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hotwife   6/17/2018

my wife wants hotwife scenario. she loves oral very good at it also. and goooooood pussy.

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we are looking for cpls   5/29/2018

would love have a cpls party in md eastern shore any body close by

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how do i get my wife involved   4/29/2018

looking to get my wife involved in swinging. any suggestions outt there

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my wife loves to swallow   4/25/2018

she says no waste does your wife do the same

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wife and dp   4/24/2018

wife really wants dp

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wife swapping   4/24/2018

we want a goood cpl swap any takers close by

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wife wants dp   4/22/2018

any takers in maryland

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can swinging help a marriage   4/22/2018

can swinging help already very good sex life

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wife sucking stranger cock   4/21/2018

how many wives fantasize about that i know mine does

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wife wants dp   4/19/2018

wife really wants dp she loves oral but really wants anal

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