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Posted:May 13, 2017 7:08 pm
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I am a standard member so you can leave me private messages here. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Please feel free to sign in here and let me know that you were here. Thanks!

Writing poetry is more than just a hobby for me... it is what keeps me going and gives my life some meaning. I love to write for others at times and most of my poetry is based on my life experiences and gives me a sense of peace when things aren't going so well in my life.

Love is a brilliant, dynamic and pulsating emotion that courses through the mind, body, heart and soul bringing the sweetest joy to one's life.

My Profile For Standard Members
Posted:Jun 7, 2017 1:22 am
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I am a writer of poetry and erotic stories and enjoy museums, the lake, the outdoors, art, sex, and bbqs. I am into oral sex both giving and receiving, kinky sex, and trying some new things. I suffer from COPD and am on oxygen full time and can no longer work, but it doesn't stop me from my romantic and sexual conquests.

I sincerely believe in the sweet joys of romance, flirting, lust and passionate, amorous sexual conquests as well as dedicated loving commitment, faithfulness to one's lover, spouse or lifetime partner.

Sexually, I can be straight up vanilla with some kink or I can be adventurous and explore my darker, kinkier, lustful decadent sexual desires. It just depends upon whom I happen to be with at the moment.


I feel that as soft, sensual kisses and gentle caresses build heated
desire and passion within a couple that eye contact is an essential
element in lighting the fires of intimacy within a couple when making
love and in the building of a loving relationship.

The intimacy of sensual eye contact is an essential element in the building of fiery passion and amorous desire within a loving relationship as does kissing and hugging in the building of an intimate closeness between two people.

A Little Bit About Me and My Thoughts On intimacy, Foreplay and Sex

I am a loving, caring, committed and dedicated man
who enjoys quiet times with my partner, and enjoys giving
affection, love and intimacy, romance and making love.

I am a faithful man who is dedicated and loyal to my
partner, and enjoy giving her little gifts such as cards,
flowers, chocolates, and writing poetry for her.

I love to cuddle, hug, kiss, caress with my lady and am
relationship oriented. I also put my heart, mind and soul
into my relationships.

I have hopes and dreams to improve myself and
my relationships in whatever way that I can.


“Foreplay is an exquisitely sensuous elixir that embraces the lustful mind and delights the body igniting the burning logs of steamy amorous desire and lights the fires of passionate need within the heart, mind, body and soul.” Donavon S. Vinson

Kissing and caressing my partner is something that I enjoy very much and is an essential part of romance and lovemaking for me. I find that it is more intimate than just jumping straight into sex. I believe in being sensuous, loving and passionate in both foreplay and in sex.

This is why I’ve always focused on my lady’s sexual desires and needs (both physical and emotional) first and then worry about my needs and desires because I feel that it is very important to show my lover just how special, desirous and important her needs, desires, emotional needs and pleasure is to me when making love to her.

I also believe in the romantic notions of giving flowers, cards, chocolates, writing special little notes and poetry, and playing special love songs to make her feel loved and desired. Also I feel that this is a good way to show her how very special she is to me and to tell her how very much she is loved. I very much feel that it is essential to seduce her mind as well as her body, and that intimacy is the key to great lovemaking.

I feel that as soft, sensual kisses and gentle caresses build heated desire and passion within a couple that eye contact is an essential element in lighting the fires of intimacy within a couple when making love and in the building of a loving relationship.

The intimacy of sensual eye contact is an essential element in the building of fiery passion and amorous desire within a loving relationship as does kissing and hugging in the building of an intimate closeness between two people.
My Ideal Person I am looking for a warm hearted, sexy lady who is intelligent,funny and likes the outdoors. looking for someone who is into the kinky stuff and likes giving and receiving oral sex.

Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious
Looking For: Men, Women, Couples (man/woman), Couples (2 women), Couples (2 men), TS/TV/TG

Birthdate: September 8, 1962
Relocate?: Maybe/Yes
Marital Status: Divorced
Swinger Type: Sex with others
Height: 5 ft 7 in
Body Type: A little extra padding (145 lbs)
Smoking: I'm a light/social smoker
Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker
Drugs: Don't use Drugs
Education: Some college
Occupation: unable to work
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Christian
Have Children: Yes - but not at home
Want Children: Does not want to have children
Speaks: English
Hair Color: Grey
Hair Length: Medium
Glasses or Contacts: Glasses
Eye Color: Hazel
Astrology: Virgo (Compatibility)

My Kinks
Anal Sex Ass Play ( beads, etc.) Rough Sex (biting, hair pulling, etc.) Talking Dirty, Blindfolds, Bondage (rope, chains, etc) candle wax, Clamps ( nipples) Collar and Lead/Leash Dildos (handheld & strap-ons) Domination/Sub/Switch Exhibitionism/Sex In Public Gang bangs Handcuffs/Shackles Latex/Leather Lingerie Making Erotic Photography/Video Massage Masturbation Mutual Masturbation Oral Sex Fetishes ( boots, tongues, body hair, etc.) Role Playing Spanking/Paddling/Whips Toys, Voyeurism

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Posted:Mar 20, 2018 5:23 pm
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Her haunting eyes are deep pools of icy blue,
lips the color of blood, luscious and full with
long raven hair blowing freely in the gentle
breeze, sweeping across her lovely pale face.

My heart stills and my breath I cannot catch
when I look upon this angelic vision of beauty,
I genuflect before her gracefulness with adoration
shining in my eyes.

Deep inside of me the warm glow of love heats
my heart with passion and desire and I bow humbly
before my lovely queen.
Lesbians in Black and White (pics/gifs)
Posted:Mar 20, 2018 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 5:51 pm
Lesbians in black and white.

The Homecoming and Our Engagement (Part Five of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show)
Posted:Mar 20, 2018 1:21 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 5:44 pm

The Homecoming and Our Engagement
Part Five of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show

Very early the next morning Candy and I woke up and then we had a quickie, took a shower and had breakfast before I had to get on the road and go back to my lovely Jade. Candy gave me a long, loving, passionate kiss and squeezed my shoulder as she sadly said good bye. I told her we’d all be together again in less than a month and that I’d bring Jade when I came to back get her.

I gave her one last sweet kiss and told her:”We’ll see you soon darling.” Then pulled out of the drive and took off on the long three hour ride back to my lovely Jade. I drove without incident for a couple of hours until my bladder starting saying relieve me so I pulled over at the rest stop and took a leak and walked around for a few minutes to stretch my legs. Then I hopped into the car and fired her up and sped down the highway anxious to get home to my sweet Jade.

After what seemed to be an eternity I saw my exit and turned off of the highway and slowly drove through town until I saw the department store. I pulled in and hustled back to the card department and found a lovely, romantic card for Jade then went to the florist and bought a dozen roses in a pretty pink vase. Satisfied with my purchases I took off to drive the last forty five minutes to our cabin.

Pretty soon I saw the most beautiful thing I’d seen this morning…our driveway. I pulled in and turned off the car and walked to the porch and let myself in. I put the roses and card on the coffee table then went and fixed a light lunch. I knew that Jade wouldn’t be home for a few hours so I ate then went to the bedroom and took a nap while I waited for her to get home.

As I slept I started having dreams of the past few days and of all the wild and fun sexual exploits that Candy, Jade and I had shared and soon had an erection that wouldn’t quit. I took my long, fat and very hard cock into my hand and began to jerk off as I envisioned the sex that we’d had. After a bit I finally shot my hot, creamy load all over myself and had to go shower too clean the gooey mess off of me.

I took a long, leisurely shower then dried off and got some fresh clothes on before going down to watch some TV while I awaited my lovely lady’s arrival. Finally I heard my lovely Jade’s car pull into the drive and got up to go greet her. Jade got out of the car and ran to me jumped into my arms and I lovingly held her close as we shared a long, wonderful passion filled kiss. I took her hand and led her into the house and gave her the roses and card and got a sweet kiss and thank you from my sexy lady.

Then Jade said I’ve got a surprise for you too and dug into her purse and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me. It was a reservation for a two day camping trip at our favorite lake. Jade looked at me and said:”Is that ok darling?” I smiled and said:”Of course sweetheart.” She said:”It’s for Tuesday and Wednesday so we’ve got to get things ready tonight.” I said, “Ok darling it’s not a problem. Do we have food for the trip or do we need to go shopping tonight?”

Jade said:”We’ll have to go shopping; besides we’re out of propane and some other camping stuff too.” I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost six o’clock, so I said:”We’ll have to eat out honey, because it is getting late.” She said;”That sounds good to me sweetie.” Well, we got in the car and drove the half hour into town then found a suitable little restraint and had a romantic dinner then drove to the Walmart to get what we needed. Finally an hour or so later we were done and had all that we thought we’d need for our camping trip. We drove home and Jade started carrying everything in to get things in order while I went out back and began loading firewood into the back of my truck.

Then I walked back to our compost heap and started digging worms so we’d be able to fish. I grabbed the bait cooler out of the back of our boat and put the worms in it and took it inside to put ice in to keep them cold. I made sure our poles and tackle boxes were in the boat. Jade had the food, soda and ice in the cooler so I went and grabbed the sleeping bags, pillows, air mattress and lanterns and took them out to the truck then grabbed the propane and grill and loaded it too. Finally we were prepared for tomorrow.

So we went upstairs and jumped in the shower together and made out in the shower as we washed each other off. We got out and dried each other off before running to the bedroom and hopping into bed to have some fun before going to sleep. Jade and I lay side by side on the bed caressing and kissing one another for a long time until she decided it was time to have a little sexual fun. She rolled over and slid down to my cock and began to sensually lick it from head to balls as she slid her hand slowly up and down my long shaft as I ran my hand though her long, dark, soft, hair and gently held her head and played with her big, firm breasts until she had me good and hard.

Then I pushed her off of my cock and lay her on her back and began to kiss her neck and shoulders working my way across to her breasts as I squeezed her breasts and slowly ran my tongue casually across her long, pink nipples causing her to moan with delight. Then I began to gently suck on them and slowly slid my hand down her smooth body until I reached her moist pussy. I slipped a finger into her and started to pump it in and out of her fast and hard getting her excited.

As I fingered her tight, wet pussy I caressed her inner thighs and ass with my other hand and began to kiss and suck on her plump, pink clit to her thrilled moans and soft whimpers of desirous want for more. I stopped fingering her and slid my tongue into her wet pussy and began to slowly kiss and lick it for several minutes as her juices began to cover my face. She began to wiggle around under me and I lifted her ass off of the bed and began pumping my tongue deeper and harder into her as I squeezed her tight, round ass.

Finally she pushed me off of her pussy and pulled me to her face and we began a long, sensual tongue twisting kiss as we lovingly held each other tight. Jade started running her hand across my chest and then began to kiss my nipples as she slid the other one down to my cock and began to pump it up and down my shaft fast. Then I pushed her back onto the bed and straddled her body before sliding on top of her.

I held her on the bed as I pushed my fat cock head against her wet, twitching pussy and rubbed it across her slit teasing her plump clit for a minute or so before I slid it into her and began to pump it into her fast and hard causing her to moan and wrap her hands around my back. The Jade ran her fingernails across my muscular back leaving long red trails down it in her excitement. I held her tight against me and lifted her into the air as I held onto her ass as she wrapped her arms around me tightly. I began pumping my cock into her slowly intensifying her excitement as I kissed and sucked on her tits.

She began pulling my hair and screaming:”Oh, yes fuck me hard darling.” I moaned and began to really drive my cock into her, pumping into her fast and hard with reckless abandon until she began to scream:”Oh my god I’m going to cum!!!” I pounded into her faster and harder as I felt her begin to shake and tremble violently in the throes of her orgasm. I felt her hot cum splash against my cock and groin. I held her tight against me as I began to moan then I came inside of her filling her with my hot, creamy load.

Then lay her back down on the bed and ran my hands through her soft hair as I caressed and kissed her passionately as our orgasm began to fade as she lay with her head on my chest and played with my cock as we slowly faded off to sleep. We woke up pretty early the next day and walked hand in hand to the bathroom and took a long shower and began to passionately kiss and caress each other as we got all soaped up and sensually washed the soap off of each other. We hopped out of the shower all refreshed and ready for the day and walked arm in arm to the bedroom and got dressed.

Then we went downstairs and Jade began making our breakfast as I began to get the truck loaded up and hooked our boat up to my truck. Then I went back inside and gave Jade a sweet little kiss on the cheek as she filled out plates. We ate quickly because we were anxious to get going as we knew that it was two hour drive to the lake. Jade went upstairs and grabbed our camping clothes and ran them out to put them in the truck while I began making sure that everything was turned off.

Finally satisfied that all would be okay I went out and got into the truck and started her up and drove away. Jade grabbed my hand and kissed it then said:”I’m so glad we get to go camping for a couple of days. I need some down time after the week we had.” I asked her:”So tell me darling, how do you really feel about having Candy live with us?” She quietly replied:”I can’t wait to have her here with us. I miss her so much when she isn’t around. What do you think about it?”

I quietly said:”I’m pretty happy about the situation. She is a lot of fun to be around and I miss her too.” Jade smiled and said:”Enough about her for now. Let’s think about the trip and enjoy our time alone.” We sped down the highway enjoying the sights along the way and before long we arrived at the campground. I found a parking space and Jade went in and got us registered and grabbed a map so we could find everything .She placed the permit on the window and we took off to find our camping area. We found it pretty easily and it was beautiful. There was a wonderful view of the lake and plenty of trees around our camping spot. I pulled in and we got out and started pulling everything out of the truck.

After we got all of our gear straightened out, I began setting up the tent while Jade put the food and supplies on the picnic table. After about an hour we finally had our campsite all set up so I got the grill going so we could have some lunch before we began exploring the park. After our meal of hot dogs, burgers, chips and soda we walked down the long trail through the woods to the lake. It was a hot day so the light breeze felt good on our sweaty skin.

When we got to the water’s edge we pulled our shoes off and sat on the edge of the water dangling our feet in the cool water, put our arms around each other and shared a sweet, romantic kiss. I brushed her hair with my hand and looked into her eyes then very quietly said:”Jade, my darling lady I think that this is just what we needed.” She nodded and said:”You’re right we do need this quiet time alone, because once Candy gets back it’ll be rambunctious all the time and I do look forward to it.”I nodded in agreement and looked out at the lake as Jade laid her head on my shoulder and at that magical moment it dawned on me that I was truly in love with her and began to smile at her.

Jade looked at me suspiciously and whispered:”What’s on your devious little mind my sweet?” I let out a short delighted laugh and told her:”Nothing honey.” After a little while we got up and walked down the beach and then back to our campsite. I told her that I needed to run to the store that I’d forgotten something very important. She asked if I needed her to go with me but I said no you stay here and enjoy this time alone. I hadn’t really forgotten anything but there was something very special that I wanted to get for my lovely lady for tonight. I walked over and gave her a big hug and kiss then got into the truck telling her that I’d be back soon.

I started it up and drove off to get my little surprise for Jade. I got to the exit of the campground turned left and headed towards the old fireworks stand on the side of the road. I drove the few miles to it and got out and bought some of those fireworks that made big bursts of color then got in my truck and drove twenty miles and began looking for the mall. I found it and looked for parking spot close to the entrance. It took a while but I found one, got parked and hopped out to go find what I was really looking for…an engagement ring.

I walked all over the mall until I found a Hudson’s Jewelry store. I went in started searching for the perfect wedding set for Jade. Finally I found a nice two carrot wedding set, purchased it and joyously headed back to my truck so that I could get back to my sweet lady. I drove back to our campsite whistling merrily with great joy in my heart. I found Jade lying on a blanket getting some sun when I returned. I whistled at her and made a comment about how hot she looked all covered with that suntan oil. She gave me a smirk and said:”Well what did you get?”

I pulled the fireworks out of the back of the truck and showed them to her as I tossed them into the boat. She said:”All that fuss for that?” I looked at her winked and said:”Yeppers baby!” She gave me one of those you’re nuts kind of looks and went back to her tanning. I went over to the boat and fiddled around with the poles and tackle boxes and left her to her tanning. A little while later I asked her if she was ready to take the boat out for a while and that she could tan on the deck while I fished.

She looked up and said:”Yes we can do that.”I got the trailer hooked back up the truck and pulled onto the gravel road then let Jade in and took off to the boat launch. When we got there I backed the boat down into the water let it slide off of the trailer and Jade tied it off to the dock as I parked the truck. When I got back to the boat she had it started up and ready to go, so I hopped aboard and got into the captain’s seat and backed her into the water and roared off taking us far away from the shore. I found a nice spot to fish and turned the boat off and threw out the anchors and told Jade:”Okay it’s safe to tan now.”

She hopped up on to the aft side of the boat and laid out her towel and plopped down to get some more sun. I got my fishing poles all baited and threw them in from the stern. Then I settled down to wait for the fish to bite. After an hour and still no bites I pulled my lines in and put the poles up headed to the galley, grabbed a couple of sodas and went to sit beside Jade. She was nice and deeply tanned and I told her so as I handed her a cold soda.

Jade sat up and as she opened her soda pulled her towel out from under her and playfully tossed it at me then took a sip as though nothing had happened. We sat for awhile watching the beautiful sunset from the bow of the boat. It was very relaxing and so romantic that I just had to take advantage of this moment. I got up and walked back to the captain’s chair reached under it, grabbed the engagement ring and slipped it into my pocket then made my way back to Jade and sat beside her.

We watched the sunset quietly for a few minutes and then I made my move. I asked her to stand up for a second and gave her a kiss and then got on one knee beside her, took her by the hand and said:” Jade we’ve been together for a very long time now and I have to admit that I have fallen so deeply in love with you and want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side…Jade will you marry me?” She was dumbfounded and couldn’t speak as I showed her the ring.

Finally she got her composure back and smiled at me and said:” I thought that you’d never ask. YES, YES, YES I’ll marry you!!! ” I took her hand and slipped the ring on her finger and gave her the biggest hug and kiss ever. After she gawked at her ring for a bit she looked at me and said:”It is a beautiful ring darling.

So that is what you went to get?” I said:”Yes my precious love that is exactly what I went to get and the fireworks were for this too.” I went below deck and got the fireworks and began lighting them one by one. We happily sat arm in arm and watched as they burst in a brilliant array beautiful colors high above the dark waters.

After the last one went out I went and got the boat started and headed back to the dock. Once we got the boat on the trailer we took a short ride around the lake with Jade excitedly chattering about our upcoming wedding. She started telling me about her ideas for everything. I smiled at her so extremely happy that she was so excited and that she’d agreed to marry me. I knew what this meant: Jade and Candy were going to have a field day planning and shopping for the wedding. I thought that is cool, she deserves it after putting up with me and waiting for so long for me to propose to her.

When we got back to our campsite I built a fire for us and pulled our lawn chairs close to it and sat down until Jade said that she was starving. I got up and tossed the cooking grate over the fire and began putting the foil over it while Jade got some brats and burgers out of the cooler. I asked for a soda and she tossed me one. I took a swig and began laying out the brats and burgers on the grate.

Jade got out the chips, buns and plates and set them out on the picnic table. Once the food was done we ate and chatted about the wedding for awhile. When we decided to turn in for the night I took her by the hand and led her into the tent and sat her on the air mattress and began running my hands through her hair as I kissed her eye lids, forehead, cheeks, her sweet lips and playfully ran my tongue around her ear. I kissed her long and sensuously wrapping my arms around her as I pulled her close and whispered in her ear:” I love you very deeply Jade.” She looked me in the eye and said:” I love you very much too.” Then she pushed me onto my back and got on top of me and began kissing my forehead and cheeks letting her large breasts brush against my chest as she slowly worked her way to my lips.

She lay on top of me and pressed her lips against mine and kissed me long and slow and slipped her tongue into my mouth wrapped it around my tongue and sucked on it while her hands roamed all over my body. I began running my hands over her body gently squeezing her fine ass and flicking her nipples playfully as she pressed her body against me. We lay like that for a very long time before I sat Jade up and slowly took her clothes off. Then she pushed me onto my back and began pulling my clothes off. Once she had me naked Jade began caressing my body slowly and sensually as she let her long dark hair slide across my chest turning me on.

I reached up and ran my hands down her back and over her round ass as she kissed my chest and sucked on my nipples. Then she worked her way down mu body kissing and licking her way to my groin. When she got there she let her fingers slide over my cock head and slowly down my shaft and took my balls into her mouth gently sucking on them. I moaned with excitement as she sucked my balls and stroked my hard, shaft. I loved the way she teased my cock and balls with her fingers and mouth.

After several minutes of teasing me with her tongue she took the head of my cock into her mouth and gently teased it with her tongue and sucked on it for awhile before she took the entire shaft into her mouth and down into her throat. She pumped it in and out of her throat fast as she sucked and licked my cock driving me wild. I began to moan and felt like I was going to shoot my load down her throat but she pulled her mouth off of my cock and smiled at me whispering:”I almost got you there didn’t I?” I whispered, “Yeah.” I sat up and grabbed her and tossed her onto her back and got between her legs.

Then I began to kiss her from the inner thighs down to her feet. I took her foot in my mouth and, licked and kissed on it before sucking on her sweet little toes making her moan and wiggle around excitedly. As I sucked on her toes I caressed her other foot then switched over and sucked on the toes of her other foot as I caressed her inner thighs and gently squeezed her ass. Jade reached down and ran her hands through my hair as she moaned and wildly thrashed around under me.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and pushed me away from her feet so I kissed my way up her legs to her wet pussy and began to suck on her clit as I fingered her pussy sliding my fingers slowly across her puffy pussy lips. I held onto her ass and lifted her up into the air as I slid my tongue into her tight pussy and began to slide it in and out of her rapidly and pressed my face tightly against her as I took her lips into my mouth and sucked on them as I licked her. Jade moaned and began to let out little low screams of pleasure as I worked her pussy over for a long time.

Finally I pulled my mouth away from her not wanting her to cum just yet. I worked my way back up her body until I got to her tits and began sucking on them and played with her nipples as I positioned my cock so that I could slide it to her. Jade wrapped her arms around me and began scratching my back as I slid my long, fat cock into her and began to slowly pump it in and out of her tight pussy.

I held her close to me and began pumping my cock hard and deep into her as she bucked against me. She began to pump her pussy against me as I pounded into her as Jade’s orgasm began to build. As it got closer and closer she began to scream louder and scratched my back harder. I began to really pump my cock into her as hard and fast as I could and worked her that way until she began to tremble and moan as her orgasm began to wash over her.

Finally she squirted all over me and lay limp beneath me. I slumped onto her as we gasped for air totally exhausted. I kissed her and caressed her cheeks for a few minutes before finally sliding off of her and lay beside her and took her into my arms and let her lay her head against my shoulder until we fell asleep. When we woke up the next day the skies were dark and cloudy and it looked like a storm was blowing in.

I told Jade:”We’d best get the tent down and get things packed into the truck and get out of her before this storm hits.” We began scrambling around picking things up and tossing them into the storage containers in the truck. I got the grill in the truck and secured then we quickly took our tent down and got it all folded and into its bag. Finally I tossed the last of the wood into the truck and we were ready to get out of there. As we got into the truck the heavens opened up and the rains poured down on us. I started the truck up and backed out and we slowly drove away from the campsite.

After a quick stop to check out we decided to drive over to the little waterfalls several miles south of the park to try to salvage the day. It rained most of the way to the falls but we finally drove out of the rain and into sunshine. A few miles later and we were at the falls. We parked, grabbed our camera gear and walked down the little trail to them and looked in amazement at their pristine beauty. I held Jade against me and thought man if I’d known how beautiful this was I’d have proposed to her here.

I asked Jade about it and she smiled and told me that she was quite happy with where and how I’d proposed. Relieved that she was happy about the proposal, I took her hand and began to lead her down a small trail off to the side of the lookout area that looked like it would put us right beside them. We walked the few minutes down the trail and sure enough we came out right underneath them. We stood arm in arm and gazed up at them in amazement at their awesome beauty. Jade pulled me around so that I was facing her and gave me a nice little kiss as she playfully squeezed my ass and I began thinking how hot it would be to make love to her right here. Unfortunately there were people everywhere so I let that idea go.

We looked around for awhile and took several pictures and some video then finally decided to get out of there and headed back to the truck to head home. We had a wonderful uneventful drive back to town and since we were getting hungry decided to go to a nice little steak house where we’d first met five years ago. It hadn’t changed much over the years and we found the same seats that we’d had that first night. We placed our order and made some small talk until our food was served. We ate and talked some more as we had some dessert.

Jade suddenly smiled at me and said:”Honey, I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t we get Candy moved down her this weekend instead of waiting for a month? We can drive together to get her and spend the weekend before we bring her home with us.” I looked at her, and said:”Are you sure you want to do that so soon? She might not be ready to move yet.” Jade whipped out her cell phone and said:”I’ll just give her a call and see what she thinks.”

I said:”OK, call her.” Then got and walked to the restroom. They talked on the phone for nearly twenty minutes. Then Jade handed me the phone laughing, and said:”She wants to talk to her boyfriend.” I took the phone and heard Candy’s sexy voice on the other end saying:”Hi honey! I’d really like to go ahead with the move. I’ve already got everything packed and ready to go anyway.” I said:”Ok my sweet when do you want us to come get you?”

She joyously said:”If you’re okay with doing it, I how about Friday?” I whispered to Jade and she said:”That’s fine with me.” So I told Candy:”Friday it is, but we’re going to spend the night before we head home.” I got an excited:”Ok!” from Candy then passed the phone back to Jade. While they continued their chat I went and paid for our meal and motioned for Jade to come on. Jade finally got off of the phone and we headed home to start planning Candy’s move in and talked a little about our wedding. I told Jade that she and Candy could figure out the date for it.

That brought a giant smile to her face and she leaped up and gave me a giant smooch on the cheek. I got up and turned the TV on to catch the news and to find out what kind of weather to expect over the weekend. I let out a relieved breath, glad to know that the weatherman was saying good weather the rest of the week. That meant that there should be few problems with the move. I turned the TV off and went to the kitchen and brought a couple of sodas back with me and handed one to Jade.

After I took a big sip, I asked Jade:”So what colors are you planning on for our wedding?” She looked up at me with a gleam in her dazzling green eyes and said:”Deep purple and silver or gold darling.” I smiled and said:”Cool sweetheart.” Then I looked at the clock and saw that it was eight pm and said:”I’m going to go get a shower and hit the hay darling.” Jade said:”If you’ll give me a couple of minutes I’ll take one with you and we can go to bed together.” I shrugged and said:”Ok.”

Then I sat down to wait for her to finish her notes. She looked up at me with a serious look in her eyes and said:”Darling, I’m going to retire at the end of the month. We’ve got plenty of money between us and besides I’ve had enough of that place.” I lit a smoke and inhaled as I thought about it for a second and knew that she was right and told her:”That’s fine honey.” Then leaned over and kissed her. She brushed hair out of her eyes and finished her notes stood up and stretched. I took a sneak peek as her large breasts strained against the fabric as her long, perky, pink nipples made dents in her tee shirt.

I took her hand and gave her a kiss before leading her up the stairs, smiling as I remembered what happened on these same stairs earlier in the week. We went to the bedroom and stripped off our clothes and Jade grabbed one of her new teddies. I squeezed her sexy, little, round ass then gave it a playful little smack as she led me to the bathroom. I turned the water on and brushed my teeth then stood aside so Jade could brush hers.

While the she brushed her teeth I stood behind her and began caressing her shoulders and neck as I rubbed her ass. Then I reached around and cupped her large breasts in my hands and idly played with her nipples. Jade finished brushing her teeth, turned around to face me reached down and grabbed me by the balls and playfully squeezed them. I feigned pain as she laughed merrily and said:”You pussy!” I laughed and said:”I’ll show you who’s a pussy!”I reached down and rubbed her tight little slit and gently flicked her clit causing Jade to squirm.

She cried:”That’s not fair honey!” I smiled and said:”All’s fair in love and war darling.” That got the sexual war started full force because she slapped me across the face and said:”I’ll show you bitch and grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back and kissed me hard on the lips then ran her long tongue around my face licking my cheeks and forehead playfully. While she was torturing me she reached around and smacked my ass and gave my balls a quick flick with her finger.

When I finally got free I grabbed her nipple and pulled on it as I squeezed her tit hard making Jade squeal with feigned pain then I took her face in my hands and kissed her roughly and licked her face getting my revenge. We playfully wrestled around groping each other for quite awhile until we tired of our little game and hopped into the shower. As we stood under the water we began to kiss one another with a white hot fiery desire and began to caress each other passionately.

I leaned Jade against the wall and began running my fingers through her hair as I caressed her face pressing my body against her. We both moaned and wrapped our arms around each other as I pulled her close and slid my hard cock into her. Then lifted Jade off of the floor as I began to slowly and rhythmically pump my cock hard and fast into her tight pussy. We ground our bodies against each other moaning with heated desire for a very long time before I put Jade back on the ground and kissed her.

She slid down my body running her hands over my wet chest and stomach down to my groin which she kissed and licked for a few minutes before running her long tongue over the head of my cock and around the thick shaft. Then she wrapped her mouth around my hard slippery cock and sucked it for a few minutes as she playfully slapped my ass and played with my balls.

She stood up and I reached over and turned the water off and picked her up off of her feet and turned her body so that her pussy was in my face and began to lick her clit and fingered her pussy while she sucked my cock. We worked each other over like this for a very long time. I turned her face up and lay her on the floor of the tub and slid on top of her and began to suck and lick her tits as I caressed her face and ran my hands through her wet hair. My mouth found her nipple and I began to suck on it as I pressed against her sliding my cock deep inside of her and began to slowly slide it in and out of her pussy as we kissed and held each other tight.

As we began to moan and writhe we slammed against each other as I pounded my cock into her harder and faster until both of us were shaking and trembling in the throes of a heart pounding mind shattering orgasm that left us lying limp on the wet floor. We lay there kissing and caressing one another for awhile too weak to move. After awhile our strength began to return and we got out of the shower, dried each other off and headed off to the bedroom crawled in bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms and dreamed of our wedding and Candy’s return to our happy home.
That Oft Trampled Seed
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Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 1:35 pm

That Oft Trampled Seed

It is that oft trampled seed buried deep
within the moist, fertile ground of the heart
that grows the deepest, most sturdy roots
within the golden fields of one's life.

It is a dried up kernel of wondrous emotion
buried deep within the damp soil watered
by the sweet life giving rains of belonging
that makes us stronger.

And when it has been gently kissed by the
fertilizer of tender passion the trampled seed
gloriously becomes a sun drenched field of
beauty filled with the wonderful flowers of love.
Manic Moanday (Jeans PICS)
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It's another manic Moanday. Ladies in jeans.

Candy's Sweet Farewell (Part Four of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show)
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Last Updated:Mar 20, 2018 5:39 pm

Candy’s Sweet Farewell
(Part 4 The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show)

Candy came prancing down the stairs smiling like she didn’t have a care in the world. I looked at her and said:”Why are you so happy?” She smiled and said:”I’ve got good news, and yes I told Jade about the things we did today.” I asked:”Well, what did Jade have to say, and what’s your good news?” Candy laughed and blew me a kiss then said:”She’s happy that we had such a good day, and she said that I can move in next month. Isn’t that great?” “That’s fantastic!

But what did you tell her about our day?” Candy winked at me and said;”The truth! Besides she knew what would happen with me having you all to myself. You know she loves to share you with me and that it gives her joy because she gets to have me too. And she loves you and knows that you love her and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

I had her permission to fool around with you today so don’t feel so bad about it.” Then she walked over to me and gave me a big hug and a slow sensual kiss and said:”I hope you’re not too worn out because we have big plans for you tomorrow (She grabbed her tits and licked her lips to emphasize the point) before I head home to get everything ready to move in with you guys.”

Sunday morning Jade and I got up nice and early so that we could enjoy Candy’s last day with us. Jade told me today is about fulfilling some of her favorite fantasies as Candy came bouncing joyously into the room and said:”Good morning my darlings!” and flashed a lovely smile at us. We both wished her a good morning and made room for her to sit between us on the bed.

Candy quickly hopped up beside Jade and I and put her arms around us and pulled us close. She caressed our backs as she talked about all the things that she needed to do when she got home to prepare for the move back here. As Candy and Jade jabbered away I got up to leave and they asked, “Where are you going?” I said:”To go take a shower.” In unison they cried:”Not without us you aren’t.” They hopped off the bed and grabbed me then pushed me back onto the bed and said that I had to pay for wanting to take a shower without them.

Jade jumped on my cock and began to ride me as Candy shoved her ass in my face grabbed my head and forced me to lick her ass and pussy while she leaned forward and sucked on Jade’s tits as she bounced up and down on my cock.. This went on for several minutes before they slid off of me and chastised me for thinking that I could just take a shower alone on this special day then took me by the hands and led me to the bathroom.

Candy leaned into the tub turned on the water and adjusted it so it wouldn’t be too hot. Jade shut the lid on the toilet and pushed me down onto it. She winked at Candy then she went back to the bedroom to get something. While she was in the bedroom Candy turned the radio on then came over and straddled me on the toilet and began grinding on my crotch as she did a little dance over me bouncing her tits off of my chest and face as she ran her hands over my body and squeezed my ass hard.

Jade came back into the room carrying a set of handcuffs a ball gag, a bottle of lube and the blindfold, and a paddle, collar and leash that we got the other day. Candy looked at her, smiled and said you forgot something, but I’ll go get it. Jade smiled at me and said: “This is going to be a lot of fun…for Candy and me! Then she winked at me and she swung the handcuffs back and forth in front of my face walked over to the tub and turned the water off and slipped her hand into the water testing it.

She flicked water off of her hand and said:”Yes, that’s just right.” Candy returned carrying the strap on she’d used on Jade and I the other night and a short piece of silk cord and sat them on the floor beside the tub. Jade grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to the edge of the tub and pushed my face in and out of the water several times making me cough and gag. Then she placed the black leather collar around my neck and attached a silver chain to it yanked on it and led me crawling to Candy.

They took the ball gag and stuffed it into my mouth buckled it in place then pulled the blindfold over my eyes and Candy began spanking my ass with the paddle then lifted my face and slapped me across the cheeks. Jade then pulled my face into the air tightened her hold on the leash and forced me to crawl into the tub. She hissed, “That’s a good little bitch.” And began slapping my ass and running her fingernails across it until my ass turned red while Candy pulled my hair pushed my face into the warm water and held me down in the tub.

Candy pulled the strap on in place and tightened it down lubed it up and stepped into the tub behind me as Jade gave my ass one last hard spanking pulled the blindfold off and turned me over to Candy for her amusement and moaned. I felt the well lubed strap on sliding across my ass and her hands sliding over my back as she slid into the tub behind me and whispered the things she was going to do to her slutty little bitch tonight.

I moaned around the big ball gag in my mouth and tossed my head back and forth as she slapped my face and hissed:”Stay still bitch.” Suddenly I felt the fat head of her strap on beginning to split my asshole apart groaned and tried to move my ass away from her but. Candy grabbed my hair and yanked on it hard and shoved the rubber cock deep and hard into my ass then began to slam her cock in and out of me hard, fast and violently.

Jade stood next to the tub watching and in a breathy voice began encouraging Candy to fuck me like a little bitch and make me her slut toy. She leaned over me and grabbed the gag and yanked it out of my mouth as she got into the tub and stood in front of me. Jade pushed her tight pussy against my face as Candy pounded my ass harder and harder with her rubber strap on cock and hissed:”Eat me out slut.”

She forced me to lick her clit and suck on it and then I began to slide my tongue up and down her tight, wet pink slit. I reached up and grabbed her ass and began to squeeze it as I licked her faster and faster until Jade wrapped her hands around my head began to moan loudly as she sprayed my face with her cum and stepped out of the tub.

Candy pulled the strap on out of my ass stood in front of me slapped it across my face before quickly pulling it off. Then she began smashing her pussy against my face and began roughly pulling my hair as she ordered me to lick her pussy. I began to work my tongue in and out of her as I sucked on her pussy lips while I worked a couple of fingers in and out of her until Candy began to scream and moan.

Finally satisfied she pulled my hair and came rubbing her pussy all over my face as she did so. Then pushed my face into the water and stepped over me and onto the floor. Jade came over to me and slapped my face before grabbing the leash and dragging me out of the tub and over to the toilet where she pulled the gag off of me and unleashed me from the collar. I stood up and asked the ladies:”Are you satisfied with the shower now?” They laughed and said:”What shower?” I walked over and let the water out of the tub and followed Jade and Candy into the bedroom where we all got dressed before heading down to the kitchen to have some breakfast.

While we were eating Candy began to tease me by playing with a banana. She dipped it into some whipped cream and began to slowly and very sensually lick the cream off of it covering her full lips with it. The she wrapped her long tongue around it and slid it deep into her mouth and sucked it. When she was finished I smiled at her and said:”Nice and hot show darling.” Jade laughed and whispered something into Candy’s ear causing her to smile and made her eyes to light up with joy.

Then they grabbed me by the hand and led me to the living room sat me on the couch telling me that they had something that I needed to see and that they’d be back in a few minutes. I sat and waited and waited for their return. Finally I got up and went upstairs to see what they were up to. As I walked in the bedroom door I saw them lying on top of each other and heard them moaning and cooing.

Then I watched as they ran their hands all over each other’s ass squeezing and spanking each other as they ate each other out. I leaned over Candy and began to lick and kiss her tight ass as she and Jade worked each other over with their tongues and fingers. Then I slipped a finger into her tight ass and pumped it slowly in and out of her for a few minutes before I mounted Candy’s tight pear shaped ass and began to pound my hard fat cock into her fast and hard as I pulled her long red hair. I could hear her moan around Jade’s tight little pussy as I started spanking her ass turning it cherry red as I worked her harder and faster.

Candy began to moan loudly and scream that she was going to cum so I pounded into her even harder and faster until I felt her begin to shake and tremble as her orgasm hit her hard. She squirted her hot cum all over Jade’s face and held her head against her pussy not letting her go until her shaking subsided. Then she rolled off of Jade and lay panting on the bed for a minute then grabbed Jade by her stomach and pulled her up then ordered me to lie on the bed.

Candy carried Jade to my face and sat her on top of me with her legs straddling my head and her wet pussy pressed against firmly my face. I began to lick and suck on her plump little clit as Candy slid between my legs and began to work my cock with her tongue and lips. She slowly took it into her mouth and began to lick it up and down before taking my cock completely into her mouth and sucking it fast and hard. We worked each other over for a long time before I felt Jade began to wiggle and writhe on my face as her orgasm hit her and she splashed my face with a heavy load of clear warm pleasant tasting cum.

Candy had me very close to shooting my load and I began to moan and pump my cock into her fast and held her head down on me as she sucked me off. Finally I could hold back no longer and filled her mouth with my massive load of hot, creamy cum as she moaned and eagerly swallowed it all. She and Jade pulled off of me and lay with their heads on me caressing my chest and giving me sweet little kisses as I played with their tits. We lay like that for a long time before I had to go use the restroom and clean up.

Jade and Candy got up with me and followed me to the bathroom and watched as I washed up then washed themselves up too. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was almost three o’clock and asked Candy what time we needed to leave to take her on the three hour trip to her house. She looked at Jade and shrugged before saying as long as we leave by four we should be ok. I said ok, that gives us a little time to play then rest for a bit so what do you want to do?

Candy said I’d like to just kiss, touch, hold each other and cuddle for awhile until it’s time to leave. Jade smiled looked at me and wrapped her arms around Candy and me and led us back to the bedroom. We all hopped on the bed. Jade and I began to gently caress Candy and sensually kiss her for awhile as Candy rubbed our backs and caressed our faces with gentle fingers.

Finally, we all lay back and sighed contentedly giving each other one last long loving kiss before we got up to get ready for the long ride to her house. I looked back up at the clock and saw that it was almost five forty five and that we were almost two hours late getting on the road already. Candy and I quickly got dressed and I whispered to Jade that it might be a good idea for her to stay here and just let me take Candy home since she had to be at work by 5am tomorrow.

She agreed with that and sat up and gave me a quick kiss before getting off the bed and giving Candy a long hug and kiss. They cried and told one another that they’d miss each other so much. I wrapped my arms around both of them and hugged them as I kissed them on the cheek and whispered that we needed to get going before it got any later. Candy and Jade went and grabbed the suitcases and I carried them downstairs took them out to the car and put them into the trunk.

Pretty soon they came out carrying a cooler and some sandwiches and snacks for the trip. I gave Jade a kiss then she said I’ll see you when I get home tomorrow and that I should just spend the night with Candy because I was going to be worn out after everything we’d done today and the long drive. I gave Jade one last kiss and watched as they hugged one last time before

Candy hopped in the car and said ok let’s hit the road. We waved at Jade as we pulled out and got on the road. When we got in town I stopped and filled the car up with gas and grabbed a couple of packs of smokes and quickly got back on the road. As I drove Candy fell fast asleep and I really couldn’t blame her as it had been a pretty busy day. I lit a smoke and took a swig of my soda and settled into my seat for the long ride.

It was getting dark and that made the drive a little more comfortable as it began to cool down. About an hour later I found a rest stop and pulled over to go relieve myself and stretch my legs. Candy woke up and followed me sleepily to the rest rooms and we took care of our business. She looked at me and smiled then said I appreciate all that you’ve done for me this past week. I told her it was a pleasure.

She reached over and gave me a quick little kiss and said all the same I appreciate all that you’ve done. We got back in the car and zoomed down the road toward her house. An hour or so later we pulled in to her place and got her stuff unloaded then sat down to rest for a few minutes to shake the road weariness off. We made some small talk while she made us something to eat. I excused myself and went out and had a smoke while I waited for dinner. Candy called me in and we ate our meal quickly and got the dishes taken care of before Candy showed me to the bedroom.

We undressed and lay down together in the bed and began to kiss and feel each other up. Candy looked into my eyes and sensually said make love to me on more time darling. I reached over and pulled her to me and began to kiss her deeply as I caressed her tits and ran my hands up and down her body. Finally I pushed her onto her back and began licking and sucking on her nipples as I gently squeezed them before slowly working my kisses down to her belly button. I circled it with my tongue and then moved down to her tight little pussy.

Candy wrapped her hands around my head as I began to run my tongue slowly up and down her pink slit and sucked on her clit. I worked her pussy over like that for a long time before working my way back to her lips and gave her a long tongue twisting kiss and took her into my arms. I held her close for awhile then pushed her onto her back and spread Candy’s long legs apart and slid my hard cock into her and made long slow and passionate love to her until we both came moaning and kissing each other with abandon and fell asleep on top of one another.

Very early the next morning we woke up and had a quickie took a shower and had breakfast before I had to get on the road and go back to Jade. Candy gave me a long loving kiss and squeezed my shoulder as she sadly said good bye. I told her we’d all be together again in less than a month and that I’d bring Jade when I came to get her. I gave her one last kiss and told her see you soon darling. Then pulled out of the drive and took off on the long ride back to my lovely Jade.
Pics for Sunday
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Some pics for your Sunday's enjoyment.

Time Alone With Candy (Part Three of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show)
Posted:Mar 18, 2018 1:21 pm
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Time Alone With Candy
Part Three of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show

It was early on a hot Sunday morning and Jade and Candy was still asleep upstairs. They were probably exhausted after our escapades at the lake yesterday and our sexy romp last night. We’d had one wild day filled with lots of sex and fun. Candy’s week-long visit was turning out to be full of wonderful surprises. For some reason I had woke up early today even though

I had been beat after an eventful Saturday. I quietly and carefully crawled out of bed trying not to disturb them and left my two sexy little beauties to get their rest. They looked like angels as they lay there all cuddled up against one another but, angels I knew they weren’t, well maybe angels with horns, LOL. I looked out the bedroom window to check on the weather as they were forecasting rain for today.

I was surprised to see clear skies without a cloud anywhere. Then I shuffled on down to the bathroom to get a quick shower while there was still plenty of hot water. I reached into the tub and turned on the water and got it adjusted to where I wanted it and let it run for a few minutes while I brushed my teeth and relieved myself. Then I grabbed a towel and wash rag and hopped in the tub to take my shower.

I got myself all lathered up and washed my hair then rinsed off and hopped out of the tub and got myself dried off then took off for the kitchen naked as a jay bird. I turned on the coffee maker and while I waited for it to brew fixed myself some toast, bacon and scrambled eggs. I could smell the wonderful aroma of the coffee as it mixed with the wonderful smells of the bacon and eggs making the kitchen smell heavenly.

The coffee finally finished brewing and I poured myself a steamy cup and tossed in some creamer and sugar then sat down to enjoy my breakfast. As I began to eat I heard someone coming down the stairs making a racket like a rampaging rhinoceros rumbling on the plains of the Serengeti. I sat back and sipped my coffee waiting to see which of my sleeping beauties had come down.

The phone rang and I heard a low angry conversation going on. I heard the phone as it slammed down into its cradle and a minute later Jade came stomping into the kitchen looking mad as a hornet’s nest that had been disturbed. I asked her:” What’s wrong honey?” She glared at me and hissed:”That was work and they need me to come in for a full day. Someone really fucked up the computer system last night and I’ve got to go in and fix it for the morons.”

I looked up at the clock and saw that it was only 6:30 and asked Jade when she had to be there. She huffed at me and angrily whispered:” Seven thirty.” Then tramped out of the kitchen and headed upstairs to take a quick shower and get dressed. I thought well that ruins our plans for today so now what am I going to do with Candy all day? Pretty soon Jade came back downstairs and gave me a peck on the cheek then poured herself some coffee and took a couple of bites of my eggs. She gulped down the coffee, gave me a better kiss and said:”I’ve gotta run honey. I’ll see you around 7 or 8 tonight.

Keep Candy occupied for me.” I looked at her, smiled and told her that I’d do my best then stood up and gave her a hug and a kiss. We said good bye and off she went slamming the door on her way out. I took a bite of my cold eggs and thought about what I could do to keep Candy busy and keep her out of trouble today. We could go to the pond and fish, take the boat out, watch some movies or just piddle around the house all day.

I finished my meal and cleaned my dishes and went back upstairs to check on Candy. When I peeked into the bed room I saw that she was beginning to wake up, so I went in and grabbed some underwear and my clothes and sat on the bed and started getting dressed. Candy sat up in bed and looked at me with her bleary green eyes, smiled at me as she said:”Good morning.” I said:”Good morning sleepy head.” and gently patted her on the head. I put my socks on then pulled my pants on and got into my tee shirt.

As I started to go back down stairs I asked her if she’d like for me to fix her something to eat. She said:”Sure, but I’m going to go get a shower first so I can get the rest of this paint off of me.” I smiled remembering last night’s edible paint party then said:”Okay I’ll go get your breakfast started while you clean up.” She brushed past me and went into the bathroom, so I took off to get her food cooked.

Twenty minutes later she came bouncing down the stairs without a stitch of clothing on and into the kitchen just as I was putting her bacon and eggs on a plate. I grabbed a cup and poured her a cup of coffee and handed it to her and watched as she took a big sip. She made a horrible face and I realized that I’d not put any sugar in it. She handed me the cup and asked me to put two teaspoons of sugar in it for her then took a bite of eggs while I put the sugar in her coffee. I sat down across from her and watched her eat and made small talk with her.

She asked where Jade was and I told her that she had been called in to work today and that she’d be gone until at least 7 pm and that we would have to find something to do to pass the time. Candy smiled at me and said “That’s just groovy darling.” I left her to her breakfast and went to the living room and turned the TV on and put it on ESPN to watch Sports Center. Half an hour later she came into the living room and told me that she was going to go get dressed and then we’d figure out what to do today. I said:”Okay, see you in a few.”

She went laughing up the stairs and began shaking her tight pear shaped ass teasing me and it made me think of last night again and made me smile as recalled the events of our wild night. I began to think about how Candy and Jade had looked last night. Her image jumped into my mind and I pictured her perfectly shaped large tits, long, pink nipples, and her tight pear shaped ass and how they’d felt pressed against me. I remembered the sweet taste of her plump clit and tight pink slit and of how she and Jade had made out in the car on the way to the lake.

I heard Candy coming down the stairs breaking my train of thought. She came in and sat down beside me dressed in a tight white tee shirt and skimpy ass hugging shorts. I could see her hard nipples pressing against her shirt and knew she didn’t have a bra on again. She had put on makeup this morning and looked even more ravishing than she had last night. Candy tossed her shiny red hair and ran her fingers through it to get a bothersome tangle out of it.

She looked at me with an impish look and said:”My neck and shoulders feel tight. Will you rub them for me darling?” I told her to sit up and walked around behind the couch and began to slowly rub her neck. As I leaned over to massage her shoulders I smelled her perfume and drank in the sweet scent of vanilla and jasmine. I rubbed her neck and shoulders for a little longer then pulled away from her, walked back around the couch and sat down next to her. She smiled at me and said:”Thanks.” I nodded my head and asked:”So, what are we going to do today?”

She wrinkled her brow and thought about it for a minute then said:” I really liked it when you showed me the lake out back the other night. Maybe we could pack a picnic lunch and do some fishing or take a hike.” I said:”That’s a wonderful idea.” I’ll go pack us a lunch and grab the poles and bait then we can go. Candy looked at the clock and said:”Not just yet it’s still too early. Why don’t we wait for a couple of hours?” I said:”Ok we can give it a couple of hours. The grass might not be dry yet any way.” We settled back and watched TV for awhile making small talk.

As she talked Candy would lightly run her bright red finger nails up and down my arm and giggle like a school girl, a very beautiful and sexy school girl. Suddenly she stood up and leaned over me and gave me a kiss innocently letting her tits brush my face as she stood up. I reached up pulled her down to me, traced her nipples with my finger, pulled her close and kissed her deeply.

Candy began to moan softly as I suddenly wrapped my arms around her small waist and lifted her into the air and swung her around then laid her on the couch, got on top of her and began to squeeze her tits tracing her throat with my tongue as I slipped my hand into her shorts and pushed her panties out of the way and fingered her tight slit then rubbed her plump little clit. I could feel her staring to get wet as I worked her tight pussy faster with my fingers causing her to moan with delight.

She locked her lips onto mine and shoved her long tongue into my mouth as her orgasm began to build to a crescendo and began to wildly pump her pussy against my hand until she finally came shooting her warm juices all over my hand. I pulled my hand away as I felt her go limp. Then I held her against my chest as I kissed her and ran my fingers through her soft hair and gently caressed her soft cheeks.

Candy moaned as she breathily whispered in my ear:” That felt so good.” I smiled at her and said:”I’m glad that you enjoyed it darling.” Then I laid her down, sat on the edge of the couch and caressed her face until she fell asleep then kissed her on the forehead and got up so she could rest. I went to the kitchen and grabbed myself a Mountain Dew and a sandwich and thought about what I’d just done with Candy. I wasn’t sure what Jade would say about it as I’d never been left alone with Candy.

Finally I relaxed and imagined that she’d be okay with what happened as she was the one who kept pushing me and Candy together. I took a drink of soda and ate my sandwich. Then I grabbed my soda lit a smoke and went out to sit on the porch while I waited for Candy to wake up. When I finished my smoke I got up and went into the house and started to get everything ready for our picnic/ fishing trip. I got out an old blanket and laid it on a chair and made sandwiches and tossed them into the cooler along with some sodas.

I grabbed a bag of chips and some napkins and laid them on the table then went to the ice box in the basement grabbed the worms and tackle box then headed back to the kitchen. With everything ready I walked into the living room and sat in an easy chair and waited for Candy to wake up. An hour later she finally began to stir. She sat up looked at me and threw her arms over her head and yawned. She asked:”How long was I asleep?” I said:”About two hours and while you were sleeping I got everything ready for the picnic.” Candy said:”Nice. I’ll be ready in a little bit.” She got up and went upstairs to the restroom brushed her teeth and tidied up a bit.

I stood up and stretched and then ran upstairs and grabbed some rags out of the closet so we wouldn’t have to worry about dirty hands while we were at the pond. Candy came bee bopping out of the bathroom singing quietly to herself, and took my arm on her way past and led me down stairs. She stopped and looked into my eyes leaned into me and kissed me saying:”You guys have made me so happy these past two days and I’ll never forget this weekend.” I smiled at her and said:”There’ll be many more weekends like this my dear lady.”

I took her hand in mine and led her to the kitchen so that we could get our stuff then took her outside and loaded it onto the ATV then sat her on the seat hopped on and we took off for the pond. As we arrived at the old broken gate that marked the entrance to the pond we saw a doe and fawn grazing in the middle of the path. I decided to stop for a few minutes so as to not disturb them but fortunately they quickly moved on and we rode down the path to the back side of the pond and stopped.

We unloaded our poles and the picnic basket and threw down the blanket and laid out our sandwiched and soda and sat down to eat. As we ate we chit chatted about this that and the other. Once we finished eating I grabbed the poles and bait and got our lines into the water while Candy cleaned up the picnic stuff. I grabbed the blanket and tossed it closer to the water and we lay down to wait for a bite. It was pretty hot by now so I took my shirt off and tossed it on the ATV then lit a smoke and asked Candy what her plans were when she went back home.

She said:”I don’t really have anything planned but I am thinking of moving closer to you guys later this summer.” I said that’s interesting but why do you want to move out here?” She replied:”There’s really nothing going on there and I don’t have any real friends except you guys. Besides I want to be close to you and Jade so I can do things with you.”I said:”I see and what do you want to do with us?” and winked at her. She said:”Not just for the sex, but for the shopping trips, camping and fishing and stuff too.” It would be nice to have you close by. In fact why don’t you talk to Jade maybe you can move in with us? After all we do have a spare bedroom that rarely gets used.” “That would be really cool.” She replied.

Suddenly the bell on the fishing pole began to ring and I jumped up and set the hook, handed the pole to Candy and said:”It’s all yours darling.” She began reeling in the line and was having a hard time of it. I said:”Must be a big one if you’re having trouble getting it in.” She laughed and said:” Maybe you should reel it in.” I took the fishing pole and a few minutes later pulled in a decent sized bullhead catfish that probably weighed a couple of pounds. Candy looked at it and said:”That’s an ugly fish.” I laughed and took it off the hook and tossed it back into the water and washed my hands in the pond’s cool water.

After I baited the hook I tossed it back out and we went and sat on the blanket and chatted. A little bit later Candy said:”I’m going to get some more sun and try to darken my tan.” She stood up and took her tight tee shirt off and tossed it at me laughing merrily and asked if I’d brought the suntan oil. I said:”Nope didn’t think that we’d need it.” She just sat down and said:”Guess I’ll just have to do without. Don’t let me get too dark, I don’t want to burn.” I told her:”I’ll keep an eye on you so that you don’t get too much sun.” She lay down and got all stretched out and I lay down beside her and looked out at the pond.

After we had lay there for awhile Candy began to complain that her neck was getting sore again and asked me if I’d rub it for her. I told her to sit up so I could massage her neck. She moved closer to me and sat up and I began gently massaging her neck. She moaned and cooed as my hands worked her tense neck muscles. I said:”Better?” Candy told me it was getting there and asked me to rub it a little harder, so I put a little more effort into massaging her neck.

She leaned further back and reached out and took my hands and pulled it down to her breasts and whispered:”They need to be massaged too.” I didn’t complain and began to slowly run my fingers across her large tits playfully flicking her nipples which began to harden. She moaned and said:”You need to caress them too.” I started to squeeze them and gently caress her tits and felt her begin to relax. I leaned against her back and began to kiss the back of her neck as I cupped her large breasts in my hands.

Candy leaned way back and raised her head and whispered:”Kiss me.” and pointed to her full lips. I leaned over her and placed my lips on hers and gave her a long soulful kiss and felt her long tongue slide into my mouth. I pulled away got up and lay her on her back and straddled her body leaned down and began to kiss her harder and more passionately. She moaned and wrapped her arms around me puling me against her. We had kissed each other for several long minutes before Candy pulled away, stood up and began pulling her tight shorts off.

Then she reached out began unbuttoning my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I quickly kicked my shoes off and let her pull them all the way off of me and at down. She then removed her silky, pink panties and tossed them aside, I pulled her to me and began to kiss her belly button and run my tongue around it as I slipped a finger into her wet, pussy and pumped it in and out of her for several minutes then I took her firm pear shaped ass into my hands and began to rub and squeeze it.

She pulled away and lay before me and I quickly got between her legs and began to suck and kiss her plump little clit then stuck three fingers into her wet pussy sliding them and out of her slowly as she moaned and began to wiggle around under me. After a few minutes of playing with her pussy I began kissing my way up her stomach as I ran my hands up and down her body then worked my way up to her firm tits. I took a long, thick, pink nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it as I played with her tits.

Candy moaned as she wrapped her hands around my shoulders and pressed her tits firmly against my face and moaned “Suck ‘em harder.” I worked her tits with my mouth as I squeezed them harder. I worked my way to her beautiful face and began kissing her cheeks, forehead, eyelids and then her full lips. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and began to suck on her tongue. We held each other tight and she rolled over until she was on top of me. Candy’s tits were pressed tightly against my chest and her hands were exploring my body as we continued to kiss.

She began to run her long, red nails down my legs and over my back as she began to lick and tease my cock with her long tongue. Finally she took it into her wet mouth and began to suck it slowly sliding her mouth up and down my shaft until I was nice and hard. Then she straddled my cock and slid it into her tight pussy and began to ride me fast and hard. A few minutes later I pulled her down on top of me and rolled her over and began to pump my cock deep inside of her and began to fuck her hard and fast until we were both moaning and running our hands excitedly over one another’s body.

Many minutes later Candy pushed me off of her and breathlessly moaned:”Finish me with your tongue.” I slid between her legs and started kissing her slit and then slid my tongue over her clit and began licking and sucking on it. I worked her pussy up and down with my tongue and slipped it into her wet pussy and pumped it in and out of her fast for a few minutes before sliding my fingers into her and pounded them in and out of her very fast and hard.

Candy began to moan loudly and started to buck and shake uncontrollably. I reached around and began to squeeze her ass with my free hand as she wrapped her hands around my head as her orgasm began to violently wash over her. She screamed and moaned loudly as it finally hit her and she squirted all over my hand. Then she let my head go and I slid up to her face and kissed her passionately as I caressed her cheeks and ran my hands through her long, soft, red hair.

Finally we broke apart and lay panting on the blanket until we’d recovered enough to talk again. Breathlessly I whispered:”How was the neck rub?” Then laughed as she punched me in the arm laughing as she said:”It was marvelous darling.” We got up dressed and began to load the ATV with the fishing gear. Candy grabbed the damp blanket and tossed it on top. I took her into my arms and gave her a nice, slow kiss and said:”Let’s get back to the cabin so we can clean up.”

We got on the ATV and quickly rode back to the cabin and unloaded everything. Then we raced upstairs and got into the shower together. The warm water felt good as it ran down my chest and I began to feel relaxed as Candy began to lather me up and wash the soap from my body. She got on her knees and began to lick and stroke my cock making me hard as a rock before taking it into her mouth. I moaned as she gently sucked on it. After a few minutes of voracious sucking she stood up, held out the soap, smiled mischievously and whispered:”Wash my back for me.”
I took the it and began to lather her up and slowly ran the bar of soap down her back and over her tight ass and squeezed it playfully.

She leaned back and turned her face toward me and said:” You’re being naughty.” and smiled at me. I quietly whispered:”Am I?” We laughed and I began to lather her stomach and then soaped her groin and slipped a finger into her tight pussy and wiggled it around for a couple of minutes causing Candy to moan and wriggle against my groin. I wrapped my arms around her slippery breasts and squeezed then gently as I let my fingers caress her long, hard nipples.

I turned her around and pulled her to me and kissed her as I picked her up and lowered her pussy onto my cock and began to pump it into her slowly. Candy wrapped her legs arms around me and held on as I pounded into her. I fucked her until the water began to get cold. She reached back and turned the water off and moaned:”Don’t stop now.”

I kept pounding into her sliding her body up and down on my cock as I held her and kissed her nipples, breasts and throat until we both began to moan loudly as we came. I lowered her to the floor and turned the water back on and let the soap and cum wash off of us then turned the cool water off. We got out of the shower and dried off and went to the bedroom and got dressed. I looked at the clock and saw that my darling girlfriend should be home soon, so we went downstairs and cuddled on the couch as we waited for Jade to arrive. Fifteen minutes later we heard the door open and in walked my lovely Jade looking tired and distraught.

We could see that she hadn’t had a very pleasurable day. I got up and gave her a big hug and kiss and rubbed her shoulders for a few minutes. She wrapped her arms around me and said:”I needed that.” She looked over at Candy and asked:”How was your day, did he keep you busy?” Candy smiled and said:” We had a great day and yes he kept me real busy.”

Jade looked at me and said to Candy:”You’ll have to tell me all about it after I get a shower.” They walked upstairs together quietly chatting about this that and the other. I watched as they went to the bathroom and went in together and thought:”Oh no!” I sat down and braced myself for the coming storm that was going to rain down on me after Candy told Jade about our sexual exploits today. Forty-five minutes later Candy came prancing down the stairs smiling like she didn’t have a care in the world. I looked at her and said:”Why are you so happy?”

She smiled and said:”I’ve got good news, and yes I told Jade about the things we did today.” I asked:”Well, what did Jade say, and what’s your good news?” Candy laughed and blew me a kiss then said:”She’s happy that we had such a good day, and she said that I can move in next month. Isn’t that great?” “That’s fantastic! But what did you tell her about our day?” Candy winked at me and said;”The truth! Besides she knew what would happen with me having you all to myself. You know she loves to share you with me and that it gives her joy because she gets to have me too.

And she loves you and knows that you love her and would not do anything to hurt her. I had her permission to fool around with you today so don’t feel so bad about it.” Then she walked over to me and gave me a big hug and a slow sensual kiss and said:”I hope you’re not too worn out because we have big plans for you tonight” and grabbed her tits to emphasize the point.
The End
Revival of the Languid Soul
Posted:Mar 18, 2018 1:07 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2018 7:28 pm

Revival of the Languid Soul

There is a revival of the languid soul giving
glorious rapture to the aching heart which
turns the tarnished and torn life cheerful and
bright removing all of the ravenous obstacles
of discord and dismay when at last we find the
joy of sensuous carnal love.
Ladies In Green for St. Patrick's Day (Pics)
Posted:Mar 17, 2018 1:00 pm
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2018 12:15 am
Sexy ladies in green for your St. Patrick's Day.

Wondrously Vexed
Posted:Mar 17, 2018 12:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2018 1:44 pm

Wondrously Vexed

My soul is wondrously vexed by
the sweetest amorous desires.

Phantoms of simmering lusty
emotions eerily float through my

Fantastic ghostly erotic thoughts
circle the wavering alter of my mind.

A sweet erotic sensual passion wildly
embraces my soul as lust's powerful
sexual desires echo through my life.

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