check this one)
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